“Oh, I’m a little bored,” he said.

Steve Spurrier is tanned, rested and ready.  Just sayin’.


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29 responses to ““Oh, I’m a little bored,” he said.

  1. Spike

    LSU is on line 2.. Do I detect a little self pity from the HBC?


  2. Bright Idea

    Gamecock fans I talked to Sunday aren’t too fond of Spurrier. He quit on them before he actually left and it will take them years to recover. Media still loves him and gives him a pass.


  3. He’s a prick, but I wonder how many games we win this year with that prick as our head coach?


  4. AusDawg85

    Steve, if you want to know what we do with all that talent every year, come coach it. But be sure to have everybody available for the first couple of games, right?


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Coach Ahab, the white whale is still out there.


  6. 81Dog

    He ought to be rested. He quit working in 2012.


    • stoopnagle



    • Macallanlover

      Boy they are a hot mess on talent in Columbia, nd that doesn’t bother me at all. Going to be hard to turn it around and attract recruits with Boom and Roper’s history on offense. Hard to see that CB Williams staying with them if they stagger to the finish, like to switch him back to Athens to play an Imac role if we think he is too short for CB. Kid is a baller.


    • His last few years in Columbia looked a lot like all the other years in Columbia when he didn’t have Lattimore/Clowney.