Understatement of the day

Dan Wolken, on the SEC’s impasse over the unscheduled Florida-LSU game:

It’s quite apparent now that in circumstances where arms need to be twisted in the SEC, commissioner Greg Sankey does not command the same level of deference as Slive.

‘Ya think?

How likely is it he’ll reach that level before November 19th?


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26 responses to “Understatement of the day

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    “P.J. Fleck. The 35-year old has elevated himself significantly this season with the Broncos’ 6-0 start, which includes victories over Northwestern and Illinois.”

    You kidding right. A victory over Illinois elevates your coaching record? The Grayson Rams would beat Illinois.


  2. sniffer

    What does Sankey care if Foley likes it or not? Foley’s gone. Sankey better make a believer out of Florida or he’ll never be respected. I also believe Sankey could get every president to back him up and tell Florida that they would be ineligible for championships in all fall sports if they dont play the LSU game.



    I find myself not caring so much…we gone beat UF. That said, the SEC needs a hard fast rule on how this should be handled in the future…


  4. hassan

    Col. Rhumbus: It is my job to evaluate your character types.
    [looking at his clipboard]
    Col. Rhumbus: I have finished my evaluations.
    Emmett Fitz-Hume: What does it say?
    Austin Millbarge: [glancing at the clipboard] Pussys.


  5. Foley needs to be spanked at least once before he retires. Perfect time to do it.


  6. CB

    For the life of me I cannot understand why this game wasn’t played on Sunday. The weather was perfect in Gainesville, and LSU was willing to postpone for a day. It makes no sense.


    • CB

      Furthermore, I don’t understand why the media is coming down on LSU likes it’s their fault, as if it’s no big deal for them to buy out S. Alabama for $1.5 million and lose the revenue from a home game.


    • Ginny

      I live in Jacksonville, and at the time the game was called off, it was looking like this category 4 hurricane was coming right at us, and even if it was gone by Sunday, the destruction caused could have been too much, even that far inland. There was no way to anticipate if the roads would be safe to travel there, if they would have power, etc. I can only imagine that is what they were thinking too. Once the report showed the slight turn west it may have been too late at that point to reschedule for Sunday. Certainly just speculation on my part, but it was looking really rough in Florida for a while. Thank goodness it turned a little east.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    More important is to change the rule that allows a team to go to the championship game without having played a full conference schedule. Might motivate the foley’s of the future to get those games in.


  8. sniffer

    Uf-LSU Game is on for Nov 19.


  9. Reipar

    I find it humerous we skewer our AD for not publically saying we would not move the cocktail party, but lsu AD is skewered for publically saying they are not giving up a home game.


    • Macallanlover

      You may want to work through all of this, not remotely similar….apples to BBQ sauce comparison.


      • Reipar

        And you may want to actually read the article as opposed to just commenting on excerpts. Lots of interesting stuff you could learn.


  10. Cojones

    Foley has grapefruit pushed into his face. How the hell he gerrymandered the two consecutive home games is beyond my lack of respect for Sankey. Foley caused the uproar by not going to a later hour Sat or playing on Sun. Now, Foley pushes the team and their Coach into the maelstrom by having them visit Death Valley west, already an unwelcome venue, but not without accusing the LSU AD of not cooperating and not even being a part of the agreement; i.e.,” Us big boys didn’t have to have him agree because I dictated the terms.”

    Someone should contact the FU HC and ask him if he thinks LSU needs anymore coon-ass acrimony to arouse the Tigers for the rescheduled game against his team (and that he didn’t have shit to do with) while FU’s AD, Foley, is pointing the finger at LSU’s AD. That oughta’ get’em placated in La.


    • Trbodawg

      Now we just need a late season storm to bear down on Louisiana, mid-Novemberish ( and veer away last minute, so no one is hurt…)