Money isn’t everything.

Give ACC coaches credit for making their schools put their money where their mouths are:

After some serious debate about moving to a nine-game conference football schedule, ACC athletic directors voted Wednesday to maintain the status quo.

The ACC will continue to play eight league games with a requirement for a ninth game against a Power 5 nonconference opponent, the league announced Wednesday. The decision will cost each school about $500,000 in television revenue, industry sources told ESPN’s Brett McMurphy.

With a new TV deal in place with ESPN and the launch of a new ACC Network in the works for 2019, the league expanded its conference schedule for basketball (from 18 to 20 games, starting in 2019), but a move toward more intraconference football games was hotly contested by several schools with annual rivalry games outside the league.

The new ESPN deal gave the schools three options: increase the league schedule to nine games with one nonconference Power 5 opponent; play eight league games with two nonconference Power 5 opponents; or stay at eight league games with one nonconference Power 5 opponent. ACC schools would have received the full amount of the deal between ESPN and the ACC by choosing either of the first two options. But the schools instead chose to remain status quo despite the reduced revenue.

Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich staunchly supported the status quo on conference scheduling. While the league will miss out on network incentives, he said it wasn’t a major issue.

“Those were big numbers, but when you break it down after shares and dividing the dollars within the league, it was not anything that moved the needle,” he said.

Florida State, Georgia Tech and Louisville also strongly opposed an expanded league schedule because it would limit flexibility to schedule other out-of-conference games beyond their annual rivalry contests against the SEC.

That’s half-a-mil plus the guarantee fee they have to pay a cupcake instead of that ninth conference game.

For FSU and Louisville, that’s a call probably made easier because of playoff considerations, since the SEC is getting away with an eight-game conference schedule just fine.  Can’t say I have an explanation for Tech’s opposition.


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6 responses to “Money isn’t everything.

  1. JCDAWG83

    Clemson and tech love their 3 cupcake games a season. Adding another P5 foe would make them risk another loss.


    • 81Dog

      Hey, folks at Mercer and South Carolina State got to eat too, you know?


    • PTC DAWG

      You saying they haven’t played any Power 5 OOC teams lately, other than their in state rivals? I am no fan of either, but they have scheduled better than many SEC teams in this regards.



    Any school with a power 5 in state OOC rival is going to vote no on this. No brainer. No hope for any other OOC games for them, unless suicide is your idea. Even GT has played AU etc lately.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Maybe The Genius had some influence. He went from ” we can play with Clemson. We’re 5 and 4 against them” to ” How do you expect us to compete against Clemson. We can’t recruit against all that they have. Do we invest that much in our program?”


  4. T bugs are just hard asses.