“We fully expect him to play for us on Saturday.”

This may be something worth keeping an eye on for next Saturday.

Fortunately for Vanderbilt, its most consistent offensive weapon should suit up against Georgia this weekend.

Junior running back Ralph Webb is expected to play after suffering an apparent ankle injury a loss to Kentucky last weekend, Commodores coach Derek Mason said Wednesday during the SEC coaches teleconference.

Georgia fans can tell you something about nagging apparent ankle injuries, Vandy.  There’s a big difference between suiting up and being your old self.

To say that Webb is the linchpin of Vanderbilt’s offense may be an understatement.  So far this season, he’s generated 682 yards rushing and scored five touchdowns on the ground. Both put him among the top running backs in the conference.  The rest of the team combined has less than 200 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns.



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8 responses to ““We fully expect him to play for us on Saturday.”

  1. This has UGA/SCU part 2 written all over it.


    • Russ

      Or Auburn-Miss St from a few years ago. That 3-2 thriller that Auburn won on a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the ninth.


    • Macallanlover

      That is what I see as well, except Vandy will be more difficult to run against unless we can hit some passes. I definitely think Eason will have a better day, it is almost impossible to be that far off again. Vandy doesn’t have the same access to drug the UGA water as Boom did in Columbia.

      BCF Toys projects UGA with an 81% chance of winning and a 40% chance of it being a strong or dominant win over Vandy. Their projection is so much like the SC game that they predict the exact same 28-14 score. I will be very happy with that. Th

      They also give Florida the same 81% chance of beating Mizzou. I was surprised that Alabama is only a 78% chance of winning according to them, I feel they are more certain than either UGA or FU, but they are on the road.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I understand the trainers dropped the anchor on Webb’s ankle as they were moving him to the tent.


  3. Bright Idea

    We go into every game hoping something will be wrong for the opponent so we can win. Early start time, hung over from last week’s big game, their coach is a jerk, etc. etc. Now its Webb’s ankle when it really shouldn’t matter because it is Vandy, a team that Tech destroyed. Will we ever gain any confidence in our own program?


  4. Uglydawg

    I hope this…that no Dawg fan ever hopes for an injury to any young man not named Nick Fairley.


    • Debby Balcer

      Amen to that


    • Olddawg 55

      Before every game..as a fan..and as a player and coach…I say a prayer and in that prayer just ask that no player gets an injury. To pray for victory I feel is like asking God to make a choice of His creations.