Musical palate cleanser, obvious song is obvious edition

Still remember the first time I heard Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane” — sitting on a stone wall at Chastain Park, drinking a beer and this came on the radio:

Well, I was blown away.  One of the great guitar solos from Young’s body of work, and it never seemed like it was gonna end… not that I wanted it to.


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12 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, obvious song is obvious edition

  1. suite jesus

    no love for kevin Cronin and REO Speedwagon ? lets ride this storm out

  2. StoneDawg

    Excellent tune. Isbell & the 400 Unit does a great job covering “Like a Hurricane” on their album – Live from Alabama.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Saw him perform that in downtown Athens during Athfest in 2010 as a huge thunderstorm was on its way in. So awesome.

  3. illini84

    I’d post Dylan’s Hurricane but your followers would have a stroke.

  4. Uglydawg

    When I read the header..I thought..surely to Goodness Bluto isn’t going with “Who’ll Stop the Rain”.
    The Guitar solo in NY”s Hurricane is perfect. Enjoyed it.

  5. RugbyDawg79

    I spent quite a bit of time sitting on those stone walls myself 68-71 , time flies

  6. 1smartdude

    Neil is one of the best songwriters of my generation. He’s a master on the acoustic guitar.

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