“That dang Gurley guy…”

I gotta admit this is pretty funny.  (h/t)

I wonder how long Dabo plans on saving that voice mail.


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    There’s a little nugget that doesn’t have much to do with the game this weekend and makes me laugh. Thanks, Senator. You know your constituency.

  2. That dang Gurley guy … one tough son of a gun and, with one exception, (USCe 2012) got better as the lights got brighter.

    Dabo is hard to dislike other than the fact he coaches at Auburn with a Lake.

  3. Rick

    You can tell if he put his heart in it Dabo can do a damned good Spurrier imitation, he even had some of the facial mannerisms in there.

  4. truck

    Attention, mainstream media: your insidious plan to encourage me to like Spurrier by making him appear human will not work. He has always been and will forever remain a stinking Gator and therefore deserves no affection. I repeat: your plan will NOT WORK!!!

      • down island way

        Would rather have video proof those words come out of that butt hole called a face. The old ball sack never has and never will have anything for UGA….I’ll extend the courtesy to u f…..F U…..card carrying gator hator for life and then some….GO DAWGS!

    • South FL Dawg

      100% and I don’t care how old he is. Sure his “woe is me” defense goes up when he loses; you have to see how he is when he wins to get the true sense of the jerk.

  5. 81Dog

    I am guessing the first person who gets a call from Alabama after Saban hangs it up is going to be Dabo. He’s proved he can run a program, he has Bama roots, and he’s a good recruiter. Maybe LSU will call him. They could do a lot worse.

  6. Russ

    Dammit, Steve, every time I quit you, you draw me back in!

    I so wish Spurrier would do a stint on TV as a studio guy. I might even watch ESPN again if he did. Put a 6-pack under the desk and let him riff on the games of the day.


    The Coaches for the most part, like one another…

    That is funny, thanks for it.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I may have to turn my Bulldog car in for this, but I unabashedly love Steve Spurrier. I did not always, but he’s just great for the game. He keeps things like rivalry in their proper place and while he’s a Gator and I hate Gators… I just can’t hate the man. Love him.

  9. paul

    I said it before he retired and I’ll say it again. Regardless of how you or I feel personally about Spurrier, he was good for the game of college football. Back in the day, there were quite a few coaches cut from the same cloth as the Old Ball Coach. I fear he may have been one of the last we will ever see. That’s truly sad.

    • Ray

      I agree! I’m so tired of coach speak in every comment and interview. At least Spurrier kept you tuned in and with fingers crossed hoping he wouldn’t be focused on UGA. SpurDog was an ass but at least he was entertaining.

      • Ray

        As an add on…I’d hate him and could call him a C sucker and turn around and laugh my ass off when he would rip another team…never, ever pulled for his arrogant ass tho!!!

  10. whb209

    Just shows how much he hates Georgia.