Random randomness about the Ole Miss game

Just a few things I’ve snarfed up on the Intertubes…

  • Over at the great Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion, you’ll find this post about Chad Kelly and how he performs under pressure (spoiler alert:  not well).  Let’s just say it sure would be convenient if Georgia’s front seven generated a consistent pass rush this week.
  • And here’s an Ole Miss beat writer’s somewhat sarcastic take on the Rebels’ likely offensive game plan:  “Running game? Is that the name of a movie? I’m confused. Ole Miss’ running game is a mess. Before losing Swinney, the Rebels lost Jordan Wilkins to an academic administrative snafu. Yeah, that happened at a Power Five program. Can you imagine Hugh Freeze’s blood pressure when someone dropped that news on him. Akeem Judd is a great kid, and he has his moments, but he’s never going to be an elite SEC running back. Eugene Brazley, his backup, isn’t as talented as Judd. Freshman D’Vaughn Pennamon is eventually going to get a look, and I won’t be surprised if he has a bigger role against Georgia. However, Kelly is Ole Miss’ best rushing threat, and when it matters, I think Ole Miss is going to just say “Screw it” and start throwing the thing all over the field in a high-tempo offense and let the chips fall where they may.”   For what it’s worth, I lean that way, too.
  • If you’re looking for a hot take on keys to the game, this William McFadden post should serve.  I’d probably summarize by saying time of possession will be a good indicator of whether Georgia’s game plan is succeeding, not so much because of Smart’s preference for the power running game, but because it likely means the Dawgs are converting third downs at a decent clip and forcing a few turnovers (yeah, it would be nice if they could turn some of those into points).  If that’s not breaking Georgia’s way, look out.


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42 responses to “Random randomness about the Ole Miss game

  1. Spike

    Trent Thompson.. Lorenzo Carter GATA!

  2. illinidawg

    It’s great to listen to Russ Tanner make fun of the crybabies!

  3. paul

    The thought that Ole Miss might “start throwing the thing all over the field in a high-tempo offense and let the chips fall where they may” is exactly what scares me. Unlike the three quarterbacks we’ve faced so far, Kelly can actually hit his targets. Especially his deep targets, an area where we have proven to be susceptible to being run past rather easily. If we get torched a few times early I’m not so sure our guys keep their heads in the game despite the Rebel Black Bear’s propensity to wilt in the fourth quarter.

    • Puffdawg

      paul, while I agree the passing game scares me to death, I think Mizzou QB was hitting his spots pretty damn well in first half. It seemed like they started burning clock in 2nd half and got away from what was working. Then when they came back to it, they couldn’t find a rhythm. Just saying when Lock was on, he was deadly accurate and hit some tight windows. Maybe that was just a career half, which would be the most Georgia thing ever. Crompton.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Aside from the two fourth quarter drives where they were specifically trying to chew clock (one of which should have won them the game), they were still slinging the ball all over the place. Lock just started throwing interceptions, probably because of adjustments to the coverage by Georgia. They didn’t get away from anything until it wasn’t working anymore.

        • RE: adjustments. I think the coaches saw that Mizzou stayed away from Parrish, so they gave Briscoe more safety help.

          • Biggus Rickus

            That seems likely. They also seemed to either adjust what they were doing with the linebackers or remind (gently no doubt) the linebackers what they were supposed to be doing in coverage. Because the drags and other underneath routes were gaining no extra yards if they were even completed.

        • Puffdawg


          First half their play selection was 11 runs to 33 passes. Even if you take out their drive at end of half (0 runs, 8 passes), it’s still 11 runs to 22 passes in first half. Compare that to second half, where they took the lead right out of the gate a minute into 3rd quarter on a UGA turnover. From there, they went 6 pass and 6 runs on next 4 drives, until those 4th quarter drives you mentioned. Those 4 drives ended in Punt, INT, Punt, INT. Further, in first half, “first play” selection on drives was 4 run, 4 pass. After taking 27-21 lead in second half, they opened next three drives with a run play. Not saying they stopped passing altogether, but that ratio suggests they REALY pulled back on throwing.

          Now, whether that was due to Lock losing his mojo and all of a sudden throwing picks, or us making adjustments, or what, but it really seemed like they took foot off the gas there – relative to what they had done to that point – when they went up 27-21. Again, not saying you’re wrong, just kind of laying out what I perceived. Those late kickoffs do wonders to my perception though. 🙂

      • paul

        Valid observations.I was trying to make a point about deep throws.Kelly is capable of being very accurate on the deep throws and I fear this may get us in some trouble Saturday. Two or three deep shots for scores early could take our guys out of the game.

        • Puffdawg

          The quick strike passing certainly got us in trouble early last week!

          Saving grace I guess is we have shown some resiliency this season and Ole Miss has proven they can let a lead slip away.

          I’m hopeful Chad Kelly goes Varsity Blues, and shows up Saturday morning with Jameson on his breath. Then maybe we’ll have a chance.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        Since you mentioned Jonathan Crompton, I would just like to remind everyone that our current OC is the reason “beyond Crompton” is in the Lexicon.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Most of the time you can tell pretty quickly how things will go, then there’s Georgia-Ole Miss.

  5. dawgman3000

    Hopefully this will be the game Zo, Bellamy, and Thompson break loose by not having a potent rushing attack to worry about. IMHO, I think part of the reason those guys aren’t getting to qb in games is due to not having elite o-lineman to compete against in practice.

  6. Uglydawg

    If at some point this week, the OMs defensive coordinator . said, “we now know that you can’t stop Georgia’s offense simply by shutting down Chubb”, then we have something to cling to.
    If Eason and Chubb are both “on” we have a chance,
    if one or the other is “on” we have a slim chance.
    If both are “off” we’re in big-assed trouble.

  7. Macallanlover

    As much as I hate feeling like doom and gloom all week about this game I am encouraged by the number of people who see it differently, including many analysts and stat geeks who see it very competitive. Anything can happen if you keep it close, we proved that last week when we stole one in Columbia, hope they are right. But this post, and comments, includes some of the points which worry me most.

    We have allowed receivers to run free in every game and Old Miss has the best QB we will see all season, with the most talented group of gazelles we will see. I don’t see them taking their foot off the gas like Mizzou did, or missing wide open WRs deep unless we can pressure Kelly into mistakes. But where does our pressure come from? We don’t have the destructive force of a Walker like FSU had, or several defensive players along our front like Bama. Like Mizzou, Old Miss doesn’t have a RB that scares you enough to worry a great deal about the run game so if we have any package to let the Dawgs out, I would think we will see it tomorrow. Where are Carter, Bellamy, and our blitzing backers? We simply cannot win without the defensive strategy changing.

    We have discussed and analyzed our offensive woes for two solid weeks so there is no reason to repeat that but safe to say, we need to see some diversity in how we manage personnel, formations, and tendencies tomorrow or we will resemble last season’s offense again. Constipated is a word that comes to mind. The kicking game speaks for itself. I did hear this week that Ramsey was also a very consistent place kicker in HS from 40 yards in. Could the answer to the majority of our concerns in this phase be standing on the sideline? He is well rested.

    We don’t have to win this out of division game, but we are fragile enough to need to not get blown away. Our season goals ride on these next two games, lose both and we are just playing for next year while attempting to hold on to the recruiting class that we are building nicely. Here’s to hoping I am dead wrong on this one, and those who see a light getting brighter in the distance are true visionaries.

    • paul

      Your first few sentences in paragraph two express more clearly what I was attempting to say above. I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately.

      • Macallanlover

        I might add, I sure am envious at how quickly their new OC has hit the ground running at Mizzou. What a dramatic transformation that offense is to what we faced last year….and with the same talent. Even when the Tigers came into the SEC with James Franklin at QB they never looked that explosive.

        • dawgman3000

          Well, the fact that Drew Lock has a whole year of experience might have a little something to do with that.

          • Macallanlover

            Certainly another year was helpful but there is more going on in Columbia than just his maturation. Remember, Franklin was an experienced, mobile QB that was highly regarded and mobile. Even when healthy, they were never this kind of threat. Expect Mizzou to upset/surprise some people under Heupal.

  8. ASEF

    Alabama’s RTR made a big deal out of the jet sweeps and bubbles tiring out Ole Miss in the first half, which created usable running lanes in the second. No, Georgia isn’t as talented top to bottom as FSU or Alabama, but those two teams put a combined 83-12 run on the BBs. If Smart and Chaney can find a way to avoid the hot start Ole Miss keeps getting, then the game flow should swing Georgia’s way.

    I was disappointed that Alabama gave Ole Miss that late flurry. The BBs looked downright depressed down 18, and I was beginning to think they might let Alabama beat them twice.

  9. Bulldog Joe

    If the game is close in the fourth quarter, I will take Chubb’s and Eason’s determination and focus over Kelly’s.

  10. AusDawg85

    Kirby’s coming out party to show what he can do with defensive scheming. Chaney figures out how to get Chubb loose. New staffs earns their paychecks and Dawgs win another close one…35 – 34.

  11. down island way

    Were we up by 10 and they closed the gap…..did we score to go ahead with 1:29 remaining…….I’m gonna pee my ……opps too late! GO DAWGS!

  12. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    This may be the first week in my pickem history where I realistically pick against my Dawgs. I can’t even imagine a scenario where we win this game. But there I’ll be. On my sofa. Wearing red. Embracing for the inevitable like the time my mom sent me to my room to wait for dad to come home after she caught me watching Revenge of the Nerds at a friends house.

  13. Cosmic Dawg

    The #23 team in the country is an 8 point favorite over the #12 team in the country?

    Unfortunately, I’m with Mac on this one. I think it’s more like the #15 team in the country is an 8 point favorite over the #24 team in the country.

    Also like Mac, I’m looking forward to being proven wrong tomorrow – 24 hours…GO DAWGS!!

    • Uglydawg

      Many of us are on the same page, Cosmic.

      • Macallanlover

        The “experts” are due, and many of them like us to win, or the game to be very close. Damn Holtz just picked us, that worries me too. I am pulling for them but they haven’t watched and sweated every play, of every game this season. Just ran into two UGA fans (not together) who feel we should be fine. Maybe it is just a few of us missing the upside, sure hope so.

  14. AthensHomerDawg

    We got us a game to play tomorrow and we plan on winning. So get in the mood.

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