Even Moar Go home, 2016 season. You’re drunk, ctd.

Jeez, man.  Get a grip.

How long before he’s on Finebaum’s show?



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10 responses to “Even Moar Go home, 2016 season. You’re drunk, ctd.

  1. Macallanlover

    Suspect he was a regular back in the radio days. With 5 turnovers, two for TDs, a 19 point loss isn’t all that tragic. Don’t see Florida surviving the Fighting Berts,


  2. Russ

    One correction for the article, the guy is a FORMER professor of ag economics at Arkansas.

    Alcohol makes you do stupid things.


  3. Spike

    A college professor getting fired in this day and age? Sure he will. BWAHAHAHHA


  4. Cojones

    What? The farmer’s bookkeeper has been bounced?….for not ending his last sentence with “……, Bert!”?


  5. I know I’m in the minority here, but I kinda like the cut of Bert’s jib. Arkansas is just an incredibly difficult job, especially if A&M (and now Houston) has its ish together.


  6. Mayor

    Sorry, but I see this as a civil liberty issue. So this guy said things that are insulting about the HC–that is his right. If the standard applied here were applied in Athens over the last 7 years or so the stadium would have been empty and they would have had to use the basketball coliseum as the jail.


    • 83dawg

      You should have heard what the Cock fans were saying about Coach Temper in the second half on Sunday. They were not at all pleased.