“This is a difficult play for the umpire to get,” Shaw said.

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Pathetic effort, Mr. Shaw.  Gonna do some more talking, right?


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25 responses to ““This is a difficult play for the umpire to get,” Shaw said.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I guess the play started as a screen, but that’s comical. Sheesh!

  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    hire another official strictly for LOS calls?

  3. mwo

    If that had been UGA on offense, the play would have been reviewed and the player would be penalized for too far downfield, false start, and targeting.

  4. He’s definitely downfield, but he looks like he doesn’t know the play.

  5. 69Dawg

    You know we have PWG (playing while Georgia) well the opposite is PWA (playing while Alabama). Saban doesn’t have time for this.

  6. Cousin Eddie

    wasn’t Saban the one who raised the most noise about this a few years ago? he should be outraged. Can’t wait until Finebaum asks him about forfeiting the game for it.

  7. Castleberry

    USCe had a right tackle 8 yards downfield on a big third down conversion in the fourth quarter yesterday. I’m just slapping my head on these. Maybe they’ll be eligible receivers in a few years.

  8. Uglydawg

    Can’t tell from the video because you don’t see where the WR’s on the right side are lined up, but if they were off the los, then he is an eligible receiver…doubt it, but it’s possible.

    • Big dawg

      Then he’d be looking to catch, not for someone to hit.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Given the formation, it’s impossible for all practical purposes. They were four wide. It looks like the WR was off the LOS on the left, but for argument’s sake, if both men on the right were off the line, then both the WR and TE would have had to have been on the LOS, which would have covered up TE. Given that he’s running a route and not lined up tight next to the tackle, he would still be an ineligible man downfield, the RT notwithstanding. Conversely, let’s say the WR on the left is playing off the line, then in that case, one of the guys on the right must be on the line to avoid an illegal formation penalty. Going off of that, there’s no way the RT was an eligible receiver, so, again…penalty.

  9. jollyrogerjay

    The bama way, and the SEC way. Protect the sacred cow. No reason to have an Alabama man like Shaw and his flunky Ritter in B’ham overseeing the replays. Too much money involved. Watch any bama game, and you will see crap like this all the time. The phantom holding call on the Arkansas lineman on an Arky TD pass, all the while the bama O line is tackling D line players and it rarely gets a flag. The sooner the SEC office gets purged of Alabama allegiances, and moved out of Bham to Atlanta or Nashville the better for the other 13 teams in the league.

  10. Tlkdawg

    I watched this game with a die hard Bama fan and he admitted what we all know. Bama gets away with murder on the field. It has been that way going back to Bear Bryants’ days as coach and it’s never going to change. Ignoring holding calls, late hits, pass interference. You name it, they get away with it. And I’m commenting as someone who likes the Tide, probably my second favorite team. How can you not admire a team that runs the ball down their throats and throttles them defensively? Hope UGA gets there at some point, but I realize we will never be the beneficiary of the calls afforded to the team in crimson.

  11. Change the rule to 1 yard and all of this would stop.

  12. Just FYI, he has a follow up tweet to this. When the QB is clearly throwing the ball away, the refs are instructed not to call a penalty for ineligible receivers. So in this case it was correct to not have a flag. Not that there aren’t plenty of examples out there where it was legitimately missed.

    • I find that to be completely ridiculous as well. The rule is that linemen are not to go beyond 3 yards downfield on a forward pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage (I don’t believe the rule has any exception for a pass that was thrown away). The coach of the defense should have the option of a 5-yard penalty with replaying the down or take the play as an incomplete pass. If that 5 yards knocks a team out of field goal position or puts them behind the chains, tough … follow the rules.

      • Macallanlover

        It is ridiculous, the primary read for some LBs and DBs are the OL, if they release they can come up and abandon receivers. It impacts coverage as well, you cannot ignore it for something that happens later in the play.

        • I totally agree. It’s just another rule or failure to enforce an existing rule to the benefit of the offense to increase scoring. I would never want to be a defensive coordinator now even with Alabama type of talent because defense is really 19 vs 11 in today’s games. You’re trying to stop the offense and at the same time do it with rules tilted against your side of the ball.

  13. 69Dawg

    I thought Steve Shaw said that they changed the official charged with calling it from the Umpire to the line judge because the Umpire could not make the call and dodge all the players that run at him. I guess Steve either lied or just mis-remembered.

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