“We all shook our heads—What the hell is he doing?”

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  David Boren has apparently gone from being the driving force behind Big 12 expansion to now being considered a likely vote against conference expansion.  There’s only one step left for him to take after that, amirite?

The next time Boren speaks, a lot of his colleagues around the Big 12 would enjoy hearing exactly what the Sooners’ long-term intentions are. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that Oklahoma and Texas—both in 2010 and 2011—were close to joining the Pac-10. Since Boren’s latest comments on expansion, there have been rumblings throughout the league as to whether Boren is the right public face considering he could be in the position of shopping Oklahoma around to other leagues in the near future.

There’s an increasing concern that Boren could end up as a so-called double-agent, speaking for the league but working for a school that ultimately desires to speak with other leagues. There’s also an increasing level of distrust around the league, especially since Oklahoma and Texas have no intention of extending their grant of right past 2025 anytime soon.
Yeah, this is a league with a bright future.  Luckily for all concerned, I’m sure Bob Bowlsby’s on the mother.


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3 responses to ““We all shook our heads—What the hell is he doing?”

  1. MGW

    Football in the southwest: so much potential… so many ass holes.


  2. stoopnagle

    So, Oklahoma is more likely to go to the SEC, Pac-12, or B1G? Texas is Pac-12.

    We’re getting 16 team leagues with 8 team mini-conferences: basically there will be 8 P5 divisions and conference title games will be first round games in 8 team playoffs. It’s too easy.


  3. Boyd Crowder

    It’s actually pretty simple. Oklahoma (rightfully) wanted BYU. Political considerations have made BYU an unacceptable candidate to many, so now Oklahoma doesn’t care. Would you get fired up for Cincinnati and Houston?