Greg Sankey’s finest hour

When the commissioner doesn’t step up… well, as we all know, athletic directors, like nature, abhor a vacuum.

Yeah, this is going well.

You wonder what they’d be doing if there were millions in lost revenue at stake.  But since there aren’t, this is what we get.


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42 responses to “Greg Sankey’s finest hour

  1. AusDawg85

    “And undisciplined AD’s, undisciplined decisions will get you beat. We had undisciplined weather that’s going to cost us. And that’s disheartening.”

  2. DawgBiscuit

    Gator tastes like chicken.

  3. 81Dog

    Per the AJC “McGarity said that the Bulldogs have given up their hotel rooms at a downtown Holiday Inn and will now move into an unnamed “federal facility” for a Saturday night stay.

    “It’s not a public facility,” McGarity said. “Right now it’s unoccupied because it’s used in the judicial system.” ”

    What?????? We are putting our team up in a federal prison facility? That is about the most weaselish way to avoid calling the joint the joint I’ve ever seen. Nice work, Greg. I can see the sales pitch to recruits now: Come to UGA for the playing time. Stay for the luxurious prison accomodations on road trips.

    I guess Guantanamo Bay is booked this time of year.

    • John

      My understanding is that it is a federal law enforcement training center The centers in GA have what I would describe as a motel attached to the facilities because the classes they hold there are generally multi day affairs which involve lots of people and require housing. The facilities are a combination of classrooms/auditoriums and open fields and other areas. Not the Ritz but certainly not a prison.

      • tmflibrarian

        The National Advocacy Center on the USC campus has their own hotel facility, as well as a deal with The Inn at USC across the street.
        The Inn likely is full of evacuees, but the NAC typically only hosts those taking a course there. They also seem to only have king-sized beds, which might have been a reason to choose it as well.
        Plus free wi-fi, so the kids will be fine.

        • SCDawg

          Pretty sure they are at the NAC. Nice place actually. But Mcgarity sure made it sound like the team was being housed in in a federal detention center, didn’t he?

      • 81Dog

        I’m glad for the sake of our team, but it would have been a lot more in keeping with McCheapskate’s penurious streak to lodge them at a prison. Think of the savings at mealtime. How much can baloney sandwiches, jello and kool aid cost?

        He still looks like he got rolled in this situation, but hey, he didn’t have to write any extra checks to anyone for anything, so I guess he’s happy.

    • DawgPhan

      I do love the idea that ADGM decided that a prison was perfectly acceptable lodgings for the team.

  4. 3rdandGrantham

    So now we’ve gone from teams sardonically rooting for, say, the opposing team’s QB to be injured or not able to play in the upcoming match up; to teams now and in the future actively rooting for bad weather for a tough road game so they can simply cancel and refuse to make up that game at any point later in the season.

    Oh, they will provide a ‘solution’ (sic) — which involves the home team suddenly having to play at their place instead — but otherwise it’s now basically a shameless race to weasel out of tough road games in effort to increase your chances of getting to the SECC. Hell, UT probably has already commissioned a study on how to get out of that road date at Bama next year (UT AD next October: ‘those clouds over Tuscaloosa look meanacing…you either come play at our place or we ain’t playing ya.’)

    What a pathetic mess.

    • I don’t really fault LSU here. The only option Florida gave was to inconvenience LSU to play three conference road games in twelve days to finish the season. LSU shouldn’t be forced into that predicament because Florida is currently being hit by a hurricane. LSU offered to fly in on Sunday or Monday to Gainesville or play in any other neutral site within the conference. Florida is weaseling out of a tough conference HOME game. That’s even worse. And the SEC is letting them do it.

      • Uglydawg

        While I agree that it does sort of loo that way, I’ve got to wonder..why have a football team if you don’t look forward to playing good teams? Has the $$$ really become more important than the sport? This situation certainly makes it look that way. To the average fan and to the players, that’s just wrong.

        • Will (The Other One)

          Have you looked at Florida’s out-of-conference opponents under Foley? I don’t think they ever played one with a pulse that wasn’t another school in FL.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        If LSU offered to play Sunday and UF said no, then yea that certainly changes everything.

        UF should be held accountable and be told their game with LSU will be counted as a loss.

        • From Joe Alleva’s presser yesterday evening, as reported here:

          We offered to go to Gainesville on Sunday, offered to fly in there Sunday morning, play the game and fly back Sunday night.

          How truthful his statements are, I’ll leave for someone else to decide.

          • Uglydawg

            Always do important correspondence with email..that way you can prove you contacted them and prove they responded…unless you’re Hillary.

  5. ASEF

    You know what would be epic? LSU saying they will be there ready to play. SEC sends officials. Foley is left with option of opening the stadium and playing or forfeiting.

    At this point, Gainesville is in the clear.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Weather forecast tomorrow for Gainesville Florida is sunny, high of 88°, winds 0-15mph, and 10% chance of precipitation.

      Tennessee fans are gonna be pissed.

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  7. So if UF if sitting at 6-1 and UT is at 6-2 who goes to Atlanta?

    • Will (The Other One)

      I think the SEC already said 6-1 > 6-2 even if the 6-2 team beat the 6-1 team head-to-head (which got weasel-faced Butch Jones’ attention quickly.)

      • 81Dog

        would it be wrong for me to root for the explosion of Sgt Carter’s head and the wailing and lamentations of the hillbillies such a scenario would bring? I guess it would, because it require Florida to beat UGA, and I’m not rooting for that, ever.

  8. SouthGaDawg

    Mike Slive would’ve never let it get to this Paaauuulll!

  9. Bulldog Joe

    Just don’t be surprised when the SEC moves the WLOCP up a week to allow UF to play LSU on 10/29.

  10. Debby Balcer

    Makes you wonder who in the conference headquarters backs Florida but also how our AD could do any worse for us. The Georgia Way for the win.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    Looking like the worst part of the storm will come to Georgia during low tide.

    Fingers crossed.

  12. Macallanlover

    Only discussed Sunday or Saturday with SC, or game would be postponed? How about a forfeit since you dismissed viable options for myopic reasons? Same with FU, LSU did everything to get the game played and they declined, just give FU a loss by forfeit. Incompetency isn’t just in BM building, SEC headquarters is overflowing with it as well. Grow a pair and run the damn conference by showing some leadership. Who has time for this wimpy, sniveling AD bull? SC and FU have shown their true colors. And, to no surprise, the SEC has shown how they are simply over their heads.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    I spy, with my little eye, somebody suing to get in the SECCG.

  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have one question that I can’t find the answer to on my own: is it still going to be televised or is that now out the window?

  15. Fire ADGM over and over, again and again.

  16. That federal facility is likely reserved for terrorist and radicalized chickens whose addresses point to University of South Carolina.

  17. I am not even on the “ins” with what McGarity has or has not done…and he is looking like a complete fuckstick.

  18. Again, with McGarity and certain boosters leading this program we’ll never be a real winner. 10 wins and a great person isn’t good enough yet the people who lead this program can’t get out of it’s way to allow it do any better. These people are clueless about what it takes to be elite

  19. Will Trane

    McGarity should be run out of Athens on a rail. The man is sooooo weak!
    He is gutless. A non performer.
    Guess he rented port-a-potties for the team. And like Valdosta High did one year in a state championship game, have half time in the bus and drive back home to change.
    McGarity once again confirms we are not there yet.

  20. Will Trane

    UGA should be ashamed of how it let the SEC railroaded them again.
    Sick and damn tired of it!
    Let that damn dunce Al Ford in the replay booth again in Sanford.
    Six games into the season. On the road for four of them. Now they play on Sunday for game six.
    Plus he parks a key defensive lineman for another game.
    Sorry, but the AD is a complete ass.
    This is why my money does not go into the program anymore. It does not have one.
    I put that money into a high school program

    • Mayor

      As bad as Ford is we need to identify who the LJ was in the UT-UGA game because that guy has an ax to grind against Georgia and should never be allowed to work another UGA game. He’s the official who called the non-touchdown a TD when he was less than 5 yards away looking right at it and he also called the bounce-pass a completion when he was 2 yards away looking right at it. And neither gets reversed on review (Ford didn’t even review the bounce-pass). Did they have money on the game? What gives SEC? Still crooked.

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