The denial is always worse than the cover up.

Hey, if you need to get your blood boiling today, Ken Starr is doing a live Q&A right now. Sample bullshit:

Yeah, that’ll work.


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20 responses to “The denial is always worse than the cover up.

  1. @gatriguy

    Auburn, here he comes.

    • dawgs1

      call me a tech fan, worst preparation and effort I’ve ever seen from uga, mcgoo got it wrong agian

      • @gatriguy

        McG didn’t leave a roster with 2 players that could’ve started for Ole Miss. if you didn’t see the talent gap at every singe position group except RB, I can’t help you.

        The talent hasn’t been this bad since the 90s. I get that it’s hard to figure out how it got this bad, I honestly don’t know either. But I believe my eyes. Ole Miss is significantly more talented.

        • Mayor

          tri, you have swallowed the line of BS. All those kids wearing silver britches were, for the most part, 5 star or 4 star recruits with a few 3 stars thrown in, that were being recruited by EVERYBODY–Bama and Ole Piss included. Georgia has had top 10 recruiting classes every year. Except for the payola that went down under Freeze for a few individual players Ole Piss has never (including now) had the overall talent that Georgia has. What you saw today was a badly coached UGA team that (1) wasn’t motivated and didn’t play hard, and (2) wasn’t prepared to play with guys who didn’t know what their assignments were, particularly of D. I will agree that the O-Line is an area with less talent but those guys are also playing worse than they did last year, too. No, today was a coaching failure, not a lack of talent. When every aspect of the team is worse than it was last season you have to start looking at reasons other than just “the players are shitty.” Let me be the first to say it: “The emperor has no clothes.”

          • @gatriguy

            The emperor has been here 4 games and is having to play a guard at one tackle and a grad transfer from RI at he other.

            He has to play a true freshman QB.

            The emperor might have no clothes, I have no idea. But I do think you have to give him longer than 1/3 of a season to decide that.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Richt played a grad transfer at qb no less. They didn’t appear very well coached and haven’t played like an SEC game ready team. Imho.

              • @gatriguy

                I’m really not trying to troll, I’m just trying to look the big picture. The 2015 team’s best win was vs GSU in OT.

                That was the only team they beat with a winning record.

                This team looks very similar (it should, it’s only been a year).

                It is what it is. I believe in giving coaches a chance to get their own type of guys in.

                If we look just as bad in 2018 as we did in 2015 and we do this year, I promise I’ll want change too.

                I’m just not going form an opinion based on 4 games when the team wasn’t any great shakes to begin with.

                It’s over, time to move on. Go Dawgs.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                You brought up the grad transfer,we played freshman last year. Southern wasn’t the only team we beat with a winning record and I just agree with the Mayor our coaches didn’t shine. Other than than that… yeah…move along.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Your comment surprised me. I don’t disagree with it.

            • Mayor

              Look, here’s my real fear going forward. Since the suits have decided not to hire a proven HC and instead bought a pig in a poke all we have to go by to judge CKS is what we see on the field. This team appears to be regressing–not improving. We have 2 of the best backs in the nation (Chubb and Michel) and suddenly they can’t gain any yards. We have a QB with a rocket for an arm who is accurate–but the receivers can’t catch. We have a D that last season was statistically one of the best, and most are back, but now the players look like bullfighters saying “Olay.” What do we really know about Kirby Smart? He worked on the defensive side under Nick Saban for years, ultimately becoming DC at Bama. Nick’s background is defense and word is that Nick was heavily hands-on. I think that Nick was the real DC at Bama and Kirby was nothing but an underling. I think we have hired another SOD as our HC, that’s what I think. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings out there in intertubeland but that’s how I see it. I hope I am wrong but…….

              • Mayor

                P.S. I lived through the Ray Goff era and don’t ever want to have to do that again. We need to give Kirby a fair opportunity but if it becomes apparent that he is not the answer we absolutely do NOT need to let him hang on twisting in the wind for years like we did with Goff.

  2. Tronan

    It all depends on your definition of “was.”

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Briles was never told, it’s because like Roy Williams he had an employee whose full time duty was providing the coach with plausible deniability.

  4. dawgsense


    we don’t need this to get our blood boiling today

  5. Russ

    This headline could work for the Ole Miss game recap as well.

  6. Mayor

    Senator. Why do you keep badmouthing Art Briles? We need to help him rehabilitate himself so if CKS falls flat on his face he can hire him. 🙂