SEC Power Poll, Week 6


An unexpected bye week for some teams, but overall, it’s hard to see where perceptions changed a whole bunch over the weekend, with maybe an exception or two.

  1. Alabama.  Nick Saban’s defense has scored seven touchdowns in six games.  Overall, South Carolina has scored nine touchdowns in six games.
  2. Texas A&M.  +4 in turnover margin, your opponent has players dropping like flies and you’re still pushed to double overtime at home?  Hmmm.
  3. Ole Miss.  I’m beginning to wonder if I should flip the Aggies and the Rebels here.
  4. Tennessee.  The Vols showed me more in their loss than they have in their five wins.
  5. LSU.  You get the feeling the Tigers are going to milk the postponement by Florida for everything they can get.
  6. Auburn.  Don’t look now, but this is the SEC’s most improved team over the last three weeks.
  7. Florida.  I still haven’t figured out Jeremy Foley’s angle, but, boy, if the Gators finish 6-1 in conference play…
  8. Arkansas.  Exposed.  I haven’t seen a more meaningless 400 passing yards in a conference game since the 1985 Georgia-Florida game.
  9. Georgia.  This is a young, talented team trying to figure out how to play.  With the East being the way it is, that may still be good enough for a nine-win regular season.
  10. Mississippi State.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought MSU played in the SEC East.
  11. Missouri.  Bet they weren’t expecting Florida to have a bye week, too.
  12. Kentucky.  Back on bowl eligibility track, albeit shakily.  Pretty much need to win the next two, though.
  13. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks have yet to score three touchdowns in a game this season.
  14. Vanderbilt.  With one non-conference game left on the slate, 2016 is looking like another long slog.


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30 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 6

  1. jt (the other one)

    I wouldn’t put Ark. ahead of us. They looked listless at home vs. Bama. It wasn’t as close as the score would suggest.

    • I don’t even want to think about what ‘Bama would do to Georgia if the two played right now.

    • Macallanlover

      Arkansas would not beat us as badly as Old Miss would, but it would most likely be about three TDs. We aren’t close to any team in the West right now except Miss State. I am only worried about Vandy now, their run defense isn’t going to be shredded like SC was. Expect another ugly game this Saturday that fans will not be leaving at halftime because we are in control. Our only solid bet for a W the remainder of the season looks to be ULM, and after Nicholls, I may be optimistic.

        • Macallanlover

          Hey, I don’t like it either. Just telling you we may not be a Top 50 team at this point, and we are particularly vulnerable to anyone with a passing attack.

          • PTC DAWG

            We shall see…I see UF and AU as worthy opponents….maybe GT..but they are VERY one dimensional.

          • Will (The Other One)

            Yes, but other than maybe UF if Luke of the River is healthy again, who’s left on the schedule with any semblance of a passing attack? Maybe Auburn, but that’s about it.

            • Macallanlover

              Yeah, my concern with The Barn is what Adams and Lawson will do to our OL. They are both playing wide open and the rest of the unit is sitting there waiting for mistakes. Hope both of them have stomach sickness for our game. I thought Auburn was a W going into the season, I now see them as the team playing much better. We will see as we get into November.

  2. After the way we’ve played the last 2 weeks, I’m starting to like our chances in Jacksonville.

  3. Mayor

    I think Foley is just using Matthew as an excuse to dodge a tough game(worm). The LSU people, too. It will take the Commish to force them to play. If I were the Commish I would tell them that if they don’t play the SEC will count the non-playing of the game as a forfeit for BOTH teams.

  4. Spike

    Boy, Boom sure has mellowed out since he’s the HBC for the Cocks. What gives with that?

  5. Man, that Arkansas quarterback is one tough hombre. The kid took a beating.

    BTW, Bert deserved a good cussing for putting Allen back in the game on that last drive — down 19 with a minute or so left. The guy took one more pounding for good measure.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tennessee sure is having a lot of serious injuries…maybe they should improve their strength and conditioning program.

  7. Comin' Down The Track

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to view it differently and say that Tennessee’s three score deficit nonsense finally caught up with them.

    • PTC DAWG

      Exactly, they could just as easily be eliminated in the East. They are a flawed football team. Much like others in the East.

  8. 69Dawg

    UT is becoming a joke with the talking heads. They say nobody knows how good UT is because they only play half a game. If they ever put together 4 quarters then we will know. UF’s chances are looking good if they can avoid playing LSU. UT is crippled and Alabama is like a shark circling a bleeding survivor.

    • Bazooka Joe

      If Florida does not play the LSU game then I think that should bar them from claiming the east (assuming they win out in the conference and the hillbillies lose another one, which they will this weekend).
      AND….. moving the Georgia-Florida game should NOT be part of the solution. You made your bed gators, now lay in it. They could have played the game Sunday – LSU was willing to fly in and out the same day to play. And don’t give me any of that “the emergency response teams were all on the coast helping with hurricane relief” crap. So was South Carolina’s and they pulled it off just fine. Plus FSU didn’t have a home game so if nothing else their folks could have gone over.

  9. McTyre

    UF and LSU are a bit overrated here if offense is considered a relevant criterion in the games played to date.

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