Game day thoughts, Georgia-Ole Miss edition

Okay, it’s go time.  A few seasonal stats for your perusal:

  • For Georgia’s defense, it’s déjà vu all over again.  Missouri and Mississippi are one and two in the conference in offensive pass yardage.  Missouri and Mississippi are the SEC’s twelfth and thirteenth ranked teams in offensive rushing yardage.  These are both pass first and ask questions later offenses. Missouri got off to a quick start last week throwing the ball all over creation and it’s reasonable to expect Ole Miss to do the same.  How Georgia deploys its safeties in the first half could be a big deal; Lock had a much rougher go of things after Tucker gave Briscoe safety help on his side of the field in the game’s second half.
  • Yeah, it would be nice indeed if Georgia’s defense racked up a few sacks today. They’re next to last in the SEC in that department.  What I’m really curious to see, though, is how the inside linebackers hold up.  Between Kelly’s threat to run and Evan Engram, they’ll really be challenged.
  • One thing’s pretty certain:  if either team gets in the red zone, look for a score.  The Rebels defense is 14 of 14 there; Georgia isn’t doing much better at nine of ten. (It’s worth noting that Ole Miss’ offense is a little better at converting than Georgia’s.)
  • For Georgia’s offense, at first glance, things look tougher this week, as Mississippi is fourth in the SEC in defensive passing yards, compared to Missouri at thirteenth. But when you scratch the surface and look at defensive passer rating, it’s a different story:  Missouri is fourth and Ole Miss is twelfth.  Ole Miss is the only team in the conference without an interception.  Neither team’s run defense has been stellar so far, although Mississippi’s has had it tougher.  That being said, Missouri did pretty well loading the box last week.  It’s not unreasonable to expect Ole Miss to come out the same way.  Chaney and Eason have to make them pay for that, or it’s gonna be a long day.

In other words, expect this game to look a lot like last week’s, with one big difference.  Ole Miss’ offense has a lot more experience in its offensive system than Missouri’s did.  It’s hard to see how Georgia’s defense doesn’t face some of the same struggles it had in the first half in Columbia.  If we can expect the Rebels’ defense to sell out against Chubb and Company, is it reasonable to think Georgia’s defense makes a similar decision with regard to Kelly?

You’ll notice one thing I haven’t mentioned is special teams.  If I don’t mention them in tomorrow’s Observations post, it will have been a good day.  Unfortunately, I expect them to merit a bullet point or two.

I wrote yesterday that I don’t have a good feeling about this game.  I don’t think Georgia is going to be able to maintain the time of possession advantage that’s help power it through its three wins and without doing so, I think Ole Miss, with its more dynamic offense, wins and covers.  Call it a ten-point difference.  Sure hope I’m wrong.

Consider this your game day comment thread home.


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414 responses to “Game day thoughts, Georgia-Ole Miss edition

  1. AusDawg85

    I don’t understand all the angst. This is Old Missy. Nothing to see here. Dawgs win, as usual. Let’s look ahead to UT.

  2. By the way, reports are that Brice Ramsey didn’t make the trip. PAWWWLLL, who’s the back up punter?

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I took an extra dose of Glucosamine sulphate this morning…I expect to spend a lot of time on my knees.

    Because, yes, Aus, it IS ole Missy.

    This may be the most important game in the history of Georgia history.

    Hang on to yer hats.

  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Bah. The Ole Miss ship gonna get sunk in the wake of the turning battleship.

    I hope.

  5. 92 grad

    It’s too quiet in here.

    If CMR was our coach no way we win today….

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Hunker down!

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    fooled him.

  8. That was a freshman mistake.

    Need to quit the damn false starts.

  9. Going to be long 3.5 hours

  10. Mary Kate Danaher

    Uh oh.

  11. Stay calm and Chubb…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      we’re starting to move em a little.

      • We are but that 3rd down call was atrocious.

      • Again the 3rd down fall is awful.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Dont you dare quit on them Goddammit!!!

          • I’ll quit when I die. Until then all Dawg!!! 24/7/365.25

          • Got Cowdog?

            I’ll never quit on em’, but what we are seeing today is piss poor management of a top tier program by an administration that was given the benefit of the doubt for far too long.
            I hope those that put us here lose every fucking game they ever play,that includes Georgia tech and whatever the Colorado equivalent of that is and fuck you karma Bitchez.
            Eason is a gamer, they are out classed and playing with heart. I may drive to Athens tomorrow and buy a Kirby Smart jersey even if I have to have it custom made.
            Peace brothers, I’m out.

  12. The Truth

    Lines of scrimmage.

    We can not run block. We can not rush the passer. We are toast.

  13. sniffer

    I’m sticking with 8-4. Not changing my mind, no sir.

  14. WarD Eagle

    Just turned the game on and you guys are down 17-0.

    Based on what I’ve seen this year, you’ve got ’em right where you want ’em.

    I expect UGA to hammer UM in the second half.

  15. Totally dominated in 1st qtr. Unable to convert 3rd and short woes continue.

    Fire Bobo

  16. AusDawg85

    Smart called Nicky for advice. “Let’em get a big lead, then they’ll fold.”

    Then Nicky laughed after he hung up. “That’s for Maurice, kid”.

    Also good to see the D arm flapping again. Sort of missed that.

  17. sniffer

    That’s a pretty good tournament they got going on at East Lake. There’s so many commercials during this game I’m catching a lot of golf..

    That, and the game isn’t that good.

  18. Chaney needs to quit trying to be cute. We start leaning on them and we start chucking it again instead. Punch them in the mouth and get back in this.

  19. May as well forget FG’s. Inside opponents 40 is 4 down territory, on the upside Blankenship had good form.

  20. lostdawg3

    Gawd do we need a kicker! Lord have mercy on the Dawgs right now!!

  21. Bob

    Glad to see the days of not showing up for important games are gone. And who needs a scholarship kicker anyway.

  22. Scorpio Jones, III

    Eason 3-10

  23. AusDawg85

    Oh well. Wait until next year…to try a FG.

  24. Hogbody Spradlin

    Eason seems to be overthrowing. Too high and/or too hard.

  25. Scorpio Jones, III

    a 35 yard punt.

  26. Wasted possession. If we’re gonna chuck n duck throw it long. Please

  27. Scorpio Jones, III

    I wish I could say I am shocked.

  28. welp…
    if that’s the kinda day it’s going to be

  29. 3rdandGrantham

    Welp, I’m outta here. Might as well enjoyed the nice day outside.

    This is worse than FSU’s performance st Louisville.

  30. Oh boy. This could get ugly. Buckle up.

  31. sniffer

    We need new coaches.

  32. That wedding is looking better and better.

    • Hillbilly Dawg

      Ironically, I am at a wedding in Cornelia. Watching this fluster cluck on a 20″ motel room TV and contemplating cracking open this bottle of Buffalo Trace now.

  33. Briscoe gets beat once again and 7 can’t tackle with a wide open chance for a sack. Guess that cost him a cool million on his contract

  34. Scorpio Jones, III

    This has been coming for three games. We have so many problems its almost laughable.

  35. Paul

    There’s the deep throw I was worried about. So far this is pretty much the definition of us failing in every facet of the game. Let’s see if we can regroup and make a game of it.

  36. Scorpio Jones, III

    Athens has a very good Harley dealer. 😀

  37. Punter has the longest completion of the game

  38. D as in Dawg

    Here’s where we stand. We are as good as a very good mid major team. Weaker than decent opponents in almost every aspect of the game. Way overachieving at 3-0. Light years from being competitive in big games.

  39. 3 perfect throws. 3 drops. Pitiful….

  40. RedHotChiliDawg

    How the fuck do we drop three passes in a row!

  41. Uglydawg

    Some days are just like this. At halftime, this team will have to ask themselves, “is this who we are?”. Young team. young QB and the roof caving in. The faked punt might help. Oh well, dropped TD pass.
    Just dropped 3rd and 8. Just dropped another one. Imac is trying to catch the ball with his body instead of his hands..the ball he caught to beat Mizzo was with his body and he was lucky to hang on to it. A receiver coach should not let a player use his body first to catch the ball. Gotta use those hands.

  42. The Truth


    I’ve never, ever seen worse receiving.

  43. aladawg

    Nice really nice. We’ll see if we keep fighting here. Show some character guys!

  44. 69Dawg

    The wide receiver coach sucks.

  45. AusDawg85

    Ok…here is where we score a quick 21 before the half….

  46. garageflowers

    It is imperative that McElroy quit saying “imperative”.

  47. A sack would of been nice instead we start at the 3

  48. Two sweeps, two big gains. This is not rocket science.

  49. Came into today not expecting a win, which is fine. Even imagined it could get ugly, which is has. The only thing worth watching for the rest of the day is what halftime adjustments are made, what type of fire is brought, who asks themselves if they’re going to finish of the 60 minutes. I mean really, what else do we have to look for in the 2H?

  50. Digitalis

    Chubb just tweaked something.

  51. aladawg

    Looks like an ankle for Chubb and looked pretty painful.

  52. My god……. I didn’t expect us to win this game, but this is already looking far worse and far uglier than I feared.😦

  53. Paul

    Still don’t understand how Long got the punting job over Ramsey.

  54. Digitalis

    Let’s just work on blocking for the rest of the game. We can’t even seem to get players into blocking lanes.

  55. Uglydawg

    ‘Tis a Charley Foxtrot. We’ve left at least 10 to 17 points on the field, though.
    Possibly the worst 1st half of UGA football in history.

  56. Scorpio Jones, III

    and…they get the ball to start the second half.

  57. If CMR were the coach it would be 62-0.

    (Sorry. Had to do it.)

  58. Paul

    Oh well. I have yard work to do.

  59. 31-0 we got em just where we want em🙂

  60. aladawg

    Long for QB!!!! He’s 1/1 for 35 or so yards.
    Shameful. Just shameful.

  61. dawgman3000

    At least we expected this

  62. 69Dawg

    This looks like a pickup game between a college and a high school.

  63. Wayne the

    Man! That was a great little princess birthday party! What’d I miss?

  64. aladawg

    Was this the lay an egg look totally unprepared complete no show? It’s the Georgia way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Digitalis

    Sad to say, our boys look ready to pack it in.

  66. Scorpio Jones, III

    We actually are this bad.

  67. aladawg

    I think I’ll go play in a tennis tournament. I’m glad I didn’t fork out $95 for this……………….Ugh!

  68. D as in Dawg

    That’s awesome. We continue to be a laughing stock. Our receivers and db’s are as bad as I’ve ever seen. Ever! I’ve defended Chaney but I’m starting to think he’s an idiot. OL new verse, same as the first. I don’t see how this can be repaired.

  69. 69Dawg

    What was that old complaint about not being able to beat a good team. Kirby hasn’t got Bama guys anymore and we won’t have them for at least two more years. Enjoy the 2nd half wish I could still drink.

  70. Uglydawg

    Now Chubb is probably out for Tennessee

  71. How would you compare this to the Bama ’08 first half? Worse? Better? Same? There’s a lot of variables that are different from one to the next, obviously.

    • Turd Ferguson

      About the same, in my opinion. Except for this one difference: Bama ’08 was a surprise. This is not.

    • 81Dog

      Worse. Bama was a national championship team, not a team that was under .500 after blowing two massive leads. This OM team is decent, not a championship caliber team. Prior to today, couldn’t run the ball. Couldn’t stop the run. Turned it over like crazy. If you saw their first half today, they look like world beaters…but they aren’t. They will be lucky to finish 3rd in the west.

      • Turd Ferguson

        But 3rd in the West would still win the East by a long shot. Ole Miss may not contend for a national title, but they’re a lot better than people are inclined to give them credit for.

        • dawgman3000

          Don’t bother explaining that Turd. Its time for all of the shouldn’t have fired Richt guys to beat their chest about how Kirby is such a massive failure after 4 games.

          • Gaskilldawg

            That explanation is irrelevant to whether Alabama was better or worse than Ole Miss 2016.

          • 81Dog

            It’s not who got fired. It’s who we have, and what we were told he would bring to the table. As in: Not this kind of woeful, completely outclassed performance

        • Gaskilldawg

          That wasn’t 81’s point. The comparison was between Ole Miss 2016 and Alabama 2008. Might as well respond by saying the 2015 Golden State Warriors would be second to the 1972 Lakers.

      • S

        Not worse. You can’t judge the game on what Alabama had and ignore our team. In 2008, we had Stafford, Green, and Moreno. We had way more talent on the OL, as well. So sure, Ole Miss isn’t as good as Alabama ’08, but we had a hell of a lot more talent then than we do now. So yeah, this loss is not worse than the blackout funeral.

    • J.M.

      About the same, all things considered. We were preseason no. 1 in ’08 and had serious national-championship aspirations going into the Bama game, so the disappointment was greater in that game, especially since we were at home.

      However, that Bama team was a lot better than this Ole Miss team, and we look shockingly uncompetitive.

    • playmakers in space

      I’d say Bama ’08 was worse. Our team started the year #1, had the #1 overall draft pick in his junior year, played at home in a night game in an intense environment, and Saban Bama wasn’t quite the machine it is today.

      That Georgia team was a helluva lot more talented than this Georgia team.

  72. Turd Ferguson

    I honestly do not understand how anyone thought something different was going to happen today. If you’d paid any attention during the first 3 games, you could see this coming from a mile away.

    We’re a good football team … everywhere except where it matters most: at the line of scrimmage. So we’ll eek out wins against mediocre teams, and lose handily to anyone even remotely competent.

    And don’t look now, but we may have just lost Chubb for a little while. Hope everyone’s looking forward to basketball season.

    • Well there is always Douglas because I don’t see Holyfield playing

    • D as in Dawg

      We are not good at receiver or DB. Not even close. Otherwise, right on.

      • Turd Ferguson

        In terms of talent, those groups really aren’t that bad. Especially when you throw in this ridiculous group of TEs. We shouldn’t have any trouble passing the ball. But they can’t get any separation, which I attribute more to coaching than anything else. And Eason’s only got about a half-second to throw the ball because of our shit-stain of an OL. With a great OL, I don’t think anyone would be complaining about our receivers. We need more size, sure, but Godwin was a 5-star, and McKenzie and Davis were both highly recruited 4-stars.

        And our DB group isn’t bad either. Sanders, Parrish, Davis, and Smith have all played very well. And let’s not forget that Sanders, Parrish, and Davis were all part of the best passing defense in the SEC last year. But here, too, they’ve looked worse than they really are because our DL has yet to get any pressure on an opposing QB. Even the best DB group in the country will look mediocre when they’ve got to defend for 5+ seconds every single play. Lorenzo Carter is one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory.

        • D as in Dawg

          Good points. But Ole Miss receivers look head and shoulders and another man on his shoulders above ours. Briscoe is getting abused and perhaps that’s skewing my take. Up front is where it all begins and we are late for the party.

        • Mayor

          There is nothing wrong with our talent–I don’t care what any of the TV talking heads say. It’s bad coaching that is the problem.

    • I think a lot of people expected our clear shortcomings to get fully exposed today. Personally, i was hoping that one of those shortcomings would have a good day, like the run blocking…

      Either way, i think most reasonable fans were waiting for the other shoe to drop. it’s just disappointing that it’s happening in such an exaggerated fashion.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Turd, I disagree. We are bad in the kicking game, we lack separation receivers, in addition to the LOS problems. Plus it is obvious to me we are still dealing with the new staff and new system, etc.

      I am hard pressed to say this is a good football team.

      • Turd Ferguson

        I’ll give you that the kicking game is garbage. But on offense and defense, we’re actually a very talented football team.

        We’ve got more talent at TE than just about any team in the country. Our receivers aren’t getting any separation (which I attribute more to coaching), and we could use a little more size at that position. But Godwin was a 5-star, and McKenzie and Davis were both highly recruited 4-stars. Of course, we’ve got loads of talent at RB as well. And he may be a freshman, but Eason’s got all the potential in the world. So I’m not saying we’re great, but we are a good team on offense … just not on the offensive line. This offensive line is the worst I’ve seen in a long, long time.

        We had one of the best defenses in the SEC last season, and the #1 passing defense in the conference. The secondary is good. Again, not great, but certainly good. But as I explain above, they’ve looked worse than they really are because the DL isn’t putting any pressure whatsoever on opposing QBs.

        If we were better on either side of the line, we’d immediately be better everywhere else.

        • This. No defensive backfield can hold up when there is zero pressure on QB. Do we even have a sack as a team this year? Honest question.

        • Sh3rl0ck

          The #1 Pass Defense in the nation is why we have the phrase, “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics”. Our pass defense was not great last year. I have written about this several times. Georgia Southern and tech are triple-option teams. Auburn is basically an option team. USCe, Mizzou, Vandy, and Kentucky were horrible offenses. Florida had lost their QB by the time they played us.
          The best passing team we played was Bama at #62. Number 2 was Kentucky at #79. We played 5 of the bottom 20 passing teams. Look at our opponents offensive numbers. Last years secondary, like this years, was above average but not great.

  73. AusDawg85

    Ok, we’re going to play this silly game of “proving our manhood” by shoving Chubb into the line until it works. Had a feeling Davis could be the key WR, but Eason has no time to set and throw. Mental mistakes everywhere, so feel free to blame that on ( insert coach’s name here ). The D looks as lost as ever. Somebody get Briscoe a Southwest Airlines ticket…”Wanna get away?” Rodrigo should give his eyewear to Hamm..maybe that will work.

    Please, for f’s sake, treat the 2nd half as a new game. Work on things that need help and don’t get Eason killed or Chubb banged up. Find out who is buying in to the process. Come away with something. No reason at all to let this be our first steps of wandering into the desert.

    Where’s the wedding? Open bar??

  74. Bulldog Joe

    “Georgia has to get to the 15 to be in field goal range”.

    Now the TV guys are getting in on the fun.

  75. The frustrating thing is that we had two chances to get into this. On one the play calling on 3rd down was awful. The second 16 and 2 went all butterfingers.

    7 needs to finish on Kelly btw.

    • im not sure any one or two plays really would have changed the outcome of this half. i think it was predestined for us to get beat down, even if we did make some catches or tackles. this was and is going to happen

      • Ok. I’m going to say that getting to 17-7 changes things but you have whatever reality you want.

        • we’re getting beat on both lines. burned at corner. zero kicking game. can’t make the open tackles on CK. you get it to 17-7 and those impurities are still there and sink us throughout the rest of the game.

          • Like I said earlier. I thought at 17-0 we started to open up the running game and then they put Chubb at FB and on another third down tried to throw instead of trying to make it 4th and short.

            Then we decided not to catch the ball at 24-0. I think TDs in either spot helps.

            • agreed. helps. but doesn’t alter this game.
              In infinite parallel realities with infinite variations of outcomes on plays this game is getting played out and we’re still losing 99% of them

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Calm down Derek. He wasn’t insulting you.

          • At my bac level I can do whatever I want!!!!

            • heh. i don’t disagree with that general sentiment of a few plays here and there could alter the game cadence and momentum and who knows from there – i just disagree with that today. i don’t think there’s anything we’re doing right with the sole exceptions of executing a fake punt and that one drive where we got the run game going. so what are we supposed to do? feed the rock down 17? down 24? down 31? down 38?… fake punts on first down?

    • 7 has blown his chances today along with a couple of million on his contract

    • Gaskilldawg

      The first chance we had to be in this game came to an end the first week in December when The J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics refused tomloomfor an experienced head coach.

    • Carter is turning into a colossal disappointment. I guess he was taking advantage of Floyd and Jenkins.

  76. Doggoned

    Nowhere to go but up or out for these coaches and players. Play the second half with class.

  77. TOUCHBACK!!!
    small victories

  78. Bo

    They are who we thought they were.

  79. Uglydawg

    Talk about o linemen being downfield on a throw….I thought they were going to call it this year.
    Second half is on and our colander of a defense is on the field.

  80. Briscoe needs to sit the rest of the game

  81. Doggoned

    Whatever we are, we’re clearly not a team yet. Coaches or players.The cupboard wasn’t THIS bare.

  82. Scorpio Jones, III

    Good God he kicked it 46 yards…..

  83. Scorpio Jones, III

    I think its time to get online and buy something. Retail therapy.

  84. playmakers in space

    Chaney is a terrible OC.

    • Doggoned

      Hard to single out anyone. Everyone seems terrible at the moment. Hard to believe we don’t have a single O-lineman capable of executing a block.

  85. Jared S.

    I need to learn to listen when the Senator says he had a bad feeling about a game.

  86. 69Dawg

    Now it’s just a matter of whether Hugh wants to embarrass us totally. I doubt we score given our kicking.

    • Uglydawg

      Hugh is going to get all he can because the lights are going out when the NCAA finishes with them. He’ll want a good resume when he flees Oxford for another school.

  87. lakedawg

    More than discouraging, just looks like we were clueless today as to what Miss would do on both sides of ball.

  88. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lemme see, I am sure recruiting is going great….we got how many commits?

  89. AusDawg85

    Maybe Richt wasn’t the problem, and maybe Kirby isn’t the answer. But that’s far too incendiary for this blog, so let’s be cool and just shift the topic to something that won’t create so much vitriol.

    How about “A vote for Trump is worth it just to piss off liberals.”?

    • would it be fair to say it’s too early to make that call? at what point can we make that call? honest question.

      • AusDawg85

        It serves no purpose to look backwards. The question is now whether Kirby can diagnose the problems and be given the resources to correct them. That’s 2 – 3 seasons at a minimum.

  90. Sd

    Our Bowl team v Penn State looked better and our offense had more creativity

  91. I guess we can safely say now we’re playing for next year. I said two weeks ago was either an aberration or the canary in the coal mine. Today officially gave us the answer. Other than possibly ULL, I don’t see a sure win left on the schedule and that includes USCe, UK and Vandy. The tech game may be a pillow fight for the Governor’s Cup.

  92. Scorpio Jones, III


  93. aladawg

    12 players on field the second time. Guess that was Mark Richt’s fault.

  94. I’ve never seen people take such pride in being right about how bad we are. The Georgia Way is alive and well

  95. Scorpio Jones, III

    Remember what you said about FSU and Louisville?…that’s what we are looking at.

  96. 69Dawg

    Well Hugh has spoken the humiliation will continue.

  97. Doggoned

    I guess this may be the year to take my young grandkids on their first visit to Athens. Anybody want to sell four home tickets for a good cause and avoid some heartache?

  98. D as in Dawg

    It’s just bad. There is really not much else to be said. Everyone shares in the responsibility. But I must add that Chaney is an idiot. We are screwed with him running the O. I really believe that.

  99. Uglydawg

    We just caught a pass!!! We just caught a pass!! Man-alive!

  100. Jared S.

    We are to Ole Miss what Kent State is to Alabama, I guess.

    Holy moly.

    Not in an absolute and irrevocable sense. But this week we are.

  101. 69Dawg

    Well Hugh let us have one.

  102. Uglydawg


  103. TD against 2nd string. We are cookin now

  104. I mean, we’re pretty good except for offense, defense, and special teams

  105. Doggoned

    We can’t stop their second-team offense either. Defense has problems beyond lack of talent.

  106. Uglydawg

    Who are we for in the FL/TN game? Aub/LSU?
    I’m personally for Fl and LSU..I hate FL but I hate TN more. for personal reasons.

  107. Uglydawg

    Old Miss’s miss on a 55 yard fg attempt was closer than our chip shots.

  108. good lord its just the start of the 4th? will the game not END?

  109. Russ

    I’ll tune back in Monday for all the stories about our lack of talent.

  110. Doggoned

    Poor Eason. This is hard to watch.

  111. So much for halftime adjustments.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      I thought we had a head coach now that yelled at players and showed emotion and stuff. That didn’t help?

  112. Good thing MR and co. put so much emphasis on recruiting WRs and OL before he left.

  113. So how does a coach like Kirby deal with this type of loss? Sure Alabama lost some games while he was there, but never like this. Does he know how to deal with a team that’s been brutally owned? Did he learn that from Nick?

    Stay tuned, story at 11.

  114. Scorpio Jones, III

    Next few minutes are pretty important. See if this new coaching staff can get some life back into the team…long season.

  115. AthensHomerDawg

    I guess Rocky did show up…

  116. Roterhals

    Snitker should manage the Braves next year, he’s earned it.

  117. Doggoned

    I want to hear him explain why he’s kept the starters in, long after Ole Miss pulled theirs.

  118. 69Dawg

    We should nickname the offensive line the “Peter Principal” because they have reached their level of incompetency.

  119. AusDawg85

    Onside kick, score. Repeat 5 times.

  120. Hardcoredawg 93

    Good drive. Glad Holyfield got in game.

    • 86BONE

      Only time I got excited all day! He looked tough too…happy for the kid as he has worked very hard to get on the field.

  121. Doggoned

    Now we’ve done it. I fear Ga. Tech.

  122. I’d take one of our shittiest defenders(it would be tough to choose) and have him knock Kelly out of the game with a late hit. Cheating POS. That or just have Carter “accidentally” nail Sleaze on the sideline. Cut of the head of the snake. Unfortunately you’d need a sniper to hit the bagmen up in the skyboxes.

  123. Doggoned

    Nick Chubb, you’re the man. You deserve much better than this as a final season.

  124. Reality is a bitch…. Out.

  125. ended the game on a 14-0 run. not bad, dawgs. not bad at all

  126. AusDawg85

    Last year MR was mugging on Hugh Freese. This year Kirby got mugged.

  127. 86BONE

    I could not stomach the second half, but if our coach did not send #12 to go sit on the bus and cut his damn hair, I quit…

  128. Chris

    Congratulations fire-Richters. Good job. Your insecurities have manifested to an unproven “process” coach. Put your crayons away, Bobo is the next coach for UGA. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

    • Hunkering Hank

      You are a fucking moron

    • Hunkering Hank

      You are a dipshit

    • Turd Ferguson

      I said back in January that it’d only take one loss for the Richtophiles to pull some shit like this. Right on cue.

      • Chris

        Remember the last time Richt went down 45-0?. Me neither.

        • Turd Ferguson

          It’s so good, I can’t even tell if you’re being serious, or if you’re just parodying those folks.

          Richt would’ve lost today by 60+.

          • Chris

            Congrats on predicting the hypothetical future. You’re so special.

            W.T.F… You are literally predicting something as a fact. This is the world we live in…

        • Go buy some U gear and move on. Most of us have. Richtolytes who needs em. Old news history gone finished what part of that do you not understand.

          As for Bobo he cannot win at CSU

          • Chris

            I’m def rooting for CMR. If they aren’t playing UGA, I don’t see why any UGA fan wouldn’t.

            I would love to see Eason with a CMR/Bobo influence. I think you think thsts an insult? Correct me if so.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Yeah …we’ll wouldn’t take one loss like this for the Richtophobes to start blaming CMC.
        …see what I did there?😉

        • Turd Ferguson

          You mean make yourself sound like a fucking idiot? Then yes, I see what you did there.

          It took most of us several years (and in my case, more than a dozen years) to turn on Richt. But Chris here? One loss.

  129. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, I can say it…with feeling….Gooooooo Gators!!!!!!!

  130. D as in Dawg

    Now we know for sure what we all thought before. We do not have a lot of SEC level competitors. Is Kirby the answer? I hope so. We need big recruits and we need them everywhere… except maybe TE and RB. Let’s make the best of what’s left. Go Dawgs! Beat UT… Chattanooga. 🙊

    • Doggoned

      I have to wonder — how did they all disappear in one year? Weren’t we still having ranked recruiting classes? That what we were hearing in the hinterlands.

    • Chris

      “I hope so”


      I can’t help but read that with the heavy mouth breathing associated with the fire CMR crowd.

      • D as in Dawg

        I’m one of them. I stuck with Richt for a long time before jumping ship. CKS has his work cut out for him. No doubt about that.

        • Chris

          Congrats on jumping from the winningest coach in UGA history to an unproven Sabah disciple. If most people displayed 10% of the expectations they have for “their” football coach, this would be a better world, free of trailer parks and mouth breathing hypocrites.

          • Turd Ferguson

            Richt would’ve started Faton Bauta today, and lost by 60+.

            • Cojones

              Faton was playing for CSU today.

            • Chris

              45-0. Any other anti Richt talking points you want to throw out to address this direct fact?

              I’ll wait.

              • S

                Final score was 45-14. I remember a 49-10 defeat at the hands of Florida in 2008. And we had Stafford, Moreno, and Green at that point, so the talent gap was a lot closer in that game. I’d say your wait is over.

          • D as in Dawg

            Good for you. Note to self: Check with Chris before developing expectations. Also, Chris frowns on trailer park people and is intolerant of differing opinions. We would have whipped Ole Miss with CMR. Keep telling yourself that.

  131. TN Dawg

    something, something, something…..annual bed-shitting…..can’t win big games….don’t show up ready to play…..something, something, something…

  132. Ben

    That was a shit show, y’all. Ole Miss should NEVER be that far ahead of UGA in football.

  133. 86BONE

    Did I just walk to Hell with a broke back, or watch another UGA football game……

  134. Uglydawg

    This may be the (I sure hope) the lowpoint of Kirby’s time at Georgia. It’s certainly an opportune time to turn the corner, because I don’t see how it could get any worse. Georgia will still lose some (maybe a lot) of games this year, but not in this awful fashion.
    How “The Most Georgia Thing Ever”, that this team would be this inept in the one year where everyone was pointing to how favorable the schedule is for it. Shit. All we had to do was field a pretty good team to take the East. Now it looks like we could finish 4th or 5th.

  135. Uglydawg

    WE may need to stop and remember the old saying….
    “Things are never as good as they seem or as bad as they seem”.
    They almost couldn’t be.

  136. Mediocre Dawg

    We fired Mark Richt to get this crud?

    • Turd Ferguson

      I know, right? At least Richt would’ve had the good sense to start Faton Bauta today.

    • Chris

      Welcome to America 2016. Look at our self elected politicians. FYI, Panama subsidies many ex-pat living expenses and have internet that can handle watch ESPN.

      Just sayin

      • Uglydawg

        It may get crowded down there soon. Hot’er than hell, though.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Nahhhh…Poas. Costa Rica. This time of year you would be lighting a small fire in the fireplace at night. Tomorrow you’d be catching trout with a hand line and banana slice and eating them with eggs,and black beans. 🙂

  137. ugafidelis

    The Lord tells me he can get me out of my mess, but he’s pretty sure Bulldog Football is fucked!

  138. Debby Balcer

    I hope you all show up next week ready to back our team. They need their fans behind them. I loved Mark Richt but he is gone and neither those of us whous supported Richt or those wanted him fired know what the score would have been. I know the team will be working on catching the ball this week. Come ready to be loud next week and if you are negative give your tickets to someone who can be positive.

    • No no, the coaches are morons and the players have ling hair!!!

    • dawgman3000

      Great post Debby

    • Mad Mike

      Amen, all the bickering between the different coaching factions has gotten motherf@$#%€g ridiculous. Everyone needs to shut the hell up, take a deep breath, and quite being a bunch of whining babies. Was what happened to Richt right? Not Really. Is Kirby the answer? Too early to tell. Are we lacking in talent in a lot of areas? Oh hell yeah. Everyone needs to put their stupid agenda aside, and remember we all started reading this blog because we’re Dawg fans dammit! Remember that and let’s quit being assholes for a little bit huh?

      • Well there is at least one Richt fan

        • Mad Mike

          Who me? Nope, he lost me, for good, after Alabama last year. While I wasn’t screameing “Fire Richt!” all day, every day. I wasn’t sad to see him go. I was more in favor of hiring someone with HC experience though, but I will support Kirby until he’s had time enough to have fully implemented his system, with his players.

      • I agree. I was in favor of getting rid of MR and probably got a little salty about it on here. I didn’t like what I saw today but it’s one game. And Ole Miss is honestly more talented on both lines and at WR. We all know that they pay players so why shouldn’t they be? Add in some questionable coaching decisions and you end up with a shit sandwich like we saw today. Who knows? Maybe we’ll beat the Vowels next week. Stranger things have happened.

    • Hunkering Hank

      Amen sister!

    • Gaskilldawg

      I will be there and will loudly cheere for my team to win.

    • 86BONE

      I’m growing a beard

  139. PatinDC

    Well. That did not go well.

    Next week is another game.

  140. SemperFiDawg

    Like I stated yesterday Senator. Kinda silly speculating about the ” intangibles” when you don’t have the tangibles covered.

  141. @gatriguy

    Late to the party, but my $0.02: Chubb and Trent would have started for Ole Miss today. That’s it. 2 out of 22 players.

    I get it, no one wants to hear or believe that it is a talent issue. But the gap between us and Ole Miss was staggering. OL, WR, and DBs are as bad as they’ve been since the 90s.

    It’s time to reset expectations. This rebuild is going to be longer than most people thought, and that was going to be the case regardless of who the coach is.

    We are on our 3rd OC and 3rd DC in four years, and were going to be no matter who the coach is.

    The talent level will be up again, but it’s simply going to take time and require patience.

      • @gatriguy

        Means nothing. Look at the distribution. Look at the 2013 class. Look at the talent that has just left the program. Plus, we were wrong on evaluation on a ton of those players. We have an OL that is atrocious, WR than can’t get separation, can’t block, can’t catch, and undersized, slow DBs that have lucked out by not facing a passing team in 2 years.

        You can throw out those rankings, but I know what I saw. Aside from Chubb and Trent, who did you see that was better than their Ole Miss counterpart?

        • Napoleon BonerFart

          Good point. Bill Connelly is an idiot. Sure, he has his fancy statistics, but we’ve got the eye test. Everybody knows that Richt just used walk-ons for all of his teams. Thank God Smart brought in the greatest lineman in the country in Catalina. If we just had a few more like him, we would be sitting pretty.

    • Sh3rl0ck

      The DBs are fine. It is the same guys as last year. They are playing as well as they did last year. They are good but not great. When a QB makes a great throw into double coverage and the WR makes a great play, there isn’t much you can expect them to do. We will not see a group of WR like that for the rest of the season.

      Yeah, our WRs are WAY too small. They can’t get separation. When they do, they keep dropping the ball. We have 3 commits: 6’2″, 6’3″, and 6’5″. We have probably 2 more slots open. Looking forward to Ridley being healthy. We need Wims to step up.

      The OL is where the big problem is. We have an FCS LT, 3 Guards and a 3rd string DT as an OL. Pike is a quality Guard, but is a liability at RT. If we had a natural Center, we could make the line from left to right: Wynn, Kublanow, New Center, Pike, Catalina. That would be better but still less than good. It would be easier to get Catalina some TE help on the right side. We need to find a way to get Sims and Galliard the hell off of the field. Will one of the freshmen step up at Guard? Doesn’t look like it.

  142. Mayor

    “You are never as good as they say you are when you win and never as bad as they say you are when you lose.” That old saying is still true. I am still hopeful that the Dawgs will salvage a respectable season and maybe even win a bowl. That said, I feel the worst I have ever felt about the UGA coaching staff since I started following Georgia football in 1964, This team wasn’t ready to play today–and that falls squarely on the coaching staff. Other than Schotty and CMR I thought our coaching staff last year was pretty damn good. So the powers that be fire CMR after a 10 win season because Kirby Smart (a “son of Georgia”) is about to get hired by South Carolina and we sure as hell don’t want that–the Gamecocks to get our Georgia Boy!! A helluva reason to make a coaching change. I was ready for CMR to be gone, too, but only if the suits hired a coach that would be an improvement. Instead of interviewing Gary Patterson, Tom Herman, or any other proven HC with an excellent track record we hired another Mark Richt–a career coordinator with no HC experience. Well guys, get ready for a couple of years of OJT for our vaunted new HC and his miserable staff of assistants. This staff is terrible. If someone had said to CKS that he can have the HC job but he would have to keep the old staff intact except for Schotty that would have been one thing. But to hire CKS and an entire staff of retreads is a little much to take. Get ready for Johnny Griffith redux. I hope not but it is looking more that way each game. Last season the Senator said that he didn’t want to fire CMR because he was afraid that B-M would f*ck up the hire for his replacement. I felt the same way and said so repeatedly. Boy, those B-M people sure are predictable.

  143. Wow, it took 4 games for the split in the fan base to open back up. We got our @$$3$ handed to us today. I don’t know if it’s talent, coaching, culture or a mixture of all 3 into a witch’s brew of horrific proportions. I had this game as a loss because of home field and an edge at the most important on the field, quarterback. What this game spiraled into was the result of a mixture of coaching and remnants of culture. The coaches appear to be bull-headed about running between the tackles on early downs on offense and refusing to give the line help with rushing the passer (Senator, 3rd and Tucker is coming) in obvious passing situations. The culture of collapsing when things don’t go your way reared its ugly head in the 1st half. I don’t know what the fixes are, but I don’t get paid $3,750,000 a year to figure it out.

    • @gatriguy

      I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where the fanbase will be united again.

      It’s a bloody mess.

      • The Richt faction needs to let it go and move on but they just have to say I told you so. Only thing that will shut them up is an SEC title.

        • @gatriguy

          I’d like to think so, but I just don’t know. I’m really afraid it’s going to be a split forever. Nothing short of an NC will ever reunite the fanbase.

          I thought we had, but it’s as bad as it’s ever been.

          • Mayor

            Tri, if B-M had hired A first rate HC with experience who could bring a winning staff with him the fan base would be united. B-M choked on the hire. That is what you get when idiots grt to make the decisions. We’ll have to live with this for 2-3 more years then maybe those dopes will hire a real HC next time. What I saw today was Ray Goof all over again.

            • Debby Balcer

              It is too soon to make those type of calls.

            • @gatriguy

              And you’ve determined this 4 games in?

              No on BM hired would’ve united the fanbase-I think that’s pretty obvious. We still can’t agree on whether it was necessary or not.

              • 93,000 people didn’t come to G-Day to see Ludicris. They came to watch a scrimmage and excited to see what was going to be different. The fan base including those referred to as Richtophiles or Richtophants wanted to see if this staff was going to move the needle. If you don’t think the fan base had come together, you wouldn’t have seen the dome field advantage we saw on Labor Day weekend.

                Many people including the Mayor and myself wanted a true search for an EXPERIENCED head coach. I wasn’t a Tom Herman fan because I hadn’t thought he was at it long enough (I was wrong – the guy can flat coach). I wanted us to make David Shaw turn us and our Brinks trucks down.

                I decided to give Kirby a chance when he was hired. He won the opening press conference. He kept together a really good recruiting class and improved it. He’s putting together a wonderful class for this year. He’s trying to instill a toughness into the team that has been lacking in that department for some time. He’s trying to balance winning now with developing a young QB that can be the cornerstone of the future. He has also talked down the talent on this team publicly to the point where I believe he has killed some of these guys’ confidence. He made some changes that I believe are a slap at the tradition here before him (the “dressy” DawgWalk and the elimination of bones as helmet stickers). He doesn’t appear to like interacting with the common folk and seems to take a “I don’t have time for this s—” approach with the Dawg Nation. Some of that works when you come to a place with a record of success. Some of that can blow up in your face if you aren’t successful.

                • @gatriguy

                  It’s 4 games in. I don’t disagree about preferring an experienced coach, but it is what it is.

                  Have you seen Shaw and Stanford play? If you think the OL looks bad now, imagine what it would look like in Stanford’s offense.

                  It is what it is. Kirby is going to improve the overall talent level on the roster over the next 3-4 years. I have no doubt about that. Whether he can translate it to wins is going to play out over time.

                  But I do believe he’s going to have a much more complete, more talented roster going forward.

                  • I know how Stanford plays. They also do it without 4 and 5 star players at every position but with guys who play hard, fundamentally sound, and limit mistakes. You don’t see Stanford’s classes at the top of recruiting rankings.

                    I agree … It’s 4 games in, and Kirby is going to get his fair shot. Most reasonable people weren’t expecting a championship this year even with Nick Chubb back. I’m willing to wait and see what happens, but if we see more performances like yesterday, Kirby is going to find his honeymoon to be over quickly. Once you’re on the hot seat, you never get off just the temperature changes.

        • Comments like this are exactly what I’m talking about.

        • 3rdandGrantham

          I know some of these richtophants, and they are quite bizzare with quixotic at best thinking.

          Kirby could win 3 nattys and they would still make excuses….hell they would probably say he did it with CMR’s roster.

        • Chris

          Did Richt ever get behind 45-0? If not, then please don’t “compare” UGA factions. Thank you very much.

          • @gatriguy

            31-0 at home w preseason #1 team, #1 overall draft 3 first round draft picks.

            35-0 USC 2012 with probably his most complete team

              • @gatriguy

                go buy some Miami stuff. That’s clearly where your loyalties are.

                • Chris

                  So you have no response. Please just articulate that ahead of time.

                  PS I’ll still donate to the Hartman Fund despite your recommendation

                  • @gatriguy

                    Richt got fired before he had to play with this shitstrom of a roster he created.

                    Today was an awful loss, I’m not arguing this. But, given the talent on this roster, to suggest it was worse than either of the games I mentioned is a stretch. Not to mention 2008 UF or 2011 LSU.

                    We’re not going to agree on it, it’s fine.

                    • Chris

                      Go Dawgs! We may disagree on circumstances, but I’ll always buy a round for a fellow Dawg. I think Kirby can turn it around, but as he says, 6’7″ OTs don’t grow on trees.

                    • @gatriguy

                      Yup, Go Dawgs!

                      I hope things get better, and I think they can. I just don’t know if the fractured fanbase will let it happened. It’s just so divided.

                    • Chris

                      I don’t think the fanbase is as fractured as you may think it is. As a “Richtophile” who associates with my own kind, I can gaurentee you I’ve never met anyone rooting against Smart.

                      We all want UGA to succeed, just see things in different ways.

                    • @gatriguy

                      God, I sincerely hope you’re right. I just have been completely disheartened the past 3 weeks.

                      I totally underestimated the amount of people ready to pounce as soon as things got rough.

                  • 85 players on scholly, 10 of those recruited by Kirby. U gear cheaper than Dawg gear so go get ya some.

          • Mad Mike

            Dude, Richt lost worse two time I can think of 49-10 to the Gators in 2008 and 41-10 to LSU in 2011. Kirby might never be worth a damn, but stop acting like today was the worst loss in program history.

            • Chris

              Do you think today was a good day for the program? I’ll hang up and listen.

              • Mad Mike

                Did I say it was? Nope. Just pointing out the fact that we’ve gotten blown out worse.

              • @gatriguy

                I’d say it was about equal to trying to fight Bama in the tunnel and then losing by 28.

                It was an awful day for the program, but guess what. I think UNC and Missouri are both better than a single team we beat last year.

      • Absolutely.

        Now it’s the “no championships, no peace” crowd on one side and the “why don’t you go cheer for the U” crowd on the other.

        You’re right, gatriguy, it’s a mess, and the problem is there’s no one who is a leader that has time for this $#!+ to fix it. I’m officially worried Kirby is going to be so wedded to the Process that he’s going to waste every bit of goodwill with the fan base.

        Truly the only thing that will fix it now is a CFP berth.

        • Gaskilldawg

          Unfortunately, ee, the guy who should be leading all factions is Greg McGarity. He damn sure isn’t the second coming of Joel Eaves.

      • Doggoned

        I can. A national title.

  144. Derek Ross

    Juwuan Briscoe looks way too much like Bryan Evans. Always getting beat, never targeting the ball, and not even making it a fight when the receiver catches it. Do we not have anyone that will at least win some lose some?

  145. 3rdandGrantham

    I find it quite ironic that some of you who refused to be critical of CMR after years 5, 10, and 15 suddenly are impugning CKS to no end after a mere 4 games….with CMR’s roster to boot.

    CMR utterly castrated this program, yet the Richtophants out there want to cast blame elsewhere in a shameless attempt to salvage the rep of their failed leader.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        Want me to list some of CMR’s eggs after many years as HC? Give me a break.

        • Chris

          Feel free. Just highlighting the fact that UGA hasn’t been boat raced like today since… before Richt.

          Once upon a time, Richt was revered for his road game performance. Oh how that gets forgotten.

          • @gatriguy

            That was always a little bit of fool’s gold since he never had to play Florida on the road and they were his white whale.

            But yeah, those days were awesome.

    • Mediocre Dawg

      Richt certainly made mistakes as the UGa coach.

      For the last 5 years I was told I liked mediocrity if I wanted Richt to be our coach. What I saw today in Oxford was not even mediocre.

      It’s also ironic that the people who constantly trashed Richt after every loss now say “But you have to get behind Smart.”

      • @gatriguy

        Well, 15 years and 4 games are pretty comparable sample sizes.

        • 3rdandGrantham

          Right. Funny how people conveniently keep forgetting this. If Smart is losing like this in ’18, I’ll be all for a coaching change wand will admit his time as a failure. But to do it after 4 games with CMR’s roster is so pathetic it’s laughable.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            You know if you could just shut up awhile about CMR others wouldn’t be so quick to come to his to his defense.

          • Gaskilldawg

            No one is calling for a coaching change after 4 games and I am not calling his time as HC a failure. I am saying he stunk today, he stunk on his own and he deserves to be criticized for it. That does not mean he cannot learn from his mistakes and I hope he does.

            I wish we had hired an experienced head coach. Wish we had tried to get Tom Herman, but we didn’t. That means Smart is the coach of my team and I want him to win every damn game.

            Blame someone who spent the week 700 miles away from Butts-Mehre for our lack of preparation if you want, but I am not.

    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Good point. Richt played the long con. He spent 15 years ruining the team. Now, he could have done it in three, but frankly, the SEC is too easy of a conference for that. Even with awful coaching and recruiting, 10 wins is nearly guaranteed. Instead, Richt bided his time and was finally able to build a team of top ten recruiting classes that sucks so much that not even Smart and McGarity may be capable of winning 10 games. And we all know how easy that is!

    • Gaskilldawg

      You are a really smart guy, a business success. You know that it is appropriate to evaluate Smart for what he does, not for what someone else did.

      Smart is not entitled to immunity just because you did not like his predecessor. We stunk today. We were not mentally focused and our strategy was odd, considering the match ups. Richt has nothing to do with that.

    • My perspective wasn’t that we lost. It was the manner in which we lost. We spit the bit, soiled the bed, laid an egg, face planted or any other term you want to use. That’s about being resilient & focused and really is what cost the previous guy his job. If we had fought like mad and lost, hey, you tip your cap to the other guy and tell him good luck the rest of the season. When your team plays like it doesn’t have a pulse, it is the coaching staff’s fault. The roster isn’t where anyone wants it to be especially along the lines of scrimmage, but playing hard, physical and fundamentally sound is a choice. This team decided not to do it today.

  146. Spike

    Boy, That Pittman hire as O line coach is really working out well…

    • Turd Ferguson

      One of two things must be the case. Either (a) he really is the “best in the business” OL coach that everyone says he is, or (b) he’s overrated as all hell. For now, I’m inclined to trust his reputation. But think about what that implies. If the best OL coach in the country can’t keep our OL from looking like a bunch of turnstiles, then perhaps the talent (and strength) at that position is even worse than we all suspected. (Maybe the rumors are true, and the last coaching regime couldn’t evaluate OL talent for shit.) Either way, we’re going to have to be patient and let Pittman rebuild this OL from the ground up.

  147. Ramguy

    The Mark Richt crowd must have forgotten the loses to Vandy, a very crappy SC a couple of years ago….the trashing by the hands of Fla the past two years, one with Faton as the starter, the bonehead kick off call against Tech. The trashing by Tenn in 2007(?) when the Dawgs had the players for a title run. The I don’t give a crap expressions on his face.
    These Richt people make me pull against UM every game.

    • Gaskilldawg

      What does Richt 2006, or Richt 20013 have to do with whether we were well coached today? Why does the 2007 UT game give Smart immunity from criticism for his performance?

  148. Scorpio Jones, III

    A couple years from now I hope we can all look back on this as an aberration.

    But if you don’t understand its going to be a long couple years you probably need to renew your symphony tickets, cause for better or worse we changed coaches, and that’s almost a guarantee of a couple of years in the doldrums.

    Yes, you can sit back and say, hmmm Mark Richt won 10 games last year with a team that was slightly less talented than this one, but that would be a pointless exercise.

    We changed coaches, whether that made you happy or sad, deal with the consequences.

    And hope.

    • @gatriguy

      Yeah. We’re gonna have to let it play out for a few years.

    • Remember, Scorpio, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

      The problem is that the Bulldog Nation has been in the hope stage for 36 years now as 5 of our fellow conference members have won crystal footballs (3 of those including our bloodlust rival have won multiple). In some cases, that hope has turned to frustration and now downright anger.

  149. D as in Dawg

    Today go 💩

  150. AthensHomerDawg

    This one is over and in the books. Bootch Please is coming to town and will be wearing that shit eating grin of his when he arrives. We’re gonna need a privet specialist when they leave I think they take half the hedges home with them.
    Oh and Florida ain’t gonna be in a good mood when we play .
    Gus got a new bus.
    Does Tech play here this year?

    • Mayor

      AHD, when you look at the remaining games in light of what happened yesterday every single game remaining on the Dawgs’ schedule is in play–including U La La. I’m not sure the team I saw yesterday in Oxford can beat UK and Vandy, much less Auburn, UT and FU. Tech, too.

      • I agree. 4 games in and this season is already on the brink. A woodshed loss in Athens this weekend at the hands of a Tennessee team that will be smelling blood in the water would be disastrous. I’m not even talking about winning a division … I’m talking about respectability. Why do I feel like this is potentially 1989-1990 all over again? I lived that as a student … I never want to go back there again.

  151. Dolly Llama

    Man. Just got in and read this thread. Can’t we all just get along?

    When I lurk on the UT message boards and still see people, today, arguing over Phil Fulmer. Is that where we want to be years from now, arguing over woulda, coulda, shoulda?

    • Does getting along mean ignoring the shortfalls of the program in a game that was supposed to be an early measuring stick? I guess we’re all supposed to give the staff credit for all of the wins this year and the previous staff the blame for all of the losses. That’s not the way it works, and I haven’t seen anyone say the previous staff would have won this game. I’ve seen a team that hasn’t played well the last 3 weeks on either side of the ball but especially on offense. It’s not all players and execution, and it’s not all coaching and preparation. There’s a lot of blame to go around.

      If we end up wandering in the wilderness like UT did, I guarantee you we’ll still be arguing about the decisions made in November and December 2015.

      • Mayor

        Except McGarity and the others who made the bad decisions will be long gone and WE will be the ones left holding the bag.

        • let me give the “Can’t we all just get along crowd” something to chew on. I don’t care if we as dawg fans can or can not agree on a particular “issue”. I care about who is right/correct and who is wrong/incorrect.. If 60%-75% of the fan base is certain that changing Coaches was the right thing to do , the mere fact that they were a majority did not make them correct ….it merely made them whiny trolls who just KNEW that change would be for the better. Those of us who correctly pointed out that all change is NOT good and pointing out that firing the winning-est (% wise ) Coach we ever had would historically(Phil Fulmer and L , Carr) and statistically be unlikely to produce a superior result were dismissed as Richt lovers . What the powers that be at Butts-Mehre need to be is right…. not popular. What most people with a brain intuitively understood was that the B-M crowd already had a significant track record of not being right about damn near anything. I don’t want to be understood,agreed with, respected or even right. What I want is to win. Our brain trust and whiners have in all probability doomed us to wandering in the Michigan/Tenn wilderness for the next decade. Thank you McGarity. I am officially changing my trivia team name from “Micheal Adams must Die” to “Greg McGarity must Die “. How much can I get for my 25 yard line lower level tickets with seat backs and parking pass to the UT game ? I do not need to watch this exercise in futility.

      • ugafidelis

        Ten wins are great and all, but really we’ve kind of been wandering in the wilderness since 2005.