Kirby frets about the spread.

Pick your poison.

But head coach Kirby Smart, who has faced the Rebels’ spread offense as Alabama’s defensive coordinator, has sounded weary of the challenge. Like when discussing how to design the pass defense: Play corners and safeties back in order to avoid the deep ball, or play close to the line to take away the short passes?

“So you can either die a real slow death with little paper cuts, or go after them and be aggressive,” Smart said. “And that’s the dilemma that we face with coaches: Which one do we do. It’s hard.”

You can dismiss that as this week’s coachspeak, but don’t forget which defensive coordinator’s been on the losing side in the previous two Alabama-Ole Miss games before last week.

Does the experience of playing another spread attack last week help Georgia’s defense prepare for Ole Miss?

So where does the experience against Missouri pay off? Potentially it’s in reading and reacting to quick releases, a feature of the spread. Georgia’s pass rushers, who didn’t sack Lock, are working on ways to at least effect Kelly.

“We’ve been practicing our hands-up ability, so if we don’t get there in four seconds, get your hands up and disrupt the pass,” Amaechi said.

Missouri also played up-tempo – at least in the first half – so that won’t be new to Georgia’s players when Ole Miss hurries up on Saturday.

“They go real fast,” Georgia junior inside linebacker Reggie Carter said. “Both teams go fast.”

Eh, maybe.  But my biggest fear is that Kelly is a better runner than Lock.  My second biggest fear is Evan Engram, who’s currently third in the conference in receiving yards per game and is a nightmare match up.  We’re about to find out whether Georgia’s inside linebackers are more of an asset than a liability in pass coverage, I think.



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  1. Jt (the other one)

    I think Roquan can do the best job in coverage although Natrez Patrick when he didn’t bite wasn’t bad (doesn’t matter who you are if you bite you are beaten).
    I think the formula is to keep their offense on the sideline as much as possible. Hit Kelly early and often when they are on the field. Thier run game isn’t that good. On offense, their front 4 aren’t as good as Mizzou’s. Their back 7 however are better IMO, although the LB (#30?) for Mizzou was all over the place making plays. I say hit their defense with screens, misdirection etc…make them run run run the first half then run at them when they begin to tire.


    • Macallanlover

      Best pass rusher we will see all year, let’s hope we have an answer for that and give Eason some time. Disrupting Kelly is definitely the answer, when Walker from FSU went crazy in the 2nd half is when the mistakes began. I haven’t seen a pass rush from us close to that. Lorenzo and Bellamy will have to bring some serious heat while keeping Kelly contained. Maybe we have been holding the blitz packages out so far, this Saturday would be a good time to let it all hang out. Best offense we will see all season. Bring the heat, roll the dice, I don’t think we can sit back and let them work on our secondary.


    • Eason is going to have to make plays early to loosen up the box. Then hopefully our run game can come out of hibernation and control the clock

      Hold on because it is going to be hairy on defense. Pressure and turnovers are going to be key here.

      In other news, water is wet.


  2. paul

    Pretty much everybody has been able to get behind our safeties. It’s just that the quarterbacks we’ve faced so far haven’t been able to deliver the ball consistently. Kelley is much better at this. That’s what worries me. If we get torched deep a few times early on are our guys disciplined enough to keep their heads in the game?


  3. Austen

    Hard to see UGA winning this without a running game on offense and pass rush on defense. UGA is gaining mental toughness, but that won’t be enough if it doesn’t take a step forward with the running game again.


  4. Russ

    Is Kirby weary or wary? Maybe both?

    I know I’m worried.


  5. JCDAWG83

    If we can’t run the ball better than the last two games, we will lose big.


  6. Will (The Other One)

    I’m going into this with very low expectations. Ole Miss isn’t what they were defensively, but are likely as strong in the front 4 as Mizzou, which is not good for our O-line. At QB, WR, TE, they’re better. Unless a light goes on for Lorenzo Carter and he has a “Jarvis Jones vs Mizzou or Florida” game, we’re going to give up a lot of points.
    This is the “keep fighting, hopefully lose close” game for me, moreso than any other on the schedule (pending what UF does now that they’re finished with preseason football.)


  7. dawgman3000

    Horrible ,horrible match up for us. If we continue to not get to the quarterback and not be able to run the ball effectively, then it will be a done deal by halftime .


  8. Spread…it’s in the name. The best defense is winning one on one matchups or at least holding your own. Gotta play with good fundamentals. You can say this about most offenses but a good spread really test you in all areas.

    Your offense can help out, too, and has been good at that this year. I usually get poopoo’d for saying it but your offense can be good defense. I think Smart and Chaney recognize this and use it. For all the great Bammer defenses they always had offense that helped keep them off the field through ball control.

    That said…I expect Ole Miss to get theirs and I expect another stressful game. We just need to play fundamental ball and take advantage of mistakes if we can force them. I also expect big 78 to disrupt things and have his coming out party. And pray this game doesn’t come down to a FG.


  9. We have an absolutely insufferable fan base


  10. Mayor

    Gee, I thought you meant Kirby was fretting about the point spread. 🙂


  11. ASEF

    4 seconds? If Kelly hasn’t thrown the ball by 4 seconds and isn’t already running for his life, then I’m not sure “hands up” is going to help much.


  12. Greg

    i should go back and look since I was getting progressively drunker as the the Mizzou game went on, but I don’t recall seeing much of Roquan Smith or more importantly Trenton Thompson. I know Jesse mentioned Trenton as kind of a no-show. Anyone hear anything on that? These are the games where a dominant interior lineman can cause havoc. They were also talking about how inexperienced the Mizzou O-line was – and our D-Line did nothing.


  13. ugafidelis

    We’re going to beat their ass 31-10.


  14. doofusdawg

    Minimize Ingram and take our chances with the rest of their offense. I can handle getting torched deep but I will be cussing up a storm if Ingram is running free in the middle of the field and gives them a three touchdown lead.


  15. D as in Dawg

    I say we manage to avoid a funeral and hover somewhere just north of a chainsaw massacre. That is if we don’t get caught looking ahead to the 11/19 showdown with the Rajin’ Cajuns.

    If we can just score 6 every drive Eason touches the ball and hit every third XP, we should be able to keep it close.

    This matchup just doesn’t have me looking forward to the weekend. I handle that stress with humor because it’s humorous in the first place that I let college kids stress me out when I don’t own or teach any. 🤔🤓

    Nevertheless, Go Dawgs!


    • D as in Dawg

      It would appear many of us are experiencing Spread Dread: The debilitating fear of not being able to go to work on Monday due to the annihilation of your team on Saturday by a potent spread offense.

      Not to be confused with Roll Call: The debilitating fear that Saban’s Alabama is coming to town where there will likely be much ass kicking and related name taking.