“Not being able to protect well enough to kick an extra point is tough.”

Kudos to Mark Richt for bringing tradition back to the Miami-FSU series.


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13 responses to ““Not being able to protect well enough to kick an extra point is tough.”

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Bad link?


  2. heyberto

    That was SOOOO Georgia of Miami.


  3. Macallanlover

    That game is always decided by a bad kick, Mark just forgot which side it was…getting old is a bitch. Looked like a hold that disrupted the timing but man, that had to hurt for the fans who lost their 7th straight to the Noles. Gave me some hope that the FSU/Clemson match might actually be a game on Oct 29. Noles did show up and what moxie Francois showed last night.

    That targeting call against Miami shows how bad things can get. I understand the officials on the field calling it to get a chance for a review, it looked bad in full speed but the review was totally effed up, similar to the Ray Drw travesty against Vandy. Exactly where should a player hit that 5′ 6″ guy crouched low? He hit him in the chest with his shoulder, the head just went back because of the impact/collision bringing him to a sudden halt.


    • Russ

      Yeah, weak call. Also, half the FSU team was on the field without their helmets after that blocked kick, yet all they got were offsetting penalties.


  4. Amorpheus

    Mark Richt calling out his players — despicable practice.

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  5. D.N. Nation

    Dan Wolken got all sorts of quiet once the Canes yakked away the game.


  6. doiknowu

    When Herbie said that the kicker had hit 72 in a row, I turned to my wife and said that it was the kiss of death. Sure enough.


  7. Mark Richt has lost control!

    Seriously, read the comments threads at the Miami message boards. Honeymoon is over, although it seems his honeymoon was longer than Smart’s. I couldn’t help but feel for him when it was blocked…like special teams can’t quit following Richt around.


    • Olddawg 55

      A pro pos of nothing here but, after the horrific QB play by Easson here on Sunday, it makes you wish for Bobo/Richt on QB development…and play calling. And, Smart apologists continue to blame “lack of talent” for some very poor coaching..e.g., time management at the end of the half..went to the locker room with two timeouts in his pocket. Another note, related to nothing here, but Saturday made note that Tennessee, Miss St, and Clemson all had Georgia born QBs..with Clemson’s backup also a Georgian. Yet another, in all the years I’ve watched Dawg ball, I now find myself worrying with a fourteen point lead and 56 seconds left in the game????!!!! Sorry, just too much time on my hands!


      • Mayor

        Yeah, Kirby screwed up before the half with total lack of time management. The guy is going to lose a game for us before the end of the season with this sh!t.