“Sometimes those things happen. And it’s very frustrating.”

Please tell me Boom empathizing over Georgia’s last second loss to UT is the low point of 2016.  Because if it isn’t, I’m not sure I can take where this season is going.


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16 responses to ““Sometimes those things happen. And it’s very frustrating.”

  1. Spike

    I don’t know why I read that. I don’t give a big rat’s ass what Boom says or thinks.


  2. Herschel Talker

    Why all the hate? Agent Boom is a DGD with tremendous loyalty to UGA.


  3. 81Dog

    Spurrier just threw up in his mouth after reading that article. As did, probably, about 99.9% of the Chicken fan base (after someone read it to most of them)


  4. Athens Dog

    The horror.


  5. Will Trane

    UGA better than UT
    Sorry, but I have moved past that play.
    Maybe UT had a let down after ending Gatot drought, but the Dawgs and this coaching staff out played and out coached UT
    Eason and compnay can play.
    Only 5 games for them. Dobbs and compnay has been at UT half as long as the USA has been in this piss poor economy and foreign policy failures of Obama.
    Yep this ship is turning with some fire power.
    I look Chubbto be on the come back this weekend
    If he is back the outside running Chaney and Pittman are now using will be good.


  6. gastr1

    When are they going to happen to somebody else, instead of us three times in the past three years?


    • Uglydawg

      They do happen. Remember LSU’s “win” over Auburn a couple of weeks ago? After the LSU celebration began, the review determined that LSU snapped the ball after the clock expired and gave the win to AU. That was the straw that broke Les’s back…Maybe Gus and Booch are in some kind of cahoots, sharing the rabbit’s foot. Also, Alabama lost to AU in the Iron Bowl when they had an almost un-contested run back of a short field goal…just weeks after they got the miracle win over UGA…and Saban had been the one to demand the time (that beat him) be put back on the clock so he could attempt the FG. I remember a few years ago when Kentucky had a highly rated LSU team beat…until a long bomb at the very end of the game to rip their hearts out. We did it to Vandy just a few years ago..last second win…we’ve done it to GT a few times and they’ve repaid.
      But I do concede…we are over our quota of these kind of things.
      BTW..I think the kind words from Boom were heart felt and it shows that even the most competitive coaches realize that in the big picture, there are things more important than what happens in a football game.
      Nothing will change what happened. We just need to move on and enjoy watching this team’s maturation. It will be up and down and mostly fun.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Its human nature to remember bad luck you’ve encountered while conveniently forgetting about the lucky bounces you’ve received (especially in sports). We seemed to have forgotten that we really should have lost at Mizzou a few weeks back, and though in recent years we’ve had some brutal end of game bounces go against us, over the years we’ve had our share of bounces go our way too. Looking back 10 or so years, IMO its pretty much all evened out overall.


        • gastr1

          I don’t think the Mizzou game was the same way. We had the ball on their 20 at the end of the game with over a minute to play. The chance of managing to score there must have been 20-25%. In the LSU game, their lucky play was called back. So the team that should have won the game, based on probabilities in the last 30 seconds/down/distance/score, DID win the game.

          The losses we’ve had are ones where the other team had virtually no chance of winning without a combination of incredible luck and us making incredibly stupid last-second mistakes because we thought the game was won. Like a 997 times out of 1000 chances we win the game kind of thing, because that’s the CFB rate for this situation, but we f it up anyway…three times in three years, now.


  7. Macallanlover

    Saturday was a glimmer of hope for this offense, perhaps Chaney has it in him to shuffle the deck after all. Not to confuse us with being an efficient offense that will score often but the running game came at TN from different angles and a few lanes opend up. Passing game is still very inconsistent but may have enough of the the defense’s attention to keep them from putting nine in the box a majority of the game. We will see if it was just a flash in the pan this Saturday, Willie Brice is never a cakewalk and, after a major win against Vandy, the Cocks are in danger of having the really bad season everyone forecast for them.


    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      Chaney is a blight on our program. His pass call in the endzone is unforgiveable. I cannot figure out why ihazafatpencil is considered a good OC.


  8. Bigshot

    Remember Ewe Tee had 2 starting linebackers out. Things might be as rosy as they seem. That was a game that was gift-wrapped for the Dawgs and they couldn’t take advantage. I’m still sticking with Kirby.


  9. GFY Boom. Seriously.