Game day thoughts, Dawgs-Urnge edition

There are a lot of reasons I would dearly love to see a Georgia win today.  First off, it’s been a decade since I’ve seen a Tennessee win in Sanford Stadium.  Funny thing about that game is that unlike most Dawg fans who point to the Sugar Bowl loss to West Virginia as the moment when they knew Willie Martinez wasn’t cut out to be the defensive coordinator, it was that 51-33 loss ten years ago that started me thinking he was in over his head.

The Sugar Bowl unpantsing I could excuse because at the time RichRod’s spread was pretty exotic.  But the only wrinkle David Cutcliffe introduced into the game was a three-wideout set to which Martinez showed himself totally incapable of finding adjustments.

I’m not digressing here, though, because that leads into one of the lowest points of Martinez’ career at Georgia, the 45-19 loss in 2009 that birthed the Lexicon expression, Beyond Crompton.  The author of that debacle was none other than Georgia’s current offensive coordinator.

Both Chaney and Martinez will again be facing off against each other today, albeit the latter in a reduced role.  Nevertheless, I would enjoy it immensely if somehow history would repeat itself.  So there’s that.

There’s also the sense, as Kirby put it, that Georgia’s season is on the brink.  A loss today wouldn’t eliminate Georgia from the divisional race, of course, but it would certainly put the team’s chances on life support.  In early October, that’s not a good look.  Maybe writers at the AJ-C think a loss will be good for the program in the long run, but in the here and now it’s unlikely to sit well with the fan base, not to mention that it would make it that much harder for the players to buy into what Smart is asking from them.

Plus, there’s something that’s easy to overlook — should the Dawgs pull off the upset today, they become the ones occupying the East’s driver’s seat.  Tennessee has to play TAMU and Alabama following Georgia.  Even if they go 1-1 with those two, that still leaves Georgia with in effect a two-game lead over the Vols and sets up the Cocktail Party as the division’s key game.

Finally, Tennessee presents Georgia’s players with the basic motivation of having the perfect opportunity to wash the bad taste out of their mouths from the poor efforts that marked both the Nicholls and Ole Miss games.  If not today, when exactly?

All of that is my long-winded way of saying that I don’t think Georgia’s on the short end of the intangibles stick, despite the confidence the Vols gained from rolling Florida in the second half last week.

That’s nice, but sadly, I have my real doubts it’s enough to overcome Tennessee’s advantages in the trenches and the nervous feeling I have that Booch stole Gus’ rabbit’s foot.  If, as we tend to believe, the SEC is a league where teams with the better lines win, Georgia’s in a hole today, on both sides.  And every week I keep saying that Tennessee’s fumble luck is bound to end is a week I see that sentiment pushed off until the next game.  At some point, you’ve just got to tip your cap and acknowledge it’s the other guy’s year.

That, I’m afraid, is where I’m at.  You can go deep into the weeds with analysis today and come up with plenty of keys to the game, if that’s your thing, but for me, those two issues are more than enough to justify a Tennessee win.  Not just a win, but a comfortable one.

Needless to say, I hope the Dawgs prove me wrong.  A little pride today could go a long way.  Dominant offensive and defensive lines could go a lot longer, though.

Have at it in the comments, guys.  I’m about to head out to Athens.


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208 responses to “Game day thoughts, Dawgs-Urnge edition

  1. Keese

    This could very well be the ugliest game between the hedges in modern history. If the players give up on Kirby I at least hope they keep playing for each other

    • No way it’s uglier than the 1995 WLOCP. If we play well, we have a chance to win today. Against Jort Nation that day, we need to play well to lose by 3 TDs.

    • I guess 1999 Auburn, 2008 Alabama, and 2015 Alabama weren’t ugly enough.

    • Dawgy1

      I’m just looking for improvement. A little blocking on running plays, a couple of receivers making catches, maybe two or three sacks.
      If this doesn’t happen, if we continue to look like we did against Ole Miss, Missouri and Nicholls, I’m worried about this coaching staff.

    • Keese

      It’s halftime and the guys appear to be playing hard. Hat in hand fellas

  2. gastr1

    Personally, I can accept a loss given the obvious flaws that exist on this team. But if we lose, I’d really like it to be competitive to gain some confidence in the staff’s ability to develop some strengths and minimize some weaknesses.

    I’d also really like to start believing that they don’t need to hold tryouts among the GTP fanbase to find a kicker.

    A win…holy crap, if we win it will be like hobnails and boots all over again.

    • Keese

      I want nothing more than for Kirby to prove me wrong as the right man in charge. But when his answer to the problems is “make a play” or “block and tackle better, I’ve seen ’em do it in practice” that does not inspire confidence. Furthermore when he’s airing in the media his own players mistakes….that’s bad. IMO he’s just not a head coach.

      • Jared S.

        Yeah the way CKS continues to call out individual players in public is kind of puzzling to me. It doesn’t sit well. And it’s hard to imagine how you inspire your players and build their confidence in you as a coach when you denigrate them to the media like he keeps doing.

        But! Having said that, he’s been right with every criticism. And he’s the one in charge and the one who knows each player on deeper level than any of us ever will. So I’m not willing to state “he’s bad” for doing so.

        From years of managing construction workers I know different guys require different motivation. Some guys just need clear direction and gentle encouragement. Many more need something much sterner – and sometimes a figurative foot up their ass – in order to get their best out of them.

        I’m reserving judgment on CKS. And it won’t be rendered after this game or this season. I keep saying it’ll take three full seasons to see if his approach is going to be successful. Nothing I’ve seen so far is changing my mind from that projection.

  3. Timphd

    Just play hard and be competitive. I can’t take another face plant.

    • That’s all I ask for. Other than the UNC game and the last possession against Missouri, I haven’t seen that.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        My uncle, a retired navy chief and developer/ builder was always famous for his words of wisdom. He taught me a lot about construction and development.
        ” Use the right tool for the job” not necessarily the “right
        job”. It’s pretty literal. Whatever your trying to do will go much
        more smoothly, easily, safely etc. if you use the tool that was
        designed to do it.”
        He said that is the same for people as well. Don’t try to turn your job superintendents into Project Managers.
        Our O line was not designed to play “Alabama road grader” football.
        Boom was gone in 4 years.Smart gets 4 years? Smart should coach to our strengths not a philosophy on how to win the NC. That would come when he is no longer playing with CMR players.
        Just sayin’

        • Mayor


        • Wnccanine

          If he is going to make a change in philosophy he is correct in going ahead and implementing it. While the Juniors and Seniors may not like it , the underclass men need to begin learning his system asap. I am okay with pain now if we produce a better product later.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            That seems to imply that for example…a sophomore slash and dash runner like Keith could morph into a senior powerful straight head get three yards runner like Gurley.
            Different athletes.

  4. So much for my expertise. I have from pre-season on predicted a Dawg Wim. That was true yesterday also. Now, Today, a complete change,
    Chubb Is not going to pay the Vols back for what happened last year.
    Kirby will not use his players to their best advantage, But will try
    to keep doing things the Alabama Way without the Dawgs to do it,
    Coaching: That makes for a Long Dawg Day Hope I am wromg.

  5. Positively Munson (formerly Skeptic Dawg)

    This sums up where I stand heading into this game, “I have my real doubts its enough to overcome Tennessee’s advantages in the trenches…”. Throw in our struggles at DB and today has the potential to be ugly. That being said, I want to see that step forward from this team. I want to prgress that we can hang our hats on. Damn it, I want our Dawgs to beat that ass clown Butch Jones. But I just do not see it happening today.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “that we can hang our hats on.” OMG!!! a hat reference….could this be an omen…quick, call the Bitchez, get a reading.

  6. doofusdawg

    I’ll never forget ut flanking their tight end out wide almost every play. Paul Oliver just stood there looking at him as neither moved after the snap. Cutcliffe took our best db out of the play and willie had no idea what to do about it.

  7. Russ

    Wish I could find something to give me confidence, but I can’t. I thought Tennessee was on the rise last year and figured they would eventually break through. I’ve counted this game as a potential loss since last season, and now that I’ve seen our struggles against mediocre teams and our ass-whipping from Ole Miss, I just don’t have much hope.

    I’d love to be wrong, so come on Dawgs, prove me wrong!

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    See, here’s the thing…If you watch Tech and Miami, pull for the Canes, get involved, and things go well, for three hours or so, the pain might be less. And if things don’t go well, then you know we did the right thing. And for an hour or so, you can feel…well, not so bad?

  9. I think we lose, but I think it’ll be close. Butch’s best road win in 3 years is at South Carolina in 2014. They haven’t played outside of Tennessee this season. The fumble luck is absurd.

    Maybe without Chubb we give up on trying to play Bamaball.

    There are somethings to be positive about. I’m going to focus on those.

  10. I agree with pretty much everything the Senator said. However, the reason I quit betting on college football is anything damn thing can happen. Maybe I should bet 10,0000 on UT, that would pretty much clinch a Dawg win.

    In addition to the trenches, I am also concerned about Eason’s accuracy. Now and in the future. He throws some perfect passes and some very bad ones. I realize he is a true freshman and his football knowledge and savvy will increase greatly, but like arm strength, accuracy can only be improved in small amounts. Either you got it or you don’t.

  11. Uglydawg

    Eeyore will take the podium at 3:30 and conduct the mass suicide ritual for all of us.
    We sound like GT fans…looking for a silver lining in a dark cloud.
    But reality being what it is…I think we lose handily. And I too, hope I’m very wrong.

  12. Been a long LONG time since I felt this bad about our chances on gameday. Long time since I last saw us not having much of a chance. Jim Donnan long time.

    I’m over the talent excuse. It may not be his talent but there is enough to be competitive. A good coach/staff can adjust to and make the most of what they have. I’m over Kirby throwing guys under the bus while failing to recognize this staff’s shortcomings. He remind me of his mentor but without the wins and titles. Saban does it because he can, because for every kid he runs off there are 5 more 5 stars behind him. Kirby isn’t there yet. Here’s running his mouth while losing and there won’t be a future “his” talent.

    I haven’t already given up on him but I need improvement and, yes, soon. We just fired a good coach and an even better man because those things weren’t good enough. Well… my leash is short. Looking very undisciplined and poorly coached while throwing everyone but yourself under the bus don’t instill much confidence in me.

  13. AusDawg85

    Just don’t let it get ugly. Guard the hedges please.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I was thinking the same thing. They arrest you in Auburn for those activities that involve sacred shrubbery.

  14. Kdawg

    Don’t worry everybody. I’m going to put money on TN and give the 3.5 which pretty much guarantees our Dawgs a win. You’re welcome.

  15. It will be a super porn to see Eason throw a last minute TD to win the game by 1 point again, de ja vu of the Mizz game.

  16. Bright Idea

    Running QB vs. nickel beats us today.

  17. Mayor

    First, XXXXXL Extra Portly didn’t come up with the roll out passing attack that allowed a no-talent Vols team to beat Georgia in ’09–Layla’s husband did. (I understand they are now divorced. Hmmmmmm.) Extra Portly was just the underling that put it in at Kiffin’s direction. Second, the reality is that Georgia has a bad coaching staff. The players are good players being misused. Georgia may win today (I sure as hell hope the team does) and I will be glad to eat my words if the Dawgs do. But if they lose it will not be because Georgia has inferior players to UT. Personally, I am sick of hearing that BS.

    • Kdawg

      In my opinion, and I’m not an expert, I think UGA has a more talented but green QB, and better and more depth at RB than UT. I don’t see another positon on the field where UGA is more talented. I’m not saying they’re bad players but they’re not as talented as the competition of the mid to upper tier SEC teams.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Mayor the False Idol’s team is ahead, but Tech is driving, driving…

    • Coaching: The Dawgs have the players & have the talent.
      It Is probably not being used in an optimum manner.
      If we lose, & We will, I put all of the blame on the coaching staff.

  18. Fuck ya’ll. Go Dawgs!!!

  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    Shit…JJ Green… knocking, knocking…

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oof…tech vs Miami defense looks…uh…familiar?

  21. illini84

    How bout them Jackets!!!!

  22. Scorpio Jones, III

    Welp…The False Idol’s team has now scored two defensive touchdowns and its 28-7 Cane’s. This coach, there, is a proven winner.

  23. Macallanlover

    Disagree that we are major out manned in the trenches, although Barnett is good enough to exaggerate the differences. I will give an edge to UT on the DL, QB, and kicker. But I give UGA an edge in the intangibles: home field, and bigger need for a win. That equates to a close game in my opinion, and I think it goes either way in a 24-20 type game. If UGA competes for 4 quarters, and loses a close one I can maintain hope for 7-5 8-4 season. If we get blasted by this TN team, we have some major issues that go beyond talent. I think we have a decent chance to win, say 40%. And I as I watch Florida struggle with Vandy, I am more convinced TN has only played 4 decent quarters all season, none in a true road game. Hoping we see some new offensive wrinkles, there is no excuse repeating what we have already seen for most all of September. Go Dawgs!

  24. sniffer

    I wonder if Doug has safely stored his small appliances. I have.

  25. Charlottedawg

    Im sorry but We are gonna get destroyed. We can’t block which means we can’t run the ball. Our receivers couldn’t catch a vd in a whore house and trying a field goal is basically a guaranteed turnover on downs in a best case scenario. Our defensive backs can’t stay in the television screen with the other teams reciever which is a problem because we have zero pass rush. Feel free to make me eat crow if we win i would love to be wrong. But our team straight up sucks……at everything.

  26. I don’t think we win this game today either. My big question is whether Kirby/Tucker will slow down Dobbs or give up over 400 yards of total offense to him like Pruitt’s boys did last year. Did everbody forget just how shitty our defense looked in this game last year?

  27. Will

    That faint smell of smoke we detected after Nichols and Mizz was, in fact, a dumpster fire fully realized in Oxford. We have fought back for wins against mediocre opponents but have played like anything but a top tier team. Ole Miss exposed us for what we are: a soft, poorly coached football team. Kirby was hired and Richt was fired for one reason… Take the Dawgs to the next level. I hope today vs. UT is the beginning of that Journey. If not, WTF Greg McGarity?

  28. Scorpio Jones, III

    False Idol got him some freshmen playing very well on defense. Manny Diaz, hmmm

  29. Scorpio Jones, III

    Awww Tech got a bad call…bless they hearts, there.

  30. Scorpio Jones, III

    Intercepted!!!! Canes got the ball with 231 to go…gosh, I wonder what Miami will do?

  31. Russ

    Well, I know it’s a long shot, but I have even more incentive for the Dawgs to beat the hillbillies. Just figured out the dumbass at the end of the street is a Tenn fan. Painted his house an ugly blue/purple, stuck a big flag pole in the middle of his front yard with a Confederate flag, and has a Tennessee national champions tag on his car.

  32. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hope hard my brothers and sisters. GATA!!!!!!

  33. Doggoned

    one series in — improved play calls; unimproved blocking. Let’s see some D.

    • Uglydawg

      Didn’t give up a sack…Eason just too hyped..threw it 6 zillion mph to the tight end…overthrew the deep ball.
      We’ve already looked better than we did against OMs. Defense held on first TN series.. I’m hopin’ and prayin’.

  34. D as in Dawg

    Over pursued. Lucky he slipped

  35. D as in Dawg

    Well, blocking still sucks but a pump fake would have left Michel wide arse open. I am convinced McKenzie could replace Pyke or Catalina and we’d be no worse off. So tired of watching them suck.

  36. D as in Dawg

    4th and 8 is not 4th and short, Gary.

  37. Doggoned

    Special Teams coach — get a grad assistant or a manager to count players. Basic.

  38. Doggoned

    gutty drive, this.

  39. OrlandoDawg

    That was a great drive.

  40. Dolly Llama

    Fucking NICE! Go, Sony!

  41. Hogbody Spradlin

    I think we’re trying the Mike Bobo ‘line it up and kill the play clock’ thing.

  42. Doggoned

    Herrien is damn impressive.

    • Jared S.

      Yes, indeedy. I know I’m biased, but I think it’s entirely possible that we have the most talented backfield in the SEC even when Chubb is not playing. Incredible.

  43. Raleighwood Dawg

    Wow, Herrien and Sony are both running well

  44. Dolly Llama


  45. D as in Dawg

    Haha. They don’t respect BD. Any of the other backs might have made that. Of course, a fg may be a bigger victory than 7.

  46. D as in Dawg

    Pretty good. I just don’t think we should go to the air on 1st and 2nd unless it’s working. That’s why I’m here, though, and they’re there.

  47. Hogbody Spradlin

    The 3 point field goal! What a concept!

  48. North State Dawg

    Strange call to run Douglass.

  49. North State Dawg

    I’ll take another miracle!

  50. Dolly Llama

    We have a horseshoe up our asses today.

  51. ugafidelis

    Anybody get the license number of that truck!!?

  52. Raleighwood Dawg

    Michel is going off this series!

  53. North State Dawg

    My God, a pony-backs ground game.

  54. Dolly Llama

    Herrien! Michel! Shit, where has this team been?

  55. Dolly Llama

    I repeat: We have a horseshoe up our asses today.

  56. Raleighwood Dawg

    Speaking of that horseshoe up our butt … I’ll take it though!

  57. North State Dawg

    Don’t care if we pull it out of our rear ends, the Dawgs deserve one.

  58. About time the breaks go our way

    Briscoe would of never made that hit that caused the fumble btw

  59. OrlandoDawg

    Fumble regression to the mean ftw!!!

  60. North State Dawg

    Smart play by somebody — Sony, I think — to tap that fumble toward Eason.

  61. Raleighwood Dawg

    Finally Zo gets one!

  62. Dolly Llama

    If we can keep them off the board, that will be huge going into the half.

  63. D as in Dawg

    I hate to nitpick when we’re up, but man they move the ball with ease when they get it right. Holding them here would be huge!! Duh.

  64. Russ

    I’ve got the crow on the grill. I’d love a big helping of if the Dawgs pull this one out.

  65. Here it comes. Another sub call against UGA. Kirby needs to get this under control.

  66. D as in Dawg

    Good grief, Gary. Just put the UT hat on already.

    • He’s so transparently pulling for UT here it makes me wanna puke. Right down to basically anointing UT the winner down by 10 at halftime.

    • Stat Gal

      No kidding! I’m dialing up the uga audio now for the second half. Cannot take another minute of Gary. Not sure why I didn’t do it sooner.

  67. North State Dawg

    Smith needs to work on his sprinting — at about 6 a.m. Monday.

  68. Uglydawg

    Gary D. is a sickening shithead.

    • Raleighwood Dawg

      I’m afraid he’s just getting warmed up

      • D as in Dawg

        He’s pathetic. I try to be open minded with the bias announcer accusations, but he’s wetting his UT underpants every time he opens his mouth.

  69. D as in Dawg

    Too much to ask I guess. I’m going on record to say we must score every time we get the ball to win this game. Our D has benefitted from big mistakes, but UT very well might score 35 in the second half. Too strong on offense and too strong on special teams. But… this is promising for the future. That’s right! I’m taking moral victories up by 10. The team didn’t lie down and they haven’t quit on Kirby. At least not in the first half.

  70. Uglydawg

    The ball did NOT cross the pylon. Sorry assed ref. The tackler’s body was outside the goal line and Dobbs was on his left shoulder with the ball in his left hand. They should have had to run it once more..and anything could have happened.
    If we find a way to contain Dobbs a little bit..big order…and or D backs will just play the ball, we might hold on. Running game is great!
    But to hear the fools announcing this game, you’d think we were down like we were against O’Ms last week.

  71. North State Dawg

    Our best half so far this season. Just hope we can find a way to contain Dobbs. Maybe Carter has awakened.

  72. D as in Dawg

    If we do manage to pull this out, it will be solely because UT overlooked us. Just ask Gary “Booch” Danielson.

    • Oh no… They’ve got us “right where they want us.” Being down ten at the half was all part of the plan according to Gary.

      Hell he was calling a dropped pass by UT in the first quarter a “good omen” for
      The Vols.

  73. Uglydawg

    After the game GD is going to announce that he’s leaving his wife for Dobbs.

  74. North State Dawg

    Need some line penetration

  75. North State Dawg

    That was far too easy for UT.

  76. North State Dawg

    Catalina … keep battling. um

  77. MurphDawg

    Catalina is really the best we can do? Guy’s working hard and I don’t fault that but he just cannot block the speed rush.

    • Mayor

      The DE was lining up way outside Catalina’s left shoulder and Catalina couldn’t get over fast enough to pick him up.

  78. D as in Dawg

    3rd and 5. How do they convert this one?

  79. D as in Dawg

    Nauta is bad. Like good bad.

  80. Raleighwood Dawg

    Wow … Eason to Bauta for a TD! That looked too easy!

  81. dawgman3000


  82. North State Dawg

    Great bullet to Nauta for a TD. We will be good if we can build the lines. Hope we can do it before Eason goes to Sundays.

  83. Gary Danielson right about now: “this wasn’t in the script!!!”

    Fuck you, Gary.

    • Uglydawg

      I agree. I didn’t heart the same orgamic WHHOOOO when we scored as I did on Tennessee’s TD pass…Kind of subdued.

  84. North State Dawg

    Is that Penn Wagers out there?

  85. North State Dawg

    why didn’t we challenge before that quick snap? What a crock.

    • Uglydawg

      Because the play is supposedly reviewed automatically. The rule says a bounce pass is good against Georgia, however. The refs on the field had tp see that trap. Also..Did Dobbs step out of bounds on that last TD?

      • Mayor

        Yep. The official who said it was a good catch was 2 yards away and looking right at the receiver. How is it possible for him not to have seen that ball hit the ground? Crooked refs!!

  86. These referees are goddamn morons. How the fuck that was called a completion to begin with is a crime in and of itself, but that the replay official was asleep on it, or no one else on the field stepped in and said “uh, no,” is malpractice. What a fucking joke.

  87. OrlandoDawg

    What could that ref possibly have been looking at? Running toward the play, a few feet away. It’s easy to see how they miss some, but that one? C’mon, man!

    • Uglydawg

      It’s called cheating…no other explaination. Shold be fired after this game..and the replay officials too.

  88. Uglydawg

    Man if they hadn’t called that pass interference, I was getting on my horse and heading to Athens.
    Running game is great.

  89. Why is our offense so terrible? Is it all o-line play?

    What happened to our running game?

    Ugh. I’m dying.😦

  90. North State Dawg

    Nauta is da man!

  91. Uglydawg

    We’ve done found us a possession receiver!

  92. North State Dawg

    Eason is gettin some love from Gary, too. GD is so cheap.

  93. Uglydawg

    At the 9:15 point…..That should have been interference on Tennessee…we got nine yards but needed ten…fourth and one or two…The proper interf. call would have given us a first down.
    Just because Imac caught it, it was still interference.
    We need 7 here. not 3..but 7. I’m not sure we can get the 3 anyhow.

  94. D as in Dawg

    We just need to step up and stop UT. No sweat.

  95. North State Dawg

    Mo Smith has earned his grad school tuition.

  96. D as in Dawg

    Damnit, Gary. Can UGA do anything good?

  97. D as in Dawg

    I miss the first half when we were running at will. So… UT adjustment or OC?

  98. Uglydawg

    We need a stop. One stop..I think UT is in 5 down territtory thugh.

  99. Why is it everyone except us can punt inside the 10?

  100. Uglydawg

    Well shucks.

  101. North State Dawg

    two straight stupid calls

    • Uglydawg

      I’m afraid I have to agree with that.
      We still get one more shot, though.
      If we’ve got a hobnailed boot laying around, it’s time to put it on.

  102. What a shitty was to lose a game

  103. North State Dawg

    First we waste a play running at left tackle, then try a drop-back pass from the end zone with a three-point lead.

  104. I don’t understand what happened to the run game.

  105. Uglydawg

    Win or lose, these Dawgs didn’t let us down today.

  106. Uglydawg


  107. TN Dawg

    CKS blows it.

    This guys a joke.

  108. MurphDawg

    Why in the hell did they squib it?!? Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again. Didn’t learn from last years mistake.

  109. PatinDC

    OMFG. I hate the orange.

  110. North State Dawg

    Question is, who was the selfish idiot who yanked his helmet off after the TD? We’ve been down that road before.

    • rchris

      There are two 37s, and they are both walkon freshmen. Why would they even be on the field?

      • MurphDawg

        I thought they said #36 which would be Rico McGraw but I don’t know why he would have been on the field.

  111. AusDawg85

    The irony of all of this is…remarkable.

    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah. But I still feel better about the future of our program and our first year coach & QB in comparison to UT in year 4 of Booch and Dobbs.

  112. dawgman3000

    I give up. This whole freaking state is cursed when it comes to college and professional football.

  113. Cosmic Dawg

    The so-called bend-but-don’t-break, “prevent D” – which we also used at the end of the half, btw – the pooch kick and the bizarre spread out D plan to end the game – is a great example of changing what you’ve been doing successfully for the entire game to give the other guy enough room to help you find a way to lose.

    If the best way to prevent scoring when you kick off in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters is to kick the ball as far as you can, then the best way to prevent scoring at the end of the game is ALSO to kick the ball as far as possible.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      Unless he kicked it as far as he could. It certainly didn’t feel that way, even given the yardage.

      • Mayor

        He did kick it as far as he could CD. He was kicking from the 15 and the ball came down around the 30. That’s 55 yards. That is like kicking off from the 30 and landing at the 15–which is about where he normally kicks it.There was a run back too. Plus the 5 yards for offsides. That is how the Vowels got to where they could throw the ball into the EZ.

  114. Crazy shit. Just crazy. Bright times ahead though.

    • Mark

      I hope so. I am not convinced, though.

      Absolutely stupid penalty at the absolutely worst time. Sound familiar? I thought we were supposed to have all that kind of stuff cleaned up.

  115. Russ

    Nut shot for sure, but good to see the team finally play to their capabilities. I’ll eat some crow anyway.

  116. Well……… I think I officially hate sports. I might as well, since sports clearly hates me! LOL.


  117. This was heartbreaking but I still feel better about the team going forward than I did this time last year.