Stormy weather

Governor Haley doesn’t sound optimistic about the prospects of Georgia playing South Carolina Saturday night in Columbia.

The governor, in a news conference Tuesday to declare a state of emergency because of Hurricane Matthew, said the ultimate decision on whether or not the USC-Georgia game happens as scheduled is up to the school and the SEC.

“It’s a complete decision based on the schools,” Haley said. “As of now I can’t imagine that happening but certainly we’re going to continue to watch this. I would love nothing more than to see this take a right-hand turn and go out to sea. As it looks right now, we’re looking at Friday afternoon into Saturday being pretty brutal.”

Potential bonus home game for the Dawgs?  South Carolina’s history suggests that could be a possibility.

Last October the South Carolina-LSU game, originally supposed to be at South Carolina was moved to Baton Rouge because of devastating floods in the Columbia area. That came in a week where at least 15 people died in the wake of the severe thunderstorms and flooding, and classes at South Carolina were canceled for the week.

Sounds pretty brutal, too.  Guess we’ll have to keep an eye on this.


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57 responses to “Stormy weather

  1. hassan

    Even though the LSU game got moved, I believe that it was still a South Carolina “Home” Game. Not sure how all the ticket stuff shook out for that one from an attendance point of view. If this game is moved to Athens (I don’t think likely though), then there may be more USC fans than normal in the stands due to the proximity of the game.

    • LSU season ticket holders had priority. “Tickets to the game will be sold by LSU for the remainder of the week to the following members of the LSU fan base and then the general public.

      All proceeds generated from ticket sales, minus the expenses that LSU incurs for hosting the game, will be given to South Carolina.

      The American Red Cross will also be collecting donations at the gates of Tiger Stadium on Saturday for those victims of the flooding in South Carolina.

      Please be patient when placing ticket orders, as website traffic may cause intermittent delays.

      Tiger Den Suite and Stadium Club LSU Season Ticket Holders
      LSU season ticket holders in premium areas can purchase their normal season ticket seat locations by logging in to their online season ticket account at and completing the 2015 LSU vs. South Carolina Premium Seating Application under the Season Renewals option.
      LSU Season Ticket Holders
      Season ticket holders in those seating areas outside of the suites and clubs will be given an opportunity to purchase tickets based on their LSU Priority Point Ranking. Season ticket holders in this category are not guaranteed to receive their regular-season ticket seat location and are free to choose from available seats. The first wave will begin Wednesday afternoon and subsequent waves will begin every hour throughout the afternoon. Season ticket holders in this category may purchase tickets once their time slot begins by logging in to their online season ticket account at, clicking on “Buy Tickets”, then “Football”, then “South Carolina.” Season ticket holders in this category will be sent an email shortly listing when their wave begins. The deadline to order tickets in this manner is Thursday at 5 p.m. CT.
      LSU Students
      Beginning Wednesday at 2 p.m. CT, full-time LSU students of the Baton Rouge campus will each be able to purchase one (1) ticket for the LSU student section by logging in to the online student ticket account at The student section will be confined to the North Endzone of Tiger Stadium and will be exclusively general admission seating (no reserved-group seating). Eligible students will be sent an email when they can begin to purchase a ticket. The deadline for LSU students to purchase tickets is Thursday at 5 p.m. CT.
      General Public
      Tickets remaining in non-premium areas will go on sale to the general public on Thursday at 6 p.m. CT at

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      I know LSU donated the ticket proceeds to flood relief in SC.

  2. Hardcoredawg 93

    Good chance it spins out into Atlantic.

    • Not according to the path shown today. Right now, they think it’s going to make landfall between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington. I hope the forecasters are wrong.

      • Hardcoredawg 93

        It’s early. 1/2 the time these things spin out .

        Might be the real deal though . Game at Sanford would be cool but I don’t think SC gonna pull that trigger this week.

  3. Jt (the other one)

    Although a bonus home game would be great…night at that…against SCar…which will have the place rocking. I personally would rather see the Hurricane spin out to sea.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    From hurricane expert Jeff Masters on Weather Underground posted at 1:30 today: Matthew is expected to turn more to the north and then north-northeast on Friday, which will keep the storm very close to the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. At this time, our top models suggest that the greatest probability for a U.S. landfall by Matthew is in South Carolina on Friday night or North Carolina on Saturday morning. In their 5 am EDT Tuesday Wind Probability Forecast, NHC was giving the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and southern North Carolina 3 – 7% chances of receiving hurricane force winds. However, I expect those probabilities to rise significantly by tomorrow, given the latest model data.

    Get them hedges trimmed, folks.

    • Mayor

      The powers that be need to go ahead and make a decision to move the game–now! Do not put it off until it is too late to do anything and then we have to miss game. We’ll end up like FU did last season with a win coming off the record.

      • Hardcoredawg 93

        Looking at the SC’s schedule we pretty much have to play it this week or the day of SECC game which I can’t imagine the conference would do.

        Come on storm!

      • merk

        Big difference between a OOC game getting dropped and a conference game.

  5. paul

    Sitting down tonight to make our evacuation plans here on St. Simons. Got to be prepared just in case they say ‘go.’ That’s how we roll at a mere six feet above sea level.

    • 69Dawg

      On the bright side when a storm goes up the east coast the worst part of the storm stays out to sea. Never knew there was a good side (west) and bad side (east) till I rode out the eye of Charlie in 04. I don’t live on the coast anymore if that tells you anything.

    • Daniel Simpson Day

      Hope y’all fare well and stay safe. SSI is our “happy place”! PS: grab some Southern Soul on the way out!!

  6. 69Dawg

    Hell if Georgia Southern can play in a damn hurricane so can we. (joking of course) I lived through Charlie in southwest Florida and if the cane gets as close to the coast as predicted the winds in Columbia could be 40 mph easy. If Columbia is subject to flooding they should just move it to Athens, a lot closer than LSU was.

    • Mayor

      Yeah. An awful lot of USCe fans live in western SC and it is not very far to Athens from there–closer than it is to Columbia or at least a wash. We need to work out a deal on the tickets. Is Sanford Stadium bigger? We could sell all the excess to UGA fans.

  7. Bright Idea

    Haley may have meant that she couldn’t imagine the game not being played in Columbia. If you read her statement it could mean either.

  8. Uglydawg

    They’ve issued a mandatory evacuation of Tybee, I think…I’ve heard it yes and no. Prudence says move or cancel the game. Even in Athens it’s going to be very windy.

  9. Let’s go back in the Dome for a second time this season if it’s vacant???

  10. VoxDawg

    The AJ-C was saying earlier today that there are a couple of Dome options – move GA State to noon and have us keep the 7:30 KO, or play Friday night. Since we’re not a MAC/AAC league, I say keep it Saturday night. What are the chances that Athens is too close to the edge of the storm to play at Sanford?

  11. JG Shellnutt

    Studies have shown that even 200 mph winds do not alter Eason’s ball trajectory. He’s that strong. I think Bill Brasky was his uncle.

  12. One of the questions is where will the people from the Low Country evacuate to. I would have to imagine that if SC takes a direct hit, the hotel rooms in Columbia will be needed for people looking for higher ground rather than for people in town for a football game.

    I could actually see them move the game to Championship Saturday in Columbia as a make-up date since it doesn’t look like either team is going to be in Atlanta.

  13. Season ticket holders at LSU got first crack.

  14. Uglydawg

    I believe HOGBODY once mentioned that he lives on the coast of South Carolina….If so, I’d like to offer my prayers and concerns for a DG GTP Poster. Hope it misses you. My sister lives out on the point at Wilmington..she and her husband are going to stay and ride it out…Praying for all effected.
    BTW…If it isn’t Hogbody, it’s one of the frequent posters.

  15. DB

    Friday night at the Dome on the SEC Network seems like the best and fairest option.

  16. WF Dawg

    Would Charlotte work? Seems like a shorter trip for USC fans.

  17. Macallanlover

    Gov. Nikki should have required the SC foot draggers to move the game today. Lead don’t let the administrators wring their hands waiting for some selfish reason. She has reversed the lanes on I-26 tomorrow to accommodate the mass evacuation from Charleston and the rest of the Low Country area. They need those rooms our fans, and theirs, are sitting on. Move the game, doesn’t matter whether it is Athens or the Dome on Friday, get off your asses and make a call so people can get on with it. Damned selfish of the higher-up Cocks. You are late on this by tomorrow early tomorrow morning. Forfeit, or announce the new date/location/time.

  18. ASEF

    Not saying it will happen with Matthew, but I remember with Charley, they evacuated a ton of people from Tampa to Orlando – and of course Charley right turns, rips Ft. Myers and runs over Orlando.

    People don’t take hurricanes seriously enough. Hurricanes are incredibly difficult to predict, making it hard for a lot of people to take forecasts seriously. Talk about a “perfect storm.”

    • 3rdandGrantham

      As a Tampa resident living on the water at the time, I remember that hurricane like it was yesterday. I headed up to the Citrus Park area that morning, and by late morning I noticed the jog to the northeast and immediately returned home a good few hours before others. It was a bit spooky being the only one around for many miles in a dense area — almost like I was starring in some nuclear fallout movie or something.

      If I recall, the Venice/Punta Gorda area took the direct hit — that area was a total mess when I drove through a few weeks or so later.

      • ASEF

        Yes, it ran through Charlotte Harbor and followed the Peace River for awhile.

        There was some really interesting voter data on the areas in Florida impacted by hurricanes that year. Those storms arguably moved a couple of hundred thousand votes from Kerry to Bush, which arguably tipped the 2004 election.

        I am guessing FEMA is going to be ALL OVER this one.

  19. Normaltown Mike

    if a hurricane forces the game to Athens and we lose…do we blame Coach Richt?

  20. Last year :Tickets to the game will be sold by LSU for the remainder of the week to the following members of the LSU fan base and then the general public.

    All proceeds generated from ticket sales, minus the expenses that LSU incurs for hosting the game, will be given to South Carolina. “

  21. ugafidelis

    Maybe Muschamp will try to be like The Bishop on Caddyshack.

  22. Bob

    Towers reporting that the Dome is looking more and more likely. GSU game would be moved to 1200 and UGA-Carolina in evening as scheduled. No clue as to what they are going to do with tickets. Some USC fans probably would come to get away from storm.

    • down island way

      Then the dome roof will be torn off……..and we will have to finish at the friggin North Ave dumpster, oh the humanity!

  23. Spike

    Boys, it’s about to get real down here in my neck of the woods. Spike may be off the grid a while starting tomorrow. “Pour me something strong and tall, make it a Hurricane before I go insane..” Beat the Cocks!

  24. Will Trane

    Wonder how much the cooler night time temperatures will play into Matthew as it moves north and gets squeezed by Atlantic high and conus front.
    That is why I wonder if its north / notheast track and intensity stays
    Hermine nowhere near this but it put a 30% damage in pecans and lesser in cotton
    Coastal Georgia not as much ag but it will have huge impact on Friday night high school games and coastal businesses.
    Hurricanes are huge disrupters.
    Monitor NWS & NHC plus Wunderground. They are the weather pros.
    Not much to the geeks at weather channel.
    Play in the Dome, SEC. Send Al Ford to the coast.

  25. VoxDawg

    They can use our stadium, just no Sandstorm.

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