SEC replay news gives me writer’s block.

I mean, there’s a Penn Wagers joke somewhere in this, but for the life of me, I can’t come up with it.



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  1. They seem to be replaying everything now. If they can see a minor wobble of a reception, they go back and review it. They reviewed a meaningless 12 men on the field in a game last week as a guy was running off the field. Look at the game-changing plays and for clear on the field missed calls, but all of this other stuff is noise and lengthens a game that is already close to out of control. I guess they have to get their money’s worth out of the Birmingham command center (eye roll).

    No matter what, SEC officiating still sucks.


  2. 81Dog

    Al Ford says you’re reaching, Senator. Everything is peachy keen and the officials are doing a better job than ever, even though they never made a mistake in the old days.


  3. Russ

    On pace for 299 stoppages/replays? Man, the advertisers are salivating!


    • The problem is they don’t go to a TV timeout then … everyone just sits there with a split screen on the referee with the headset on and super slow motion of the replay to determine if the ball moved a quarter of an inch.

      If the replay guys can’t see a difference with their replay at full speed or at normal slow motion, it should be indicative that the call on the field generally should stand.


  4. Macallanlover

    Let’s be clear, the tremendous increase in the length of football games is from commercials, not replays. It is hard to change channels from one game to another and not find both running ads. Commercials are necessary, I get it, but they use every single stoppage as a time to run ads. With almost one third of the reviews resulting in an overturn, I have no issue with replay’s role in today’s game. I do think the number of times replay is used in goal line scrums is excessive, and rarely enlightening.

    Given the life or death importance assigned to games from both fans and media, getting it right is kind of important. If replay has added another 10-15 minutes to a game, and improves the integrity of the result, how can that be a bad trade off? Bigger things to grumble about, imo.


  5. Spike

    I’m gonna need to get some more beer..


    • down island way

      Tis a sad day when the beer level is low…….on Wednesday. The current day official is probably instructed to make a call (not a decision) and let the replay people sort it out, justifying their existence. I do not require an individual screaming at me “getcha dr peppa”. These are time outs at best……..nothing found here at worst, let’s move on. Although, it did for a moment look as if we had the bizzaro penn wages in the early stages last Saturday nite.


  6. Ole Dawg

    Penn Wagers was a joke; unfortunately the Dawgs always seemed to be the punch(ed) line.


    • Mayor

      I am convinced that Penn Wagers got canned by the SEC because he wouldn’t throw a flag for the hit by Dee Ford on Aaron Murray while Murray was passing on the last play of the 2013 Georgia-Auburn game. Ford ear-holed Murray with the top of his helmet. Clear targeting–15 yards and an untimed down. Auburn couldn’t stop Georgia and Murray that day. If given another down from about the 10 the Dawgs likely would have won the game. When asked why he didn’t penalize Ford Wagers stated that Murray “wasn’t a defenseless player.” I understand the SEC front office was very upset with Wagers’ explanation about that. It truly showed Wagers’ bias against the Dawgs. Penn Wagers–gone but not forgotten.