Blocking. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you watch this highlight clip from the South Carolina game, focus on the blocking — not just the offensive line, but the tight ends, the receivers and (of course) Payne.

I know it’s against a weak run defense, but from a mechanics/fundamentals standpoint, that’s the most consistent blocking we’ve seen on offense all season.  It was easily Tyler Catalina’s best game (whether that’s due to more comfortable weather, a weaker defensive opponent or simply getting better conditioned to play SEC ball, I don’t know).  And you can see why Stanley is getting so much playing time even though he doesn’t have a catch yet this season.

Overall, the o-line appears more comfortable when the linemen are called upon to pull than simply trying to outmaul their counterparts on the d-line.  It also helped that for much of the game they weren’t being crowded by a defense loading the box.  Whatever the reason, let’s see more of that, please.



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11 responses to “Blocking. It’s a beautiful thing.

  1. Kubs and Pyke are so good on the move. It’s a shame they can’t both be at guard where they belong.


  2. Uglydawg

    I hope it isn’t just because SC has a weak run defense. It would be so helpful to see this continue and even improve every week.


  3. lakedawg

    Sorry ugly, but SC is about as bad as they get, but Eason will pick up some of the slack this week against Vandy.


    • Macallanlover

      That is what I think as well. Eason cannot be that bad ever again (feel Boom drugged him), almost impossible, but we will stall on running the ball against Vandy if the passing attack doesn’t click. Would love to see the running game be efficient against a decent defense but the memory of Nicholls just want go away. Drawing some encouragement from the increased movement of the guards against TN and SC, we are much better that way than attempting to be road graders on the offensive front. Eason, and the running game, put enough points up to win a low scoring game.


      • Sanford222view

        It seems to me the coaches have made adjustments since the Nichols game. Running out of formations that spread the defense more often has really helped and gives me hope for the future because they have demonstrated the ability to make adjustments to schemes based on the talent. Now if we can find receivers who can be on the field in both running and passing situations! The ones that can catch struggle mightily in run blocking and the ones that block well seem to have bricks for hands.


        • Macallanlover

          Agree, they have changed it around and it looks better. Want to see it work against a better defensive front this weekend as we will need some success here to beat FU. Looking forward to tomorrow’s test and to see if we effectively throw off of play action. If we can become two dimensional, we can compete in every game we have left, if not, could be a tough finish.


  4. Junkyardawg41

    1, I appreciate the in season adjustments to be able to run the ball.
    2, If you don’t have the ability to roadgrade in the pro set formations, you have to move your lineman (and TEs/WRs) to the point of attack. We have seen more and more the last three games with a lot at USCe. It really helps give the offense an advantage. Defensive lineman are a lot like pocket passers. Whether one or two gap, they are focused on their bubble area. With combo, traps, and G blocks you create different blocking angles versus what they are used to. I expect continued success albeit not as successful as this last weekend.
    Finally, as I was relooking the game above, I forgot how hard and fast Chubb and Michel exploded through the LOS. I think they are both more comfortable running behind the offensive scheme than earlier in the year. Earlier games it seemed there was too much patience in waiting for the lineman to move defenders which allowed gang tackling or the clogging of lanes — which may be supported by the evidence of outside runs in space seemingly were more open than inside runs.
    I’ll caveat this by saying, yeah, USCe is not a good run defending team and my conclusions/observations could turn into a pumpkin by Sunday morning.


  5. tonyqbr

    Something to watch is:

    At home we are only averaging 4 ypc rushing.

    Luckily, Vandy is giving up 5.8 ypc per rush on the road.

    Something has to give.


  6. tonyqbr

    NC, SC, and Ole Miss are among the worst rush defenses in the country (nationally rakned 113, 109, & 105).

    These are also the only 3 games we have averaged over 5 ypc rushing.


  7. Russ2

    Can we start playing the Cocks twice a year maybe 3?