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The greatest penalty of our era

If you need cheering up tonight, this ought to do it.



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A note for all you armchair coaches out there

If I had a dollar for every one of you out there who insisted that Georgia should have spiked the ball in the 2012 SECCG so that the coaches could remind the players not to do what Conley did with the tipped pass, I’d be a richer man.

Too bad your advice doesn’t mean shit in the heat of battle.  Take, for example, what happened on the key play of today’s game, the screen pass Vandy hit to Ralph Webb for a big gain that set up what turned out to be the winning score.

Vanderbilt gained 75 of its yards on one drive: Its first of the fourth quarter, which gave it what turned out to be game-winning touchdown. And it was set up by a play that encapsulated the frustration of Smart, now a head coach but a defensive coordinator at heart.

It was third-and-12 from near midfield. Vanderbilt had been struggling on third downs, and had not pass protected well. Georgia coaches knew that, and anticipated Vanderbilt would try a delayed screen. They would counter by putting one man on the tailback. In fact, defensive coordinator Mel Tucker told his players before the drive started.

But when it happened just the way Smart and Tucker predicted, tailback Ralph Webb was still free, caught the ball, and gained 37 yards down to Georgia’s 11-yard line. The man who was supposed to be on Webb, whom Smart didn’t name, just “got lost in the shuffle” during the play.

“It was a call we practiced for the screen,” Smart said.  [Emphasis added.]

Well, fuck me.

If this game were as easy as we believe it is sometimes, we’d all sign million dollar coaching contracts instead of whining in the comments section of a football blog.



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My advice is to start drinking heavily. 

Is it too soon to start with the gallows humor?  I mean, I hear Shreveport is nice in December.


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Game day thoughts, Georgia-Vanderbilt edition

The over/under for today’s game is 42.5 points.  Take the under, right?

I have a hard time seeing how Vanderbilt racks up a ton of points, barring a horrendous number of turnovers.  Everyone this week has pointed to how well Vandy’s defense has played against conference opponents, but, still, they’re 0-3 in conference play.  The reason for that is that they’ve averaged less than 10 points per game on offense in those three losses.

On the other hand, Georgia is averaging better than 25 ppg against SEC competition. Those averages are about how I see this game playing out.  Georgia’s defense should be fine today, especially facing a dinged up Ralph Webb.

The big question is how Chaney schemes on offense.  I expect to see more of the Tennessee game plan than the one we watched last week, spreading the defense out to keep Mason from loading the box.  It’s still going to be an interesting day to see how Eason copes with a defensive coordinator who’s one of the best at mixing up coverage looks.

As always, offer a silent prayer that there’s nothing about Georgia’s special teams play that draws attention.

Anchors aweigh in the comments section.


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One little quirk about Vandy’s defense

Check out the passing game log.  The worst performance of the season by far came against Georgia Tech, despite the Jackets only completing eight passes.  Tech averaged better than thirteen yards per attempt, which means they did a good job of taking advantage of Vanderbilt defending the triple option by going downfield.

Maybe Georgia can do a little exploiting of its own today if the ‘Dores sell out against the run.


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Your weekly non-Dawg game day post, 10/15 edition

Today’s slate isn’t the most scintillating, but there are a few compelling matchups to keep an eye on.

Georgia Southern

Georgia Tech

12:30 PM

Eh… probably not.



3:30 PM

Can the Vols hang on to the ball?  If not, I foresee a long day.

#12Ole Miss


7:00 PM

Last couple of years, the Hogs have been to the Rebels what Ole Miss has been to ‘Bama.

#2Ohio State


8:00 PM

Every time this season I’ve thought Wisconsin was going into a game it was bound to lose, it seems like it’s won.


Washington State

10:30 PM

Leach’s team is on something of a roll, but that’s a really good defense it’ll play tonight.

Feel free to discuss any other games that are of interest to you.


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