A few follow up thoughts from the win

  • Sunday’s game was a little frustrating to watch, simply because it seemed like Georgia had several opportunities to bury South Carolina that it failed to capitalize on.  Still, no complaints about being on the right side of a 28-14 score.
  • And Bill Connelly’s advanced stats profiles for Georgia and South Carolina actually make me feel a little better about that, as the Dawgs turned in a mediocre 57% performance in a two-touchdown win, abetted by SC’s sorry 16% showing.  Bringing their “C” game won’t get them past Auburn or Florida, of course, but as a floor with regard to much of the remaining schedule, it’s hard to see how that wouldn’t be enough to prevail against Vandy, Kentucky and a mid-major.
  • Here’s today’s trivia question for you:  when was the last time a Georgia head coach beat South Carolina in his first try?
  • Seth Emerson makes a good point in his second glance piece today about the running game.  On their first 34 carries, Georgia’s backs gained 264 yards (7.76 ypc).  On their remaining 16, only 62 yards (3.88 ypc).  Why the drop off?  Chaney stuck with the multi-tight end/fullback formations and SC loaded the box more and more until they had the bodies to gum the works.  Eason’s poor day made that an obvious strategy; in fact, you wonder what might have happened if the ‘Cocks had embraced that approach earlier in the game.
  • Speaking of Eason, Emerson also notes that the freshman took far fewer snaps out of the shotgun this week than he did against Tennessee.  Again, that just goes to show that Chaney is trying to balance having a competitive game plan with quarterback development.  One thing to keep an eye out for this weekend is how Derek Mason decides to scheme on defense and how Chaney counters.


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40 responses to “A few follow up thoughts from the win

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    We’re back to “Others Receiving Votes” in the polls.That’s always exciting for Mrs. Spradlin. But she went to Wake Forest.

  2. Macallanlover

    And that is my fear….Mason>Chaney. Not saying we don’t have the better/sharper tools when it comes to talent, and won’t prevail ultimately, but last week made me doubt our OC again. Wish he would go to the press box where he could see the whole field. The OL certainly opened better holes on Sunday but SC has not slowed anyone’s run game all year, believe that Vandy will be a sterner test. I think UGA wins, but doesn’t cover two TDs. From what I see will have to earn all remaining Ws, ULM being the one exception.

    • Normaltown Mike

      SCe is bad, but Chaney clearly has been given the OK to zone block and pull his lineman, which is decidedly un-Kirby. Our center and guards are really athletic and can move so running looks better. If Eason can settle down a little and take about half the mustard off those balls he’s zipping, we should be alright.

      • Russ

        Agree. Moving our linemen the around was what was missing earlier. Now that we’re using them to their best abilities, the running should stay better. And Eason will get better, I’m sure if that.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        Stop with this false “changed blocking scheme” meme. It is utter bullshit. Chaney hasn’t been given and “OK” to zone block. The blocking scheme is dependent on the play i.e. every dive is zone blocking, every isolation play is many blocking, every power play is gap blocking. When you have pulling linemen it is by definition a gap blocking play not zone.

    • Russ

      Someone should tell Cheney about the free buffet in the press box.

    • PTC DAWG

      Groundhog Day.

    • Nacodog

      I would share those sentiments were it not for the 10 mile an hour winds our Freshman quarterback was forced to cope with on Sunday. Eason has proven in the past that if our opponents load the box, he can beat you in the air. We should not struggle with a Vanderbilt team that had a worse showing than Mercer against Georgia Tech, in Athens.

      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, those 10 MPH winds are a major issue, don’t know how Orth managed. Seriously, I think Eason has trouble dealing with his feel when any possible pocket issue arises, similar to Lambert. Both seem to be pretty accurate in non-contact situations like you see in practice, seven-on-sevens, etc. Has to get over that, he is a big guy and needs confidence that all pressure doesn’t result in a major hit. We all know he is gifted, and saw him make great throws in the Spring game. He has made some great throws this season, but more often than not he struggles with deep throws to open receivers and misses finding the open guy in his haste to get rid of it.

        • The crux of our passing game woes can be blamed on three simple things, only one of which falls primarily on Eason. The first is that while our undersized offensive line finally seems to be gelling, and therefore playing much better, and the run game is improving because of it, pass protection remains mediocre. Neither Pike nor Catalina seem to be able to block quality, speed pass rushers without help from a TE and a chip or two from a RB/FB. Plus, the interior of the line is being beaten way too often by blitzing LB’s or just overpowered by our opponents D-line. Eason literally has defenders in his face within a second or two of getting the snap, and simply doesn’t have time to find open receivers, set his feet, and make good throws.
          Secondly, as a unit, our receivers have both dropped a lot of passes and simply failed to get off of man coverage too often. Out of respect for Chubb and Michel, not to mention a quickly emerging Herrien, we are going to face man coverage every game from here on out. The WR’s have to do a better job of getting open, and they have got to catch the damn ball when it comes to them. Drops are going to happen, but they occur too often on this team. And some of our receivers are guilty of it way more often than the average Joe. I believe this fact has a detrimental effect on Eason as well. He knows who he can rely on to catch the ball and on whom he can’t. When the latter occurs, especially in a second or third read or check-down situation, I believe this lack of confidence and indecision can result in a significant effect on the QB’s timing and the touch required to complete the pass, sometimes resulting in both overthrows on short passes as well those underthrown on deeper routes.
          Now, sometimes the QB just blows an opportunity and misses an open receiver… shit happens…but I think most can understand my point.
          Lastly, Eason still has a lot to learn about being a QB in the SEC. His mechanics and footwork need more time to develop. He has made some mistakes on his reads and missed on identifying which receiver to throw to. (Ex: McKenzie vs. Wims this past Saturday)
          Another of his obvious weaknesses, and an area in which he needs to improve, is his lack of experience taking snaps from under center and dropping back to pass while keeping his focus downfield. All of these things will come with more playing time and experience. He’s a sharp kid and has the proper mindset to succeed at this level, and he will. The Dawgs are going reap major benefits from turning over the offense of this team to Eason. He’s the real deal and it’s going to be fun to watch these Dawgs when all the lights finally come on for this kid.
          Go Dawgs!

    • Will (The Other One)

      On the flip side, TAMU was leading the SEC in rushing, but didn’t crack 300+ rush yards on SCar (even with a running QB who had more than 50 yds passing).
      Ever since the second half of the Ole Miss game the run blocking has looked a lot better. Yes, Chaney kept running into a packed box late, but I think that was less stubbornness and more noticing that his freshman QB, on a windy day, had a case of the yips, and it was better to play it safe and kill the clock.
      He’s not at peak Bobo levels, but he’s worlds better than Schotty.

  3. Absolutely on Eason and Chaney. It was a great game to get game experience. Every play was a learning opportunity behind center.

  4. fuelk2

    “Bringing their “C” game won’t get them past Auburn or Florida, of course, but as a floor with regard to much of the remaining schedule, it’s hard to see how that wouldn’t be enough to prevail against Vandy, Kentucky and a mid-major.”

    We also have a game against ULL that you left out.

  5. Vandy will probably put 8 in the box to start the game. Since the wideouts seem to have trouble getting open, I’d hope to see more throws to the backs swinging out of the backfield, and short throws over the middle to the tight ends to loosen things up. We’ll se.

    • Noonan

      Moar wheel routes plz

    • The TE’s can’t run pass routes, of any type, because the they’re too busy helping our OT’s block. Better have a plan C. Wouldn’t it just be a more palatable scenario if James Coley would earn whatever they’re paying him and teach the receivers how to get open more often? Life in the passing game would be much sweeter if the line pass blocked a little better and the receivers caught the balls thrown to them.
      If Vandy loads the box like you say, those two things might take on more importance than usual.
      Just sayin’.

  6. Silver Britches

    Trivia answer is Johnny Griffith in 1961.

    And yes, I totally cheated.

    • rchris

      And so Kirby joins the immortal Johnny Griffith in the pantheon of Georgia coaches! You know, if Smart wins out this year, he’ll tie Griffith in overall victories in just his first year.

  7. Parker Swift

    Johnny Griffith! My Dad’s freshman year at UGA, (a brutal stretch for my old man, since he graduated in 3 years).

  8. SlawDawg

    For the trivia question: I believe it was in 1961 with Johnny Griffith as the head coach.

  9. Normaltown Mike

    That’s a trick question, South Carolina “disappeared” all football history and records prior to 2000.

  10. ugadawgguy

    With Vanderbilt’s defense (and their defensive genius of a head coach), they could beat Georgia this Saturday. This is a legitimate possibility.

    • a less talented QB and unmotivated coach against their ( uSC’s) genius and we beat this same team by 32 last year…..I thought we were suppose to get better.with this change. A Richt coached team wins this one by 40. We are moving in the wrong direction. We go as far as Eason can carry us on Saturday….if he throws well enough to unpack the box we can beat the dores but if he repeats Sunday’s performance on homecoming we’re screwed.

      • Normaltown Mike


      • Red Cup

        Wewoof, with regard to CMR you are like Sean Hannity to Trump. People are starting to talk. Get over it. He ain’t coming back.

      • You expected immediate “change”? I hate to tell you this, but with a team this young, and I mean young all over the roster, expectations of anything more than a good start of around 8-4 or 9-3 are misguided. This team is probably another year away from serious conference contention.
        That is, of course, providing we don’t lose a bunch of team leadership by having a bunch of juniors declare for the draft. (Having Chubb and/or Michel return for their senior season would be very cool, but talk about unreasonable expectations!)
        The “change” will produce what we’re hoping for, but it can’t and won’t occur immediately.
        I choose to have faith that this team is on the right path, but that’s just me.

  11. Vandy is terrible on offense. We should be able to control the clock and wear the Dores’ defense out. They haven’t challenged us in Athens recently.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    The hat that broke my heart against UT worked ok against South Carolina, and “believe me” it took real courage to wear it. The Kharmic Bitchez will be busy elsewhere, so I am told.

  13. 69Dawg

    Warning Eason showed the first signs that all the pounding he has been taking is starting to give him the dreaded “Happy Feet”. Once a QB gets them he is never the same, Steve Bradcowski (sic) of the Falcons comes to mind and Lambert. Here’s hoping he settles down but he looked like he abandoned the pocket too soon several times Sunday and he’s not out running anybody in the SEC.

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