Misery will always love company.

So let me extend my hearty condolences to all Stanford fans out there.  Getting rolled like that isn’t pleasant.  We should know.

And after I was so nice to post about their offensive line (which, admittedly, was pretty offensive last night).  Don’t I feel foolish now.

On the other hand, maybe it’s my fault for being jealous.  Um… did I mention how impressed I am with Josh Dobbs?



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12 responses to “Misery will always love company.

  1. Like I said earlier in the week: blowouts, especially on the road, especially with how good offenses are in 2016, happen.

    I don’t believe Louisville is 43 points better than FSU and I don’t believe Washington is 38 points better than Stanford.

    Things snowball on the road and can get away from you quickly.


  2. Chopdawg

    Hope I’m not setting myself up for disaster, but I’ve got an OK feeling about today’s game. Back home again, cooler weather, 3:30 start time, another game under Eason’s belt.

    Time for Michel to remind us all why he was the more heralded back, when he first came on campus. Time for our receivers to catch a few balls. Time for CKS and Chaney to open the playbook a little.


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  3. JasonC

    I think Shaw was trying to silence the “going to LSU” talk and managed to overdo it.


  4. Macallanlover

    Had heard all preseason about how Washington might be THE team on the West cost in 2016 but last night was the first time we got to see what was under the hood. Not surprised they won against a Stanford team I felt was overrated all along but you have to tip your cap to the level of domination the Huskies showed. Peterson is one of the elite head coaches and he is further under the radar than his record would suggest. Wish him nothing but the best, he does it the right way and may now be getting enough talent to show why he should be considered among the Top 5 in his profession.


    • I always thought that Boise game was Peterson’s interview when everyone was convinced Richt would be a dead man walking at Georgia by October.

      The guy can coach …


      • Mayor

        Yep. To think we could have had Peterson…..


        • The Dawg abides

          Oh yeah, that could have easily happened. He was chomping at the bit to come here. A career West Coast guy in a great situation, one he bided his time for while at Boise, was begging to pick up and move across the the country just when he was getting his program where he wanted. You keep on thinking that. You’re really letting this stuff turn you into one miserable SOB. Dude, you may want to step away from things for awhile.


  5. 86BONE

    Not sure he is as good a coach as Joe….


  6. At least the Dawgs only lost by 31 against a good SEC team. Do you all understand the implication here? LOL.


  7. For all you disheartened UGA fans, Peterson was getting booed and fans were all irate at him his first year at UW. He was in over his head, could not recruit blah, blah. He can develop talent.
    Last year the UW QB, Browning looked very freshman like at times, drastic improvement this year(see Eason). The long throws and back shoulder throws have improved drastically. He was given time and UW looks very good. Now to own the ducks and continue to develop the talent UW has.