Name that caption, tough luck edition

Bobby Petrino looks like somebody who just witnessed a bad motorcycle accident.


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18 responses to “Name that caption, tough luck edition

  1. truck

    Bobby Petrino: all class, all the time.

  2. Spike

    Dabo.. ” Hey Coach, LSU is on line one.. Auburn and the Bag Man are holding on line 2..”

  3. HVL Dawg

    Dabo: “I can’t believe that guy ran out of bounds, can you?”

  4. Argondawg

    Dabo looks like that drunk obnoxious friend that just keeps saying “man I love you, and this place and everybody, wait wait, wait …….Go Taggers!”

  5. Ricky McDurden

    “You just got beat by a program whose biggest tradition is fondling a spray painted rock. Have a safe drive home.”

  6. ugafidelis

    Hey at least it wasn’t a last second Hail Mary pass!

  7. Dabo, “Some of my women are waiting outside for us, just relax”.

  8. Petrino thinking: “If this guy doesn’t STFU I’m gonna deck him”

  9. Dawgy1

    I know the Refs screwed you but, it’s not my fault.

  10. 69Dawg

    Don’t laugh too hard boys we’re 3-2 and going nowhere. We’re out of both their leagues until we become Bama Lite.

  11. DawgPhan

    In 2 years dabo’s voicemail is not going to be the least bit interesting.

    patrino’s will be.

  12. DC Weez

    Bobby: Dammit I hate losing to Clemson. That ass Dabo always tries to stick his tongue in my ear. Why can’t he shake hands like a normal coach.

  13. I’m imaging Dabo telling him the same thing the dude said to Rory to get kicked out the Ryder Cup.

  14. NCDawg

    15 seconds can save you a bundle on motorcycle insurance…