Brief stat watch

No, it’s not getting any better.


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  1. The other Doug

    Is it time to change up the Oline?

  2. Yeah, I remember at times when getting back to the Line Of
    Scrimmage was a fairly good run. We did not have options,
    You ran where the play was designed for You to run. Only There.


    Piss poor OL recruiting for over 5 straight years does things like this.

    • Explain this then:

      Looks to me that we ran the ball pretty well from 2012-15 with suspensions, acl’s and bad qbs for two of those years.

      I’ll hang up and listen…..

      • CB

        Mic drop and crickets.

      • This fact has me reluctantly concluding that our coaching staff is either underperforming or our kids are just not adjusting to the new scheme very well. Probably a mixture of both and we will be arguing around the % of the mixture as the season goes on.

        One thing that I worry about is that Kirby is has become accustomed to overwhelming talent and has leaned on that crutch for success. Lets hope he learns how to do more with less. The talent gap excuse can only take you so far.

        • Reinmart

          This thought does creep into the realm of possibility. I hope he and the staff can get it figured out.

        • Pumblechook014

          “The talent gap excuse can only take you so far.”

          Bingo. Despite all the ups and downs with Richt’s roster management, it seems in hindsight we didn’t give him enough credit for the job he and Bobo did maintaining the fairly consistent run game. The fact that the current coaching staff is so underperforming in that department with the same players is testament to that.

          I just hope they wise up to that and stop trying to brute force the run game. Richt is obviously a pro-style guy, but his MO was never a Saban style beat-you-into-submission game plan. It was much more balanced with a give-and-take between the running game and PA passing, and the current team composition reflected that. It isn’t about lack of talent, but rather the philosophical approach that drove player development and recruitment. This coaching staff’s obviously different in that regard, and it’s turned into a round peg into a square hole type situation.

      • Rick

        Everything is the last guy’s fault. You can set your watch to these sorts of arguments and the coach’s termination three years later.

      • jp

        Here is all one must know about Derek and his football knowledge . Kublanow is a push with the starting center for the Patriots . Number 7 is closing the gap with Floyd and Jenkins on the outside .

        • And I said either when? I appreciate you hanging on my every word, but try and get them right.

          I also appreciate the ad hominem but I’m wondering what my football knowledge has to do with the fact that we’ve effectively run the ball the past 4 seasons. Hell Crowell had a pretty good year as a freshman in 2011 too.

          You’ve got Chubb, Sony, herrien, holifield, Douglas and Payne and its CMR’s fault we can’t run and pay no attention to the last five years because the guy who posted that reality has been maligned? Sure.

          Nice try. Are you on one of the candidates spin teams tonight?

          • jp

            were you under sniper fire when you posted this ?
            did you break your phone with a hammer ?
            did you use bleach bit after you sent your comments ?
            were you named after sir Edmund ?
            was it a you tube movie ?
            were you turned down by the Marines ?

            Oh hell Derek I could go on but after all what difference does it make ?

            ps did you ever play any ball even junior high?
            I bet I know the answer

            • Regarding playing, go ahead and try to answer and we’ll see how you do.

              All posts are searchable on the Internet. If I said what you posted I said, then you can find it and paste it here.

      • David Andrews, Theus, and Houston were better than their respective replacements. It’s not fucking rocket science.

    • Rebar

      I think it is more the change is scheme. Bobo/Richt had the backs hesitate until a seam opened up while Chaney/Smart are looking for smashmouth, impose your will type of blocking. It’s not that the cupboard is bare but our current players don’t fit the scheme that is now being played.

    • Dawgy1

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but except for the transfer Catalina, every starter on the Oline is a 4-star recruit. Even if they were all 2 and 3 star recruits, that doesn’t explain not being able to block a very bad FCS school.
      And, lack of talent does not explain that debacle against Ole Miss.

  4. Russ

    Four games in and it’s obvious the “line it up and smash them” approach isn’t working. I saw one toss sweep to Chubb last week and he gained 16 yards. Then it was back to bashing our heads against the brick wall.

    When Kublanow is getting shoved into the handoff point, it makes dive plays impossible. If Kublanow is getting shoved into the backfield while Chubb is taking a pitch outside the tackles, it doesn’t matter.

    The OL is undeniably a problem. The coaches are paid a small fortune to figure out how to use them, and they’ve shown zero creativity.

    • Mayor

      +1. On the money with that one Russ. If your O-Line can’t block why would you keep on running plays that require the O-Line to move the D-Line out of the way for the play to work? After a while even an idiot should be able to figure that out. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is a coaching problem.

    • doofusdawg

      The sad thing is they did in the first game… a dozen toss sweeps… quick out passes to wide receivers… both have vanished since game one. Why nobody hold Kirby’s feet to the fire on this is journalistic malpractice.

    • Biggus Rickus

      They ran for 230 yards in the game, 93 of it in the first half. They weren’t gouging them, but they were having a good deal more success than previous weeks. The pass protection was mostly lousy, and there were too many blown assignments, but they weren’t “bashing their heads against a brick wall” in this one. They couldn’t stop Ole Miss, made too many mistakes, and it got away from them. I’m not too thrilled with Chaney as an offensive coordinator so far, and I wasn’t excited when he was hired. It’s still early, though, and I hope he is a lot better than I fear. And please never let him line McKenzie up at running back again.

  5. Athens Dog

    It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. Eason turns to hand off to Chubb and there is a defensive lineman trailing behind by about a foot. Nick doesn’t stand a chance. And I’m curious as to why we don’t employ the toss sweep more often. Seems like thats the only way to get him open.

    • Mayor

      Yep. Have you also noticed when Eason drops back to pass a D-Lineman is always about 2 steps away from him when he turns to throw the ball? The D-Line couldn’t get into the offensive backfield faster if there was NO O-Line.The UGA O-Line and blocking schemes (or lack of) are going to get Eason injured or make him gun shy if our vaunted coaching staff doesn’t start making adjustments.

      • I agree that the coaching staff needs to utilize what they have better. What I can’t figure out is why you won’t admit that what they have to work with is not up to par?

        • Mayor

          tri, I admit the O-Line is below par. We have to scheme away from plays that make that so apparent. Quit running plays up the gut with no blocking. Also, quit running slow developing pass plays. Get the ball out of Eason’s hand faster. It appears Kirby can’t coach anything but smash mouth and he doesn’t have smash mouth personnel.

  6. AusDawg85

    When Chubb was told not to squat more than 600 lbs its because they told him to put Pittman and Chaney down instead of tossing them off of Sanford bridge.

  7. Jack Klompus

    Seems like Chubb is struggling a little more than the other two (Michel and Herrien) between the tackles. Just my observation.

    • AusDawg85

      Yes, he is struggling with telegraphed runs between the tackles with 8 – 9 men in the box. Please tell us you’re not implying any fault on Chubb. Please.

      • CB

        He’s not at fault he’s just not as good as he was before he got hurt. We’re going to have to come to terms with that as a fan base.

      • Jack Klompus

        By no means am I implying fault. As CB says, he doesn’t look as strong and as I said- my observation is that he seems to be struggling between the tackles compared to the other two. But not to the outside.

  8. Mark

    Chubb seemed fine against UNC so I thinks he’s as good or better….Also seemed fine on two runs Saturday with Payne as lead blocker. Without the FB in there he has not shot. They’re not loading the box for Herrien. Chaney is supposed to be a good IC but I’m trying to patient and wait on him to work with what he’s got rather than doing what we may just want to do.

    • Rick

      Chaney is not supposed to be a good OC. Chaney looks like a good OC only if you cherry pick with great care, and specifically ignore all recent data. Chaney was a magnificently terrible hire, we just forgot about it when Smart turned around and made an excellent OL hire (at least, it looked that way at the time).

  9. Colonial Forbes

    We could have had Tom Herman

  10. DawgPhan

    PAAAWWWLLLL Herman lost to UConn in his first season.

  11. stoopnagle

    Stop wasting the best RB in the country. OK Thanx Bye.

  12. Smart and Chaney are trying to win with a WW2 type of (smash mouth) plan in a WW3 type world.