Won’t get fooled again.

Yeah, sure.  Check’s in the mail, right?


UPDATE:  If you want to do a denial, this is the way to do it.



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21 responses to “Won’t get fooled again.

  1. Rick

    Of course it’s not, senator. They haven’t even heard back from Briles yet.


  2. Mayor

    I thought both answers were equally adamant negative responses. Petrino’s was just more polite. I don’t think Petrino is going anywhere.


  3. aw hell naw

    Petrino to LSU. Les Miles to Louisville. So it is written so it shall be done.


  4. Got Cowdog

    “Choose the form of the Destructor”


  5. Uglydawg

    ” I am very fortunate to be the Head Coach at Louisville”.. contrition?


  6. Ben

    If Shaw somehow ends up at LSU (he won’t) when we didn’t end up with an experienced HC last year and instead got a homegrown guy looking for on the job training, McGarity ought to be out on his rear end.


  7. Debby Balcer

    It wouls serve LSU right if no one took the job. Ed Orgeron by default.


  8. Coondawg

    I thought Petrino would end up taking over the wheel when the Gus Bus gets totaled. I could see Auubrn paying Petrino more than Saban.


    • 92 grad

      Agreed. I also think les would do a great service to our division if he takes over at Vandy. But really, I hate to suggest anyone get released and I don’t wish it on stoops either, but it’d be cool to see him a KY too.


    • Nashville West

      At least the bus has four wheels, might help Petrino stay out of the ditch.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    If it is a top 5 program in the country…why would LSU have a problem filling the position with a capable coach?


  10. Spike

    Al Golden is tanned ready and rested.


  11. stoopnagle

    Les Miles to Baylor?

    Also, if you think Shaw is a long shot, I just saw on my twitter feed that LSU “has reached out to Urban Meyer.”

    LSU clearly doesn’t know who they are. It’s a great job, no doubt, potentially the best in the league; but it’s not Ohio State.

    That said, it’s about time for Urbs to start feeling poorly and needing some time with his family.