Well, that answers one question. 

Turns out there is a worse ending to a game than 2013 Auburn. 


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  1. sniffer

    Heartbroken, but, that was a hell of a game. No shame in losing this one.

    ps. I saw some answers today. The kid will make some mistakes but, damn…

    • anon

      Kind of agree. I think it will hurt enough for all involved that just might be the impetus for things we haven’t seen in years. I’ve got no proof but just a gut feeling. All the playmakers are young and they will recall this loss in years from now while reflecting on greater things.

    • Debby Balcer

      You could feel it in the stadium. If only the game was four seconds shorter. The fans of both teams who left when the other team scored missed a hell of an ending. I will take this over last week at Ole Miss any day. Did we have toi have Al Ford as the reviwer official we got Jasper Sanks’ed.

      • Mayor

        Agree about Ford Deb. He got us good on both the incomplete pass the refs said was complete and the TD by the UT QB when the guy didn’t really score. Sorry SEC refs and TV refs.

      • heyberto

        I think it was the right call to not overturn it. The evidence was not definitive.. but that just leads me to two other things. How in the hell is that call made in the first place? How in the hell are there not more cameras. better angles on the goal line. If what they showed on TV was the only angles they had, that’s pathetic, in this day and age.

        • ugafidelis

          You could see from the back angle that the ball was in his left hand and in the backward swing when he went out of bounds. It was not a touchdown. But it doesn’t matter at this point.

  2. Lots to talk about at the end of that game. I’m to pissed to think. I’ll just listen.

  3. TN Dawg

    Yes, there is shame in losing this one.

    I really didn’t want to have to use my paid vacation week, but I just think I can face this at work.

    • TN Dawg


    • sn

      I feel for you, TN. I live with a Bama grad. But where’s the shame in taking a senior laden team to the wire only to lose in the last play of the game? Most in here, me included, thought we would get killed today. We did more than play them tough and I will tip my hat and say, “nice win, you hillbilly cousin f••••rs”.

      • 96LawDawg

        Already trying to figure out how to as politely as possibly say “F Off…too soon” to the UT loving clowns at my church that I’ll see in the morning.

        • gastr1

          God says you’re not only forgiven, but totally in the right for skipping church tomorrow to avoid the temptation of punching them in the piehole.

      • nhiriteinsouth

        There is a bit of a flaw in your thinking: they only have 7 SR starters, and their 2 best did not play today.

  4. Erk's Forehead

    Can’t talk. In ambulance after failed suicide attempt, then joyously smashing my arms through my glass back door, then another suicide attempt. Hate. Orange. Fucking. Rabbit. Foot.

  5. Biggen

    Well that was a kick in the nuts.

    But the ground game has drastically improved and the recievers are actually catching balls again.

    Id say that is drastic improvement.

  6. Robert Hoover

    2013 Auburn was much worse.

    • Jeff Sanchez


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I don’t know about that. That was just a fluke. This has rabbit foot all over it, except that the only person I saw touch the ball was the UT receiver. So give them a little credit, I guess. We don’t have anything to be ashamed of though. I felt like the battleship was turning some today.

    • 96LawDawg

      I don’t know. Trying to figure out if losing to Gunnery Sergeant Vince Carter is worse that losing to the Barners. Especially watching him have a “moment” on his knees on our field.

    • 81Dog

      Disagree. That play was just one mistake by our 2 DBs. This one was a barrel of stupid. Helmet penalty puts us in the hole to kickoff, “sky kick”, no tackling, offsides puts them even closer, no rush with no pressure on Dobbs, all defenders behind the WR. I’m just recounting what I heard on ESPN. All after blowing a 17 point lead at home, then coming back with a gritty last minute drive with our freshman QB to retake the lead with what should have been the game winning score.

      Plus the sight of Sgt Carter weeping with joy after the play. Yeah, this one was MUCH worse.

  7. BassCatSC

    The Georgia Way

  8. PatinDC

    I couldn’t watch. Listening was bad enough.Orange. Blech.

  9. sectionzalum

    that was COACHING SCREW UP!!!! a DEFENSIVE screw up. all this change and bitching about directional kicking and bullshit defense on the last play, but i am certain kirby will be smug about the failures of others for the loss.it’s his smug ass’ fault

    • Normaltown Mike

      good grief Z. We lost to a more talented team with a rookie QB that made amazing plays but also some epic face plant plays in the same game. No need to salt the fields.

    • Dolly Llama

      We held the horseshoe up our ass for a fair portion of that game. I’m still trying to figure out what happened on the review of that incomplete pass.

  10. Adam

    I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.

  11. Timphd

    I wrote earlier today that I would be happy if they showed up and fought. I think they did that, so I can’t be too pissed. There were correctable mistakes, the most grievous one was the unsportsmanlike penalty on the TD to RIdley. Without that UT has no chance to score. Eason made two, with the interception and fumble. There were more, but again, I actually felt like I saw progress in some areas. They ran some, threw to the tight ends, did toss sweeps, etc. Having said all that, to be only ten seconds from a great win and then have it disappear is painful.

  12. "The" ChilliDawg

    How. Do. You. NOT. Rush. At. Least. Five???????

  13. IndyDawg

    I’m worried Smart is the anti-Richt.

    • Normaltown Mike

      right, cuz Richt’s players never made bone-headed unsportsmanlike fouls or failed to bat down a Hail Mary TD.

      • indyDawg

        Said I’m worried. Richt won his 1st tight game in a thriller with TN, yes? YES. Shut up until Smart does the same! Otherwise your just a knee-jerk Smart apologist.

        • Biggus Rickus

          And you’re the anti-knee jerk Smart apologist.

          • Indy Dawg

            No. Never apologized for Richt, ever.

          • Indy Dawg

            And I hope Smart is everything MacGarity and all we Dawg fans hope for, but I’m woprried. Sooo, prove me wrong by finding my anti-Smart posts, BG? You can’t. Back off the booze for tonight. We’re all pained by the loss. No need to for the hyper fee-fees.

        • Normaltown Mike

          There’s no apology need, just a passing grasp on facts:

          Smart & Richt both won a tight game on the road against an SEC opponent, yes? YES- Mizzou in 16, UT in 01
          Smart & Richt both lose a tight game at home against an SEC opponent, yes?
          YES – UT in 16, SCe in 01

          But feel free to kick your dog and yell at your wife.

          • IndyDawg

            Oy vey, you guys are so intent on defending bone head coaching and play. I get the “kick your dog and beat your wife” deflections as a weak tactic but I prefer to face the demands of reality. Grow up.

            • Normaltown Mike

              The demands of reality? UT is a better team and we caught huge breaks early that kept game close

              This just in, UT beat Georgia last year too! News at 11.

  14. TN Dawg

    93 text messages in 15 minutes. 93 damned text messages….Curse you celebration penalty, curse you busted arm tackle on kick return, curse you offsides penalty, curse you limp-legged kicker, curse you half-assed DBs…..I know they have to hate it worse than I do, but I mean damn. C’mon….really, really….95 texts now. I hate Rocky friggin Top.

    • Wilcodawg

      If the “like” button existed.

    • BrightOwl

      I live in Georgia, but I work in Tennessee. I can relate. I never rubbed it in during the five-year winning streak but that didn’t stop them last year and won’t stop them from making my Monday miserable.

      • Uglydawg

        The secret, BrightOwl, is to never let ’em see you sweat. Just laugh and say..”Yeah that game was something”. It was.

      • TN Dawg

        I tend bar and manage a watering hole. With the exception of Sunday service, my daghter’s school field trips and PTA meetings, the sum total of my human interaction essentially involves Bud Light swilling Oxy Toppers. I learned many years ago that I could not work UT/UGA game days lest I be physically threatened if as much as smirked during a UGA victory. My tips went to sh*t on those days as well if UGA prevailed. The only subversive joy I could take was playing “Tom Dooley” by the Kingston Trio hours after the game when they had self-medicated themselves to the point of oblivion.

        Let me be clear here. Had Tennessee won 45-10 they would actually have spared me, because the outcome would have been an afterthought. Maybe a snide comment here or there. But they have and will revel in this, in part because of celebration, but more pointedly because they know it is physically painful to me. It’s like my testicles we placed into an active car wash vacuum cleaner hose and sucked until they are so swollen that they could not be removed and I now must be paraded around, pantless, with a long gray flex hose permenantly attached to my nether regions with the words “Shame and Misery” written on it in Sharpie.

        It’s a sad lot in life, forced to remain silent when I could gloat and yet cruelly heaped upon when things go sideways.

        I just…can’t…cope…

        • Got Cowdog?

          I feel ya Dawg. There are a couple of ut flags flying in my hood right now.
          I they are left in place they will be desecrated before morning. I plan on wiping my Bulldog Ass with them.

        • Rpcpisme

          I’m in a similar boat. I’m the only UGA fan many of my UT neighbors know. The gloating will be the worst. I HATE that these douches have hope.

        • BrightOwl

          That Tom Dooley shit is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

        • Uglydawg

          If it helps a little, I think we beat the spread.

          • TN Dawg

            It’s getting better.

            I’m not sure what stage of grief pounding Jameson is, but I’ve progressed that far.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          There is a jukebox left in America with the Kingston Trio on it?!?

    • Stat Gal

      I feel ya… I’m a TN living dawg too and yeah this will not be a pretty return to work on Mon. Ugh. Or really even church tomorrow. Lol

  15. Mary Kate Danaher

    Too drained to post much, but let’s not forget that 5 hours ago everyone on this board, and I mean everyone, was predicting a Tenn blowout win. An insanely painful way to lose, but I suspect that all of the naysayers, the experts who said Kirby was in over his head, who said that the players hadn’t “bought in” (myself included) would have been thrilled this morning with a hard fought one score loss.

    Again, an insanely painful loss, but can we put to bed, at least for a week, the asinine “players have tuned Kirby out” meme? And while we’re at it, can we retire the “Georgia Way” meme for a week? Thanks.

    Anyway, I blame McGarity.

  16. PatinDC

    I thought we were going to killed by UT but we were in it all the way. The QB is a baller and all the other young pups were looking good.
    Some youngster mistakes, but I fell better.
    If we can beat UF, I will be happy.

    • Will (The Other One)

      All of this, with a side of “for the love of Munson, do not punt inside the 40 yd line again until the Oline has a few seasons performing at Bama’s level”

    • 1smartdude

      You guys….so is this what post Richt/Kirby era looks like? We’re reduced to moral victories? Screw that. This team should have won the friggin game. UT did everything but hand the game on a silver platter. You just don’t lose like this at home. Glad you folks are so giddy with the outcome but I’m pissed. I hate orange. I hate watching them rub my nose in it after I so joyfully put them in their place. The game was over wasn’t it. Shit.

  17. TampaDawg

    Without a doubt, the last play of the game was a coaching blunder. Inserting 6’6″ DE Lorenzo Carter was highly questionable. This is a guy who often plays in a 3 point stance and is never required to catch a pass, especially one thrown from 50 yards away. We have DB’s who have trouble judging and catching passes from that distance. Why not put Javon Wims in the game instead. He’s our tallest receiver and as part of his position is required to judge passes and catch them. I’m definitely not saying the outcome would have been different, we will never know, but at least the odds of defending the play would have increased. Heartbreaking.

    • anon

      His job is not to catch the ball. You cannot know this little about football right?

      • TampaDawg

        In order to bat the ball down you have to judge where its going to land….if you want to talk football lets talk football, if you want to argue over semantics go find a literature blog to comment on.

    • RossDawg

      Plus 100…

      better to have Carter rush, and use others to knock a pass down. Who would have thought we’d ever say again, “Should have squibbed it!” Humor in pain is all I got!!

  18. Ozam

    I hope Lorenzo killled that bug he was swatting at….not sure he realized there was a football to his left.

  19. Well. At least Danielson can have his nose up all the Vol players literally now.

  20. Herschel Talker

    I just got kicked in the scrotum with a hobnail boot. But nothing tops Bama 2012.

  21. kirel13

    That last 10 secondst totally sucked….but still great seeing the freshman making plays…16 is a revamp, growing pains season whether we like it or not…hoping we can be can beat the usual suspects and split Auburn/Florida but expecting a roller coaster ride with them all..

  22. anon

    Celebration penalties should be outlawed in college football. Seriously.

    Unless fans come out of the stands or someone is seriously injured. That penalty serves no purpose. Remember AJ against LSU?

    • RossDawg

      Right, NO Taunting, just a happy kid took a helmet off at the biggest play of the last 2-3 years. Again, unsportsmanlike for taking a helmet off, NOT true bad behavior.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I’m with you. And fuck Vince Dooley for his role in their creation.

  23. Spike

    A 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty for taking a helmet off, then a five yard penalty for being offsides in the kick off. 20 yards in penalties! With 10 seconds left.

    • And with a kicker that can’t even kick the ball into the endzone at the best of times and even kicked one out of bounds earlier. Sigh. I like Kirby but he GD well better be recruiting a kicker as we speak.

    • RossDawg

      Maybe if we had taken the penalty 10 second runoff! I keed of course.

      But there are more bright days ahead. Most of UTs studs are upper classman, and they did not reload much last year really.

      Eason, Nauta, Ridley, Rochester, Hardman, et al are earning their stripes.

    • Freedawg10

      Well, now I think we know where Gus’ horse shoe went (up Butch’s ass).

  24. Looks like Booch inherited Gus’ rabbits foot. Too bad that means at best he’ll get to get his ass kicked by Bama twice in the same season.

    I’m almost apathetic now about inexplicable losses. At least there were definite signs of improvement.

  25. illini84

    I just got home. I’m proud of the Dawgs.

    • MLB2

      I’m with you. Great competition. I ain’t criticizing until the completion of 2018. We got some weapons. Trial by fire. Mistakes yes. Quit, no.

  26. 3rdandGrantham

    Most of you know I’m a huge Smart supporter, but damn did the coaches ever let the players down in this one. Absolutely pathetic decisions on myriad occasions which don’t need rehashing here.

    The good news is the team showed a lot of heart and effort today that had been missing for the past few weeks. Really proud of them.

    • Gaskilldawg

      Yeah, I agree about the coaching mistakes but I also give the coaching staff credit for having us well prepared and keeping our players focused after the pick with 2:10 left. The last 10 seconds would not have mattered without a nice coaching job getting us to that point.

      I can criticize later

    • MLB2

      Growing pains, brother.

  27. Got Cowdog?

    I’m going bowhunting in the morning. Haven’t bowhunted in years. The only reason is because I won’t have to wear fucking orange while I hunt.
    I’m proud of the team. Good damn ballgame. Fuck ut, fuck their ugly coach and fans, and fuck that dude in the striped shirt that made that shitty call on the completion. Oh, and fuck the replay official while I’m at it.

  28. ZutaDawg

    Rooting for georgia is like going to a strip club, you get all worked up and then it’s over with no climax. But God knows I love my dawgss

  29. Uglydawg

    I want to see some replays. The offsides on the kickoff..only 6 ticks ran off during the runback.
    I’m proud of this team. The biggest mistake was trying to throw out of the endzone, but Tennessee was shutting down the run. The other large mistake was not having the defensive backs in the front of the endzone instead of deep…they let the receiver in front of them.
    But look at the difference since last week. Look at all the good things that happened. All those freshmen making plays…I don’t feel that bad about this loss, it was just such a kick in the nuts to lose on a hail mary.

    • I’m not that pissed at the loss. But. I am pissed for Eason. That could have been his first signature win. And his coaches and teammates let him down.

      • Normaltown Mike

        it would be his 2nd signature win.

        His performance at Mizzou was pretty spectacular.

      • Dolly Llama

        Eason is the quarterback of the future. This game put that question to rest. He stays healthy, I feel pretty good about things in the near-to-medium term.

  30. Btw. Is Ramsey still hurt? Bc the other guy sucks.

  31. WF Dawg

    2013 AU
    2014 GT
    2016 UT
    All while I still haven’t gotten over the 2012 SECCG.

  32. Lakatos Intolerant

    Is it true that if you boot the ball OOB after a 15 yard penalty, it’s spotted at the 50 (35 OOB + 15 yard penalty)?

    Always wondered why that’s not employed in those situations.

    • TN Dawg

      The rule on an out of bounds free kick is this:

      The receiving team may either:

      A) Take the ball where it left the field of a play and advance an additional 5 yards from that spot

      B) Force the kicking team to re-kick from 5 yards further back


      C) Take the ball 30 yards from the spot of the kick.

  33. Pop quiz for coaches. You have 10 seconds.Kick off the ball and stop the team from scoring a touchdown. 10 SECONDS.

  34. Russ

    Nut shot for sure but I’m glad to see them play to their capabilities.

  35. Turd Ferguson

    The Hail Mary certainly gives the loss a bitter taste, but it was only good fortune on our part that the game was even that close in the first place. Our offensive line is not any better than it was against Nicholls State, Mizzou, and Ole Miss. It’s insane to me that Catalina is our best option at LT. The running game just looks better because our shiftier backs (Michel and Herrien) are breaking tackles in the backfield. But without a decent OL, we don’t stand a chance in this conference.

    However, … if we can fix some of the personnel issues on the line of scrimmage, the future sure looks bright. Just gotta be patient.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Did we watch the same game? Because outside of the UT player deciding to take his time getting to the end zone and costing UT a TD, I don’t recall much in the way of good fortune being responsible for Georgia nearly winning.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Tennessee is better than us at just about every position on the field. If both teams play to their abilities, the Vols win by 3 TDs. I call that good fortune.

        • Russ

          You watched a different game than me. I saw us run the ball well with our best runner out. But YMMV, of course.

          • Turd Ferguson

            Like I fucking said, “The running game just looks better because our shiftier backs (Michel and Herrien) are breaking tackles in the backfield.” Go back and watch the replay. The RBs weren’t bursting through holes created by our OL. They began many runs heading toward a sideline, patiently waiting for the defense to open up its own holes.

            As much as we may not like to hear this, our running game would’ve been worse today had Chubb actually been healthy, because Chubb more so than the other backs relies on the OL doing its fucking job. Which it cannot.

            • Russ

              Whatever. Blocking was much better in the game I watched because we quit trying to run straight ahead without any misdirection.

              I can (and will again) bitch with the best of them, but this game we finally used our tools to their best advantage.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Part of one’s abilities is concentration and not making mental mistakes. It’s part of the game and what makes a great team a great team. Situations like the Hurd fumble are also Dawg hustle. No reason to downgrade our effort tonight with hypotheticals. Tennessee was in fact NOT a better team than Georgia tonight.

          • Turd Ferguson

            Great. Whatever you have to tell yourself.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              Like I fucking said, “The running game just looks better because our shiftier backs (Michel and Herrien) are breaking tackles in the backfield.”

              Because their running skills are not part of our run game? I don’t think I’m the one making up weird narratives here.

      • Got Cowdog?

        That play made me very happy. Message? Play till the whistle blows, precious. We here to play too.
        Glad to see the piss and vinegar in the Dawgs tonight.

    • Normaltown Mike


      Seems Central State Hospital let all the patients have internet privileges tonight,.

    • Turd… I did see some coaching adjustments tonight that were good. Right now I’m still pretty raw about things…but i don’t see UT as some team on the rise. I just see them as on the pinnacle…. but right now it doesn’t make me feel any better. Lets beat Florida.

      • Turd Ferguson

        To be clear, I never said Tennessee is “on the rise” or anything. I don’t even think they’re very good. I just think they’re better than us right now. I bet we beat them by double digits next year.

        And yeah, I do feel a little better about Jacksonville today. I’ll still enjoy the hell out of this season if we beat Florida, Auburn, and Tech.

  36. North State Dawg

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a stupid rule; it’s still a rule. If you’re going to take your helmet off, stay on the sideline. Don’t put the other guy in any position to win. There were a lot of positives from this game, but a lot of the same frustrating issues UGA has struggled with for years — game prep, clock management, special teams, etc. Keep improving,hopefully, and all will be well. Looks like an unexpectedly steep learning curve. I must have sipped too much Kool Aid.

  37. Got Cowdog?

    Yes. Future is bright.
    I had to turn it off before the postgame, as the announcer who was not Verne was making me ill.
    Did Booch have a moment with our players ala App State?

  38. I wish I had been totally wrong. I said The Dawgs would score a lot of points’ That It would be a fun game to watch, & the Dawgs would lose a close one, .The Dawgs should have won.
    For those anointing the Vols, They are not better than Ala. & Ole Miss.
    Now The Dawgs should win the rest of their Games. Good but no Cigar.

  39. Good, hard fought game. The bad thing is we made it through 3 quarters of it with 1 penalty and then had really dumb ones that set up the fumble 6 and the hail Mary.

  40. This should be the turning point for our team. We’ve been blown out. We’ve lost in a last second hail Mary. What else do we have to lose? Lets just play like we have nothing else to lose for the rest of the year. Lets beat UF, AU,GT and all the rest. This is a young team. Lets rally ya’ll. This is the beginning.

  41. Several guys, young and vets, really stepped up today, the OL played better and Lorenzo Carter is still being held on that busted play TD run by Dobbs to end the first half. No idea how that BS want called but then I don’t remember 1 holding call all game. At least they were fair. Lmao.

  42. Bigshot

    If anybody can find a more unlucky team than UGA please let me know. I do not understand how it happens time and time again. They get your hopes up and then take that knife, stick it right in your stomach and turn it. How much disappointment can one fan base bear.

    • Rick

      Unlucky? Did you not see the UNC, Nicholl’s and Mizzou games? Mizzou was the only one they deserved to lose, but winning all three was quite fortunate.

  43. pldog

    Just checked with the ESPN Georgia page.

    TN had a 98.4 chance of winning before Eason’s TD.

    Then UGA had a 99.9 chance of winning after Eason’s TD.

    And then we lost.

    • D as in Dawg

      ESPN forgot to include the defense likelihood of going for the ball factor. It should have been around 75% after watching these DB’s last week.

      • pldog

        Agreed, terrible technique on the Hail Mary.

        Ya gotta bracket that guy with a taller guy in front of the 6’3” WR (#7 Zo is 6’6”).

        2 penalties after the Eason TD were also terrible and added 20 yards (helmet rule + offsideson the kickoff)

        Also thought you gotta send pressure on the last play too, short LB’s won’t help on the Hail mary vs 6’3” WR.

  44. AusDawg85

    Good that Eason will get a whole season of work. Good to see Chaney mix up alignments and play calls to keep UT from stacking the box which…SURPRISE!…opened up the running lanes and made our OL run blocking look competent. Pass blocking is still another matter.

    Maybe we can get Aaron Murray back to tutor Eason. When he learns to apply some touch on throws to his backs, hit the back shoulder fade, and runs just enough to turn negative plays positive he’ll be a real superstar.

    Actually thought the D did ok…not great…but Ok.

    But coaching…Blazevich has got to be reminded to get OB, yes? And always rush the QB on a Hail Mary. Always. Damn.

    • Dolly Llama

      One can hardly complain about Eason, INT and all. The kid is a baller, and as good as we’ve all hoped he’d turn out to be. If he stays healthy, he will eclipse Stafford in the UGA pantheon.

  45. D as in Dawg

    I live 30 minutes from Gainesville. TN people, shut up and take it like a man. I’ve been taking it since I was 12. I’m 39!! Just kidding, by the way. About the shut up part. So my cousin lives in ATL and has great seats. He invited me, but I couldn’t make it. After the Eason TD, my wife said you could have been at that game. Yeah, about that.

  46. Lakatos Intolerant

    Can we talk about the abomination that was the 1st down/2nd down completion reviews. What the hell happened?

    The only reasonable explanation is that we didn’t get the challenge in before they snapped the ball on 2nd down… so they reviewed the 2nd and 4 pass flared out to the WR that was incomplete/ruled down. Is that what we wanted? Couldn’t we have said we wanted to review 1st down play, refs tell us we didn’t challenge in time, and we move on? Sooo confused.

    Either a massive ref blunder or we have 40+ people on staff and can’t identify an EASY incompletion and communicate to the head coach in time to challenge.

    No one I was with could figure out what the F was happening.

  47. D as in Dawg

    For us, it was all about playing the Georgia way, the Georgia brand of football. Which is physical, relentless, tough, knock you back. I think we did that.” — Kirby Smart, Dawgs247, 9/5/16

    He forgot to add knock the damn ball down! I knew there was something missing.

  48. North State Dawg

    For my money (and there ain’t much of it), I see virtually no difference between this team and Richt’s final few teams except we have a bigger talent at QB and a lot less talent on the OLine, DLine and at linebacker. Special teams are even worse. CKS better make major strides relatively quickly or he won’t make four years. IMHO.

    • Right. Because Kirby has had so much time to change things. He should have brought a team with him.

      • North State Dawg

        Not saying that. I’m rooting for him. I just don’t think coaches in big-time college football are given much time to build programs these days. Results have to be relatively instant, or the fan base and boosters start howling.Especially since a 10-win coach was let go and a lot of money spent to bring him here. Not fair, not even reasonable, but neither are the salaries for these guys. Miracles are expected daily.

    • Well, everyone knows 5 games and 15 years are basically the same.

  49. David H.

    We’ve had some bitter pills to swallow over the past few years: 2012 Alabama, 2013 Auburn, 2014 Tech, and now this. For me personally, the 2014 Tech loss felt the worst of any of them. Memories of that game are what didn’t allow me to celebrate too much after the go-ahead TD to Ridley.

    As tough as this loss is, I feel more optimistic that we are developing into a good team than I did after last week’s game. I can’t fault the players’ effort during the game. The execution on the last play was bad (and the Tennessee receiver’s execution was perfect), and the undisciplined penalties hurt us. But that kind of effort and continued strong recruiting will eventually pay off, I hope.

    And the offensive creativity was excellent today … and the field goal kicking looked good for once!

    Anyway, brutally tough finish, but I am proud of the guys’ effort and I hope we can refocus for next week’s game, back on the road.

    • Russ

      Yep, Dawgs fought hard. Good variety and creativity on offense which opened up running lanes and helped our OL. Defense had really good moments and some not so good. Kicking was much better, though I’d still like to see deeper kickoffs. Some bullshit penalties late in the game hurt us. But Eason and the other youngsters are coming along nicely. I hope they continue to keep their heads up and move forward.

      We looked much better today than the previous 3 games. The hillbillies just got a lucky play at the end. Shit happens.

  50. 69Dawg

    Well if Kirby is such a great defensive coach and such a detail oriented coach, how the hell do we lose when we score with 10 f’ing seconds left to play. At least the Auburn tip was a damn fluke, today was a comedy of errors. I hate it for the offense and Eason especially. They balled hard at the end but the defense and coaches let them down.

    All that said I think the DCs of our future opponents will stop crowding the box now. Eason through a 50 yard perfect spiral on a dime. Like Danielson or not he was gushing about Eason being the best QB in the SEC since Stafford.

  51. shane#1

    All I can say is fuck it. I am drunk and typing with one finger.. I will say the team threw away a win with a lot of help from the coaches. IMO, as of now, Kirby can’t tote CMR’s jock strap.

  52. Just got home. While this loss hurt, the team fought like crazy for 60 minutes. Honestly, that all I can ask as a fan.

    I HATE THE CELEBRATION RULE! It needs to be changed to prevent taunting, period. Who cares if a player takes off his helmet in a situation like that? It’s a call that changed the outcome of the game needlessly. The SEC needs to review how it tells officials how to call it.

    I hated the slow developing pass off the goal line that started the end of game mayhem. Chaney called a pretty darn good game, and the team executed up to that point. That was a poor call with a true freshman quarterback who is still learning how to run play action. On the other hand, Isaac Nauta and Jacob Eason are going to be fun to watch like Murray and Charles were.

    • JG Shellnutt

      Why didn’t UT get a celebration penalty after the fumble recovery TD? They had guys come off the bench, onto the field with helmets off.

    • Greg63

      I realize we made enough plays to win the game and enough mistakes to lose it. That said, I’m sick and frigging tired of an official having a direct effect on us losing games. Dobbs did NOT score a TD in the first half, the damn ball bounced off the ground and they gave UT a catch, they reviewed a play and added a penalty (WTF?), and then the ultimate “got you” was the celebration penalty. Did they not see players from UT (even some not dressed out!!) jumping up and down in the field of play after the sack/td? I’m just sick of it. That celebration penalty is just an awful chicken shit call.

      • It’s one of those ways the SEC office and officials can take care of their own. CBS and the SEC want Tennessee and Alabama unbeaten for their game. We were getting ready to rain on that parade.

  53. FearAndLoathingInATown

    Sobering start to the Smart era:

    Almost lost in a game where we were favored by 53,
    Got obliterated by Ole Miss, a team we historically own. Game could easily have been 70-0 if they don’t pull the starters.
    Blew a 3 point lead, kicking off with 10 seconds to go,

    It is his first year, so he should be cut a lot of slack…. but, out of curiosity, what other coaches that had better careers than Mark Richt had similarly inauspicious starts to their careers?

    • Pete Carrol started 1-4. Urban lost 3 games at UF his first year and should have lost a 4th to Vandy. Saban lost 7 first year at Alabama.

  54. Nashville West

    I bet Eason wishes he’d gone to UW or followed Richt to Miami.

  55. 3rdandGrantham

    I had to listen to a good portion of the game and didn’t bother watching the replay for obvious reasons, but Howard/Zeier kept harping on blatant holds by the UT OL that weren’t being called throughout the game. Was this indeed Tru or a bit if home risk on their part.

    Speaking of Howard, I hate to say it but he’s absolutely brutal to listen to…his screaming makes your ears bleed and he doesnt do a good job of following the action — especially when the other team is on offense. Zeier, however, is quite good.

    • There was a lot of holding that didn’t get called.

    • Russ

      I’m neutral on Howard/Zeier. I could take less screaming. But last weekend, I listened to the first have of the UT/UF game on the Tennessee thread, and they are horrendous. There’s somebody’s great-grandfather in the booth and all he did was call out players individually for sucking on each play. Not sure if it was Gen. Neyland’s brother, or the father of Johnny Majors, but the guy needed to STFU. Just terrible, and if I was a parent, I’d ask the guy to repeat what he said with my son in the room.

  56. 3rdandGrantham

    Sorry…homerism, not home risk.

  57. 81Dog

    Relax. Things are always darkest just before they go completely black.

    Here’s hoping for no hangover in next week’s Boom Bowl.

  58. Parent

    At least Richter hasn’t lost control of the flats.

    Too soon?

  59. Wolfman

    I don’t really like being around other people when I watch Georgia games, but sometimes the in-laws are in town, so I have to deal with it. They were in town this weekend. They were also at my house for Auburn 2013.

    They are not invited back in the fall.

  60. Will Trane

    Just how bad did 7 & 83 play?
    83 had a very bad day
    As did Rico MaCraw

  61. Will Trane

    Better get that soecial teams coach Straighten out KS
    Will Georgia ever figure out the kicking game. It is not that damn hard.
    Will say it again
    Where is the defense this year
    2 years and they can not preo and play the UT offense.
    Can they ever get Carter going
    Big difference in UT’s juniors and seniors and the Dawgs

  62. Mick Jagger

    Without a doubt, Scott Howard is hte worst announcer ever. The screaming does not make him beloved – as he seems to think.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Yea I mentioned the same above…just horrid to listen to. And he doesn’t follow the action well at all. Calls like this are all too common: “Dobbs at the 50 in a shotgun…and the ball to Kamara…and he takes it all the way down to our 29.” Thats it. You’re sitting there thinking, wth…was that a pass or run, and why didn’t he bother to describe those 20+ yards of action?