Making lemonade out of lemons

It’s good that the staff is using Georgia’s inconsistent start this season as a sales tool for recruiting.  It’s even better that recruits are buying that.

… The 2016 results have produced a certain feeling so far among the recruits. Just don’t look for the 3-2 start and the setbacks the last two weeks against Ole Miss and Tennessee to douse the excitement that the inbound talent has for Kirby Smart’s program.

It seems to motivate the current commitments more than anything.

“When Georgia loses, I feel like that’s my high school team losing right now,” Pace Academy senior Andrew Thomas said. “Because I am committed and set to go there, it makes me upset for the rest of the day. But you can’t really get upset because that is a new staff with a freshman quarterback and a pretty young team. They are going to bounce back. I just feel that way.”

Georgia commitment William Poole III probably had the most telling comment during the weekend when he described how he felt about Tennessee’s last-gasp win. He tweeted out that Georgia “had some for that next year,” but he also shared a very real comment.

“I’m hurt,” Poole said. “Feels like I was out there on the field myself. Every year I play Tennessee I’ll remember that exact moment.”

You’ve made your point now, fellas.  No need to oversell the pitch.  Go win some.



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14 responses to “Making lemonade out of lemons


    Recruiting is definitely headed in the right direction..that will NOT be an issue with Kirby and Co.


  2. Kirby is a genius and an Einstein in that way.


  3. Bright Idea

    We just have to accept the growing pains that a brand new OLine will bring next year. We think it can’t get any worse but it might. Would love to have a young guy playing left tackle right now.


    • Cojones

      This O-line gets better every week, thus my positive feelings have been tapped for the O. The D gets better as well, but the scheming is a larger canyon. Consistency and with our best players on the field together on D will take care of some of my doubts.


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      I think ‘brand new’ is a bit of a stretch. Galliard could end up being a really good center. You’ve got Sims and Wynn and some other talent on the interior. The biggest issue is Tackle. They’ve got commitments from both Thomas and Demery…but a 5* tackle that could come in and play from day 1 would be an absolute game changer in terms of next season and in terms of getting your depth chart filled out with some class separation.


  4. Gurkha Dawg

    Hell yea! Just think how many 5 stars we’ll get if we get our ass kicked by SC.


  5. Macallanlover

    The TN game really helped with the current class after the Nicholls and Ole Miss games made us look like the keystone cops. You had a freshman QB throwing two strikes to two freshmen in Nauta and Ridley in the games two top offensive plays. You also had Herrien and Holyfield toting the rock. Couple that with a spots glaringly open along the DL and in the defensive backfield and we have a story to sell, a better story than Fat Charlie Tuna on a hapless Kansas program. A blowout by TN would have altered all that, imo.