“In some ways, the public sees NCAA enforcement as a paper tiger…”

So, Jim Delany and others, fretting about NCAA enforcement, have come up with a whole raft of ideas to put more bite with the bark, so to speak, but the schools don’t seem particularly enthusiastic about his proposals.  As Jon Solomon puts it,

Here’s the reality about NCAA investigations and penalties: Every school wants this thankless job to happen — until the finger gets pointed at them.

So Big Jim is frustrated nobody’s embracing his genius.

If I may be so bold as to offer a solution to his problem:  name Greg McGarity as college football’s director of NCAA compliance.  He’ll make sure every school falls all over itself the minute an investigator comes knocking.  Problem solved!  Not to mention it would have the added benefit of letting Georgia operate on a level playing field.  A true win-win…



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8 responses to ““In some ways, the public sees NCAA enforcement as a paper tiger…”

  1. Aladawg

    And perhaps give season ticket holders some value by upgrading the home schedule. Rrrrrright.


  2. And ADGM will bite the hand that feeds him.


  3. lakedawg

    One of best of your many astute suggestions!


  4. Uglydawg

    They need one new law for the NCAA. No school is allowed to “settle”.
    Humbling down only got UGA extra kicks to the nuts.
    No settling or deals.
    Punishment should not be dependent upon how good a negotiator your lawyers are, or how big a pussy your AD is.
    Consequences for violations should be written in stone and dished out without regard to prestige or influence of a school or conference.
    That’s the only way it will ever be fair.
    (not that it WILL ever be fair)


    • DawgPhan

      yes mandatory minimums fixed everything in our legal system and made everything totally fair.


    • dawgfan

      You are absolutely correct. Just like with sentencing guidelines in criminal cases, like offenses should draw like sentences with some consideration given for cooperation and past behavior. Treat everyone equally well or bad, but be consistent.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Follow the NHL’s lead and designate ADGM’s program as the official penalty server, like they do for goaltenders.

    Think of the money he will save on scholarships, travel, and legal fees…


  6. dawgfan

    The ncaa has zero legal authority behind it and is a paper tiger. There are no subpoenas or grand juries that can be used to get to the truth. Without those tools, and the threat of criminal prosecution, there is little or no reason for most witnesses or subjects to provide information or be forthcoming. The ncaa only does damage on those rare occasions when someone blows the whistle and it becomes public information like the Gurley and Ole Miss matters. The smart ones get away and the dumb get caught (sometimes). It is a system made to be, and is, played.