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AP article tries to make a major whine out of the length of college football games, only to be ably rebutted by Rogers Redding, of all people.

“I don’t mean to sound flippant, but most fans make college football an all-day event anyway,” Redding said. “They’re already in the stadium, so I’m not sure if they care that much.”



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  1. Alkaline

    It’s not so much about the total length of time for me (although 4 hours is pretty ridiculous) …I just hate the official in the red hat so, so much.


  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    What he meant to say was…Fans love making college football an all day event, fans HATE tv timeouts and HATE the time it takes to watch a replay and therefore we are diligently working to improve this aspect of the gameday experience.


  3. It’s a health thing. When your heart is in your throat, and beating at 200 beats a minute, it’s hard to feel comfortable. The longer the game goes, the worse it gets.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    All I know is, the North Carolina game was a friggin marathon.


  5. Macallanlover

    Hate to agree with techster Redding but I agree with him. Replays are well worth the time toi get it right and why hurry CFB? Like sex, I never want it to be over….although the conclusion of each “game” is pretty off the charts! 🙂


  6. dubyadee

    I have a suggestion. Just make an allowance that if the network needs a TV timeout, any replay review that occurs will be 150 seconds minimum. Guy in the red hat comes out. TV goes to commercial. And the replay result is not announced until the red hat walks off.

    This would take care of the dreaded replay review followed promptly by a TV timeout. They already do this with called timeouts, so it should be easy to manage.


  7. hassan

    Way better than first-class Cricket.


  8. 83dawg

    Oh, we all know what will happen
    They have already done it once.
    They will alter the clock rules more to make the actual game time shorter and shorter, and use the time to have more commercials.