Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s key to the game

EHHHHHH!!! Wrong, Hans.

Or, at least it could very well be wrong if the Rebels decide to commit their safeties to stopping the run.  Georgia didn’t throw the ball so much in the Missouri game because it wanted to.  It had to.  Until Ole Miss shows that it respects the pass threat from Eason and his receivers, Chaney won’t have any choice this week, either.

Funny thing is that Barnhart gets much closer to a real key with his next tweet.

The big deal in Columbia wasn’t Georgia throwing the ball 55 times.  It was Georgia running over ninety plays on offense.  If that happens again today, the Dawgs will have made a real game of it.


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22 responses to “Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s key to the game

  1. Dave

    Would you like to go for double jeopardy where the scores can really change?


  2. Uglydawg

    Dawgs won over Mizzu because of gift turnovers and stupid game plan in second half by Tiger O coaching staff.
    Georgia did run a lot of plays but (as mentioned a few times this week on GTP) interceptions give you that..and Mizzo’s running the fast break saves clock.
    Old Miss won’t give us that break.
    I believe the key to the Dawgs winning today is as simple as this…
    The whole team will have to play at a different level than it has so far.
    Especially the O line, the receivers and the D Backs and the place kicker.


    • Georgia did run a lot of plays but (as mentioned a few times this week on GTP) interceptions give you that..and Mizzo’s running the fast break saves clock.
      Old Miss won’t give us that break.

      Ole Miss is last in the conference in time of possession.

      Ole Miss is last in the conference in turnover margin.


    • Rival

      Kelly could throw some gifts. He can also pull some plays out of his rear.


    • garageflowers

      Yeah, Mauger’s interceptions just fell in his hands while he was picking daisies. That fumble had zero to do with Davis punching the ball out. Also, maybe Mizzou changed their gameplan based on what the Dawgs’ defense was playing. Thankfully Chaney went more to the passing game once running up the gut was yielding little yardage against 7/8/9 men in the box. Both adjustments of the O and D are what won the game last week. Lets hope that continues today. One more, only one 3 plays and then punt out of 15 true drives will help you run a lot of plays. My biggest concern is placekicking.


  3. Hardcoredawg 93

    They don’t know the magic in Rifleman’s arm.


  4. The other Doug

    Was his third tweet “UGA is going to have to find away to score more points than Ole Miss is they want to win”?


    • The other Doug

      a way. Where is my coffee?


    • Almost.


      • Billy Mumphrey

        Won’t the team stay on Eastern time? Why is the 11am start made out to be such a big deal for one team and not th other?


      • 92 grad

        Completely disagree. Early start for road team is tougher than home team? Bollocks. Our guys don’t have anything else to do, they’re in go mode right now, game started for them the minute they set foot on the bus (plane).


      • Macallanlover

        OK, rushing for over 200 would be marvelous and a great indicator for UGA, duh. But what the hell is the negative for UGA with the time of the start. UGA lives on Eastern time, Ole Miss on Central, edge UGA. Early starts negates the advantage for the home crowd relative to 3:30 or, especially night starts. Has Tony lost his Georgia upbringing by hanging around national media types. Don’t know that it is enough, but as a Georgia fan, this time gives us the best chance we could ask for.


  5. DawgPhan

    Dawgs roll, baby. Kelly gives us some pics. Sanders takes one to the house. OL gets motivated and Chubb racks up a ton of yards and gets back in the national conversation.

    Go Dawgs!


  6. We had to run the ball last week, too


  7. Derek

    Them dawgs is hell, don’t they? Woo!!

    Just win baby!


  8. Why does anyone listen to or read anything Mr. Conventional Wisdom says or writes? He knows less about college football and especially Xs and Os than most of the commenters on this blog … and he gets paid for his lack of knowledge.