Turn that turnover around.

Boy, talk about your cognitive dissonance.

Georgia: Nine turnovers. Georgia’s defense hasn’t been especially good overall, but it has managed to stifle its share of opponent possessions with nine takeaways, a total that is second in the SEC and tied for 14th nationally. In fact, if Georgia hadn’t gotten turnovers on four of Missouri’s last six possessions on Sept. 17, there is no way the Bulldogs would have slipped out of Columbia with a 28-27 win. Another telling turnover-related statistic: Georgia is 110th in points-off-turnover margin (minus-18). The Bulldogs’ struggling offense has turned those nine takeaways into just 13 points, while opponents have turned their seven takeaways into 31 points.

That’s… hard to do.  Factor in Tennessee’s incredible good fortune this season with fumbles (twelve total fumbles, only one fumble lost), and tomorrow’s shaping up potentially as one of the more frustrating games you’ll ever see.


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7 responses to “Turn that turnover around.

  1. Aunt Edna

    Something something “the process”. Something something “it’s obviously a coaching issue”. Yada yada “lack of talent”. There, now no one needs to comment on here.


  2. sectionzalum

    by the way – Mizou’s last 2 plays had fumbles…..there was a fumble Mizzou recovered on their last kickoff return that preceded the final fumble on the last pass.


  3. Rick

    Here’s the thing about points off turnovers – you have to have the offense to cash them in. We’re 98th in yards/play, so 110th in points off turnovers isn’t all that surprising. The fact that we’re 14th in TOs indicates there is certainly some bad luck in there, but there was also good luck in being that high in TOs in the first place. It’s a wash.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Its the damn hats…come on you guys get your hats right!!!!


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The weather is going to be great, though. 😉
    We might not win the game, but we’ll crush the tailgate!

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  6. Will (The Other One)

    Here’s hoping it’s not as bad as 2006…


  7. Nashville West

    Pray for reversion to the mean.