Columbia’s mean streets

If the Georgia team has arrived, they’re enjoying a fun morning.

Morning, sunshine!

And speaking of sunshine…

Maybe they should move Georgia-South Carolina to the Swamp. It’s not like anyone’s using it this weekend.


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37 responses to “Columbia’s mean streets

  1. Connor

    Irresponsible on the part of the USCe administration to have people heading into a hurricane area for a football game.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      It should be okay tomorrow, like Gainesville is today. The eye will move northeast along the coast and should clear Horry County by 3 pm.

      • It’s not the weather tomorrow that’s the concern. It’s the infrastructure.

        • Sides

          Staying on Gervais street right now. I can assure everyone Columbia is fine. The weather in Gainesville today will be the weather in cola tomorrow.

          • Thanks for the news. You be careful, Sides.

          • Sides

            Also, The rain is supposed to move out by noon. Could play tonight if needed but safety is top priority here.

            • Connor

              There’s just no point in taking the risk for a football game. I know we’re all on a football blog but it’s just a game. Postpone it to a weekend when there’s not a hurricane hitting the state. Don’t overthink it.

            • Cojones

              Sides stated it perfectly. The field would be playable tonight and we have plenty of time by game time for the field to be in good condition. The team is there by now and getting in practice today.

              What are you sounding the alarm over, Connor? You sound like a gator trying to get us in bed with you. If so, we can’t wait to play your ass.

              • Russ

                Exactly, because if there’s one thing that helps the cleanup efforts the day after a hurricane, it’s 80,000 half drunk people on the road.

                • Chi-town Dawg

                  ^^^^^plus I’m sure the power will back to 100% capacity, the trees and fallen debris will all be cleared and the emergency responders won’t have anything better to do. At least the weather will be relatively nice assuming the storm doesn’t spawn any tornadoes as it moves away from the area.

              • Connor

                I was in New Orleans for Katrina. What are your hurricane bona fides?

  2. Macallanlover

    Hard to determine the bigger clowns, FU and SC’s athletic departments/administration, or the gutless wonders in Birmingham who totally abdicated their responsibilities in not allowing brainless, myopic bureaucrats to act selfishly. This should create an avalanche of complaints from fans who should expect more for their loyalty and support. The SC stance is just a snapshot of something laughable and pathetic but the fallout from the FU fiasco will continue to cause fallout for sometimes to come. While not on the some scale, our stooges in BM should get ah honorable mention for their continuation of rolling over and never standing up to anyone (except UGA fans who they continue to crush.)

    • Cojones

      How about disqualifying teams from the SECCG if they don’t play all their scheduled SEC games when they should and not allow them to use weather as an excuse when it is no longer in the area. Their game can easily be played tomorrow without any problems. Oh? They are afraid the runways will be full of tree limbs? And seagulls? Last I heard, the sky was falling.

      F$&@%!* FU.

    • ATL Dawg

      My vote goes to the UGA officials bungling yet another situation. I won’t rehash all the reasons I presented yesterday for why they screwed up by just letting things happen the way they did. I’ll just say that I get much more frustrated with incompetence from my own school than I do with the actions of other schools. I’m actually just sick and tired of it at this point.

      • Macallanlover

        It’s one of the situations where the conference office should intervene and not let emotions and myopic thinking blind you into missing the obvious. There were clear alternatives that would have allowed both games to be played on Saturday at a site well away from the significant societal needs. There was adequate notice well in advance that a need for a Plan B was required, and the SEC office was negligent in stepping in and making the better decision which both FU and SC proved was needed. Play it where they are told, or forfeit the game. Instead we got two failures in logic and leadership.

  3. Spike

    I was gonna head up for the game from Florida. Needed to get away for a couple of days after the storm here. But I 95 impassable both directions in Georgia and SC, traffic floods etc made me bag it. Damn storm…

  4. Argondawg

    They don’t leave until 2:30 today. This is just stupid at this point. Most of my family lives in Columbia. They have been without power for hours and don’t expect it back any time real soon. Roads are a wreck but hey lets put have our boys driving into that.

    • Cojones

      Heard they were going by bus, so I’d expect road clearance ahead or they don’t leave.

      If you lived on the coast and evacuated, when would you head back home to check things out? Betcha many in Columbia are crowding the hwy south and east already heading back. If you had a room rented in Columbia, you probably have gotten an e-mail stating your reservation is open at noon for tonight, just the same as it was before the storm.

      • ATL Dawg

        What is it with you and insisting that the storm isn’t that bad and that the game is of utmost importance? You’ve been trying to grind that mindset into everyone for the last several days. Give it a rest.

      • Debby Balcer

        The roads are not clear yet the SC governor is encouraging people to wait until Monday to hrad home. Major damage and a half a million people without power in SC. SC AD Ray Tanner’s house was hit by a tree and big trees are down in his neighborhood Karma!

  5. SemperFiDawg

    “Maybe they should move Georgia-South Carolina to the Swamp. It’s not like anyone’s using it this weekend”

    Witty Sir. Almost Grizzardesque. Well done.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Number of houses I’ve built for clients that insisted on saving every tree on the lot including those just a few feet from their house would surprize you.

  7. The Dawg abides

    Anybody watching Notre Dame and NC State playing right in the thick of it? I didn’t even realize they were playing today. It’s odd that I haven’t seen anything about possibly canceling it.

  8. The Truth

    If we could play Sunday at 2:30, why couldn’t UF and LSU?

  9. Ray Tanner’s house severely damaged. Fucking brilliant.

  10. Debby Balcer

    Sankey is proposing playing the LSU-FU game on October 29th. This would move our game against FU to the 22nd. This had better not happen.

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