My advice is to start drinking heavily. 

Is it too soon to start with the gallows humor?  I mean, I hear Shreveport is nice in December.


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  1. Doug

    Let it be Birmingham instead. At least the ‘Ham has good restaurants.

    • My dad (UGA ’72, current Birmingham resident) is counting on it, semi-sarcastically.

      I think that’s happening, if we can beat Kentucky and Louisiana-Lafayette.

      There are no guaranteed wins left on the schedule, and Florida and Auburn now look like sure losses. Tech’s a tossup, but I don’t think Kirby and co. know what to do against their mutant offense.

      We are now where Tennessee was in 2009. But worse.

    • stoopnagle

      SEC won’t have that many bowl eligible teams.

  2. Smitty

    Shreveport? You think they will be bowl eligible?

  3. Fire Kirby Smart


  4. Will (The Other One)

    Assuming anything, including getting bowl eligible, with this season’s team is probably a mistake.

  5. This is looking like a tremendous lapse in judgment by McGarity and the money people. There has been NO improvement in this team week over week. At this point, 6-6 is looking like a best-case scenario. Refer to Quote of the Day for proof of status quo.

  6. Bo

    I think it’s great that you guys think we’re getting to a bowl. Glad the glass is half full at your house.

  7. Brandon (Version 1)

    Well, we’ve already equaled last year’s loss total with a better QB.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    FIIRR3EE KIRRBIE!!!11!11!!

  9. Dave

    Listen. Kirby may turn out to be the greatest ever, but right now he looks like an idiot due to his gross mismanagement of the clock on repeated occasions. These are simple scenarios here and he has yet to get it right. 52 seconds….u do not run up the middle then throw a 40 yard completion. The only thing that hasn’t shown improvement this year is this idiocy surrounding our management of the clock at the end of halves. This is not boding well for attention to detail etc.

    • It doesn’t help that we apparently have Fredo as our OC. I love how he calls timeouts or takes late play clock penalties and then yells at players. It’s his fat ass’s job to get the plays in on time.

      And he doesn’t seem to get the concept of sticking with the hot hand. Ridley makes a big play and then you don’t see him for three series. I can count the number of big plays that Chigbu has made this year yet he plays all the time.

      The Son of Beamer might be a worse case of getting a job bc of your last name than Schitty was. Just ugh.

  10. Lol, these comments. See y’all Monday.

  11. Everyone loves the guy who say I told you so, right?

    I told you so. That’s our la. Monroe game.

    For those who say that we’d do our best to win every week. Seriously? If you think that’s the best this roster can do vs. vandy, I don’t know what to tell you.

    McKenzie at TB and Chubb at FB? Really?

    How about that special teams coach? Two panaceas in college ball: fire Richt and special teams coach. It’s the cure all.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Kharmic winter D. I don’t know if I can take it.

    • Jp

      The process there Derek. News flash just because you make mistakes doesent mean you are not ready to play. Sometimes the other guys beats you. Our D played their guts out the entire game . O got 427 with no turnovers . Everyone talks about the 4th down play. Anyone with any brain knows you run it on third when we got a 6 man box , ( except for our coaching staff). Smart is panicking on the sidelines and the team is doing the same . Smart lost the Tennessee game because he chose to ” Sky Kick of 48 yard as Blank kicks it 65 plus all day. He lost yesterday not because our effort was poor . He was badly out coached .

  12. Biggen

    I said we were no better than a FCS team and everyone thought I was crazy…

    UGA is just bad this year at just about every facet of the game. No other way to put it. Only improvement I’ve seen is with Rodrigo today.

  13. Mayor

    Shreveport? Shreveport? This team will be watching the bowls on TV. Maybe they ca beat ULaLa but that is about it. Tech gets well against this team.

    • merk

      And that is not even considering that Kirby and Tucker have 0 experience vs the triple option.

      • SouthGaDawg

        Uh, they actually do have experience with the option. Ga. Southern rushed for over 300 yards in 2011 vs Alabama in Tuscaloosa…

    • Olddawg 55

      I have broken the code!!! Whomever the Dawgs recruit we find a way to coach them into mediocrity! Apologists for the program cite our “NO TALENT'” ROSTER! I cite the lack of coaching/innovation from guys I thought were prime talent..Cheany, et al! And, since the buck stops at the head coach, so be it! Can someone light a fire under the staff?? Folks, don’t even start dreaming about the Gators!!

  14. Tronan

    This season is turning into a friggin’ nightmare. I’m not seeing any improvement over the lackadaisical Richt days. I thought this year would be like the one when Stafford took over. Instead it’s like the one when we lost to Colorado. And that’s bad.

  15. Turd Ferguson

    I’ve been right about Chaney since the UNC game, when I was criticized left and right for calling his ass out even after a win. But this guy fucking sucks.

    • Mayor

      Chaney is a bad OC. But just about the entire staff is bad.

      • DCBasham

        ^^This. Aside fro Smart, the jury is still out on Cheney, Beamer, and Tucker. We’re committed to the Smart interpretation of Saban’s “process” for 4 years, minimum, which is the right move. I just worry that we’re headed for lean times. No guarantee we reach a bowl game this season, and we need that extra practice. And it’d be nice if we get an unexpected win in the games remaining, as the team and the fans need to build up some goodwill. Miserable year, so far.

        • We’re headed for several years of “lean times,” probably extending past Kirby’s brief career as head coach.

          There’s no way even he, with his purportedly superhuman recruiting abilities, can cobble together multiple Richt-level recruiting classes when those recruits are seeing the same crap we’re watching on the field. No way.

          • Chi-town Dawg

            ^^^This is my concern now. If he has to start shooting coaches to buy himself time and/or recruits see the team’s crappy performance, they will start running for the exits to avoid a sinking ship. I think we’ve lost Trevor Lawrence already. Kirby can sell playing time and his vision for 2 years, but after that it becomes real tough if the on field results aren’t there.

    • It’s amazing how he will yell at his players for having to call a TO or taking a late play clock penalty when it’s his fat ass who’s supposed to be getting the play in. And how for instance Ridley will have a big play and then be benched for Chigbu(who has made fewer plays than I have fingers).

      And for fucks sake. He doesn’t like sticking with the hot hand at RB. Him and Beamer should fired tonight.

  16. Herschel Talker

    Maybe we should fire Richt again and see if it works this time

  17. moonpie

    It looks like the team has quit on the coaches. We had a plethora of silly, stupid mistakes and were not able to think of anything different or creative. Our players clearly do not know how to prepare themselves for a game that they are favored to win. It is almost the culture at UGA, regardless of the coach, that we don’t show up to play in about 1/3 of our games each season. I hate to say it because I am glad the coaching change was made, but to date, Kirby is closer to Goff than he is to Saban. I still believe he can turn things around but games like today are almost inexcusable.

    • Dawgtwo

      Muschamp must be mentioned.

    • Mayor

      I didn’t see the team give up so I don’t think the team has quit on the coaches…yet. It was time for Mark Richt to go. Fair of not he had split the fan base. But the suits at B-M and the AB blew the hire. Kirby is just another SOD or Boom. They should have hired an experienced successful HC who could have brought his entire staff with him, too. We hire Kirby and Justin Fuente goes from Memphis to Va Tech without even a phone call from Georgia. A travesty. McCheap needs to be gone at the end of the season for sure.

      • The Truth

        I think you have to get started to give up. This team came out flat, totally out of this game mentally. That is squarely on Kirby F. Smart.

        P.S. I thought it was time to move on from Richt.

      • Jp

        Amen. Hire the guy that put 45 on Kirby with his 3rd string qb . Herman .He wanted the job.

  18. What makes anyone thing we will win 6 games? If we can lose to Vandy we will lose to anybody? What an idiot call.

  19. Jeff Sanchez

    Patience folks!

    As CKS said, he’s turning around a 10 win battleship

  20. greg63

    The only improvement I’ve seen is from the DL. Every single other facet of the team has gotten worse as the season has progressed. UGA should be above hiring a first time head coach. He may end up being fine, but if you’re going to fire CMR (which I think needed to happen) then you needed to hire a proven head coach…not a career assistant (UGA alum or not). His time mgmt at the end of the first half cost UGA a chance for a FG try or maybe even a TD.

    • I’d say that the jury is still out on Kirby. But I wouldn’t be sad if Chaney or Beamer were gone tomorrow. Shit OL. But Jesus Christ. The fat ass is supposed to get the play in on time yet we continue to waste TOs and have execution penalties seemingly caused by the play clock running down. And he refuses to stick with the hot hand at WR or RB. Chigbu must have naked pics of him and he apparently hates Ridley.

      • Olddawg 55

        The communication from the sidelines is reminiscent of when Grantham was signaling plays for the defense. The NHHU offense is useless with the delays from Cheany. Let’s go back to the huddle and if necessary sent a man out with the play…couldn’t be worse!


  21. Bowl Eligible? Very Doubtful? Ky. up there. The Gators in Jax.
    Aubarn In Sanford. Tech Is not a cupcake. Shreveport sounds good.

    What does this do the recruiting: Particularly The ones there today.
    Fromm might be the QB next year. Spring practice is Important.
    Could Chubb & Michel need another year at the college level?
    The OL got whipped again. Seems like the coaches could do something.
    It Is not a work In progress. It Is an unmitigated disaster.Go Figure?

  22. jt (the other one)

    Well I don’t drink…donuts however.

  23. Rick

    On the plus side, this was only the 4th worst performance so far this year (Ole Miss, Nicholl’s and Mizzou were worse). The yards per play differential was 5.6 to 3.5, you win that game 9 times out of 10 when your coaches aren’t super dumb. Progress!

    • Which coaching decision was super dumb?

      • Rick

        No idea, I was gauging from facebook comments, did they call a good game? Could have just been bad luck. It happens.

        • The special teams were an unmitigated disaster, which for UGA is just another day. The kickoff coverage/return and punt coverage/return units lost this game. The time management was questionable at the half, but I wouldn’t categorize that as super dumb as much as just changing your mind after hitting a big play out of nowhere. The fourth down play might have gone for a TD if Chubb seals the edge, but he runs into nothing and the guy he should have blocked tackled McKenzie to end the game. Again, I don’t think that was super dumb. They weren’t going to run up the middle into a nine man front for a yard no matter who ran the ball. Kirby and Chaney will be criticized for that call, but it wasn’t super dumb either. It was UGA’s best shot to run for the first down, considering Chubb and Michel had both been stopped for 0 or less on 15 runs throughout the game.

          The OL is ineffective. There are no WR’s with hands that are over 5’8″, and we have to play an 18 year old QB who hasn’t learned yet that there are 5 available receivers on every play instead of just the one primary and the occasional second read. Combine a bad/lopsided offensive roster with special teams that seem like they are actively trying to work against the team plus refs that call back UGA’s biggest play, but not Vandy’s and you get a one-point Vandy win.

          • greg63

            Regarding the statement about Chubb not sealing the edge or not blocking anyone on that play. He seemed disinterested for much of the game to me, or maybe it was just frustration. The sideline reporter even said something about his teammates trying to get him back in the game.

            • His game is very one dimensional. He’s a one-cut runner that isn’t involved at all in the passing game. If he had Alabama’s OL, he would win the Heisman, but behind a below average OL he has been largely ineffective against better defenses, like Vandy, Missouri, Tennesse, etc.

              • Mayor

                Not really Trey. Chubb ran behind a sub-par OL in Athens his freshman year and the first part of his sophomore year when he was getting 100 yards per game every game. There is something else besides just the quality of the O-Linemen. I think it is scheme. Kirby wants to bulldoze everybody when he doesn’t have the overpowering O-Line to do that. CMR used the “zone-blocking” technique which is more about technique and speed than simple brute force and enough creases happened for Chubb to make his one cut and be off. The blocking scheme used by our new coaching staff requires the O-Line to overpower the D-Line and our guys can’t do it. So Chubb gets stuffed in the backfield. I bet that secretly he is absolutely furious. Michel, too. Both will be gone after this season. What a waste of superior running talent!

                • Both Richt and Smart utilitize both zone blocking and drive blocking. It’s okay to admit that last year’s line with Houston and Theus was better than this line. That’s called reality.

          • Dave

            Changing your mind after a play from nowhere….why run it on first down up the middle then???? So when we hit “the play from nowhere” which we’ve done several times this year BTW, now we have 16 seconds instead of 40. You’re right….this is not dumb….it’s much worse. I can honestly excuse most of what I’ve seen this year. Special teams is a hard swallow but whatever. These stupid clock management decisions that did cost us finally are inexcusable with the money paid. Hire someone to do it if u suck at it. Or improve. I’ve seen neither.

            • Mayor

              I agree Dave. If you are so inept that you can’t make clock management and end of game decisions correctly, take part of your $4 Mil and hire a gifted retired HC (even a HS HC) as a “consultant” to sit in the press box and be linked to you on your headset to tell you what to do. Instead we have Kirby making a fool out of himself on TV on a weekly basis.

              • I think Kirby is what he is: a gifted sideline gesticulator who was great at recruiting to the most dominant football machine of the modern era under Saban.

                Beyond that, well, you said it.

          • Napoleon BonerFart

            Turning Chubb into a fullback on the most important play of the game doesn’t strike me as smart.

            We couldn’t run. Period. But our coaches kept coming with two tight ends and hoping that this time, our like could block them. That would be dumb.

          • Rick

            Fair enough, dumb was unfair. Chaney and Tucker obviously know their stuff, they just aren’t very good coaches. This one should have been a win, Mizzou should have been a loss. That’s football.

            • Mayor

              What about UT? Shouldn’t that have been a win?

              • Rick

                No, that game was a toss up. They were the more efficient team by about 0.3 ypp or so, and if Jalen Hurd doesn’t get cocky at the goal line neither hail mary matters or happens.

                Even so, UT was absolutely the best showing of the year, with UNC close behind. Literally every other game has been garbage.

          • Jp

            Run on 3rd down and get the first with the box not loaded Horrible play calling on Kirby

          • I’d say that Ridley has looked promising but apparently he screwed Chaney’s daughter bc he gets like 3 series a game. I get that he’s a freshman and maybe not a good blocker but it’s not like the running game was working today. I’d rather see him than Chigbu who has made maybe five plays all season.

          • Jp

            You run it on 3rd down when you have the defense backed off. 6 man box if you watch it . Run it out of the gun when they were backed off on 3rd instead of throwing it 20 yards with a minute to go and 2 to. Hard to run it wide on a fast D . The backer scrapes from inside , I don’t think Chubb even saw him . Hell of a play by them. I thought 16 had it for sure .

      • TN Dawg

        Lining up your 150 lb tailback in the I to grind out a tough yard?

        • SlobberKnocker

          I could have stomach that call if it had been a suprise. But after we showed them our call, I just cannot fathom why you go back to it. Seems you have to go to Chubb with Payne in front at that point. And i would’ve gone there to start with…..

          BTW, Chubb blocked no one.

          I’m not a Chaney fan so far.

        • What would have been the better call there? Give it to Chubb to be stopped behind the line?

          • TN Dawg

            A pass to Nauta or Ridley who were eating Vanderbilts lunch?

            • What it comes down to is that our O-line could not be trusted to get one lousy yard against Vandy with Chubb in the backfield. So we tried to get our most elusive guy in space. Bad call? Maybe, but I understand if they felt a pass was 50/50 and Chubb or Michel up the middle or off-tackle was moot.

          • Macallanlover

            Perhaps have our all-world full back in the Chubb position, someone we know can block, then either Michel, Chubb, or even IMac could have picked up the 1st down. Just guessing because I don’t usually argue playcalls on one play, that one play isn’t our problem, but you can pick one of several in every game. No one can blame talent, again, for how we perform. We weren’t “out talented” but once, maybe twice, this year. Period.

          • Jp

            Better call was to run on 3rd down and get the first

        • Chi-town Dawg

          Lining up McKenzie after Vandy called timeout and we still came back on the field with the same formation/play was dumb in my option. Or lining up in a jumbo formation with 2-3 TE’s for most of the first half and running the ball into 8-9 man fronts for little to no gain. Or the poor time management at the end of the first half that cost us points after similar issues in the South Carolina game.

        • Russ

          Yeah let’s use Chubb as the lead blocking back. If only we had a fullback and some big tight ends to block on the edge.

          THAT, my friend, is dumb coaching.

          • TN Dawg

            Who could have predicted Chubb would not be an excellent lead blocker?

            I mean we’ve probably run that play at least one times this year.

            The best time to “try something new” is with the game hanging in the balance.

          • We had trouble getting to the edge using FBs and TEs all game. Chubb was lined up as a decoy at FB, and Vandy bit hard with nine in the box plugging the middle. The play failed because Chubb chose not to block anyone. I guess relying on one of your better players to throw one damn block is where the coaches failed.

            • AusDawg85

              We’ve been feasting on the little toss to Payne when the D keys on Chubb in short yardage. We’ve run it in the red zone and this game out of the shadows of our own end zone. Just saying.

            • Napoleon BonerFart

              Exactly. When your best blockers can’t set the edge, the solution isn’t to do something else. It’s to get other guys to try what your best guys couldn’t do. Genius.

                • Napoleon BonerFart

                  Right. The scheme was sound. Who could have known that Chubb makes a better tailback than fullback. Maybe he should be benched in favor of a tailback that plays fullback better than he does.

                  • Because asking running backs to block is such a foreign concept. Only fullbacks and wide receivers and tight ends and linemen and defenders on a turnover and specialists on punts and kickoffs are asked to do such a specialized task. Hell, even QBs manage to get in the way sometimes.

                    • Napoleon BonerFart

                      Good points. I mean Chubb is a beast running the ball. But if he can’t block, what good is he. Great coaches don’t put players in position to do what they do best. They put them in position to expose their weakness. Chubb probably cost himself getting drafted with his poor blocking today. He should probably come back next year, play second string fullback, and hope to develop enough to go pro.

            • Russ

              Yeah, let’s blame Chubb. He’s been such a malcontent. Might as well bench him.

      • Jeff Sanchez

        Letting Mason troll you into a hail mary instead of a field goal try?

        • I would have kicked it, but I understand sending an iced kicker that you have zero faith in to kick a 50+ yarder could end in a kick six or a blocked FG for six or any number of things that are way worse than an incomplete hail mary and going in to the half which he was content with when the drive started. I think Kirby reverts into ultra-conservative mode sometimes, and as odd as it seems opting for the hail mary rather than the FG there was the more conservative choice.

          • Macallanlover

            A FG was a better percentage play, your kicker has the leg for that. It is particularly a bad call when you send three smurf receivers out for a jump ball. We don’t have the tallest receivers but they are bigger than Godwin and IMac, Chigbu is 6′ 2″, and I think Wims is at least that. I assume we practice that play.

    • Mayor

      Yeah. CKS got the minimum number of points from the yards gained. He’s good at doing that.

  24. ugafidelis

    I’ll take that advice Senator!

  25. sniffer

    So, just how bad is South Carolina?

  26. give him time folks. Hell it is only the first year. I am neither a Richt fan nor a Smart fan, but factions in this fan base is getting absurd. Wait a minute, factions have always been absurd.

  27. I’ve already started at Creature Comforts. I assumed from the beginning that we hired Will Muschamp 2.0 and I’ll be damned if that wasn’t a classic big dumb Will Muschamp kinda game.

  28. Nate

    Kirby is in over his head and these coordinators are a joke. This game (and season) was pathetic and embarrassing considering all the talent we have on the field.

  29. PTC DAWG

    Glass half full here…the rest of y’all jump ship now…y’all are miserable.,

  30. playmakers in space

    That 3rd and 12 play where they pulled off a perfect halfback screen was where everything turned. They even had a chance to keep them out of the end zone, but our defense just folded like a tent. It’s hard to figure out why we keep doing the worst possible thing over and over and over again in big moments like that. Not just bad decision making or play, but the WORST possible decision-making and play. It’s beyond infuriating.

  31. Putrid

    Kirby isn’t showing signs of being a very good coach. Unprepared, penalties, poor special teams, poor decisions, undisciplined, etc. Georgia has much better talent than Vandy. Almost lost to Nichols, blown out by Mississippi, gave away Tennessee game….reminds me of Richt the last 3 years. Richt needed to go but Kirby doesn’t seem ready. Too many resources available at UGA for this trash to be displayed on Saturdays.

    • Mayor

      Nope. CMR was never this bad. CMR lost games by making end of game mistakes and had his team unprepared to play but only once in a while. He won almost 10 games per season for 15 years on average. Kirby is a buffoon who is more like Charlie Weiss–a complete fraud. We’ve been duped.

      • Richt lost to Ron Zook. Twice. And that was during the best five years of his coaching tenure.

        • Mayor

          Mark Richt won 145 games in 15 years at the University of Georgia. He also had a winning percentage of .740 which I believe is the highest in the history of Georgia football. I’m not saying CMR shouldn’t have gone–he should have. He split the fan base. It was time for him to go. But the suits blew the hire and what we have now isn’t as good as what we had before. I wanted CMR gone but I wanted an experienced HC to be hired. The Senator and many others on this blog, including me, were afraid that the idiots at B-M would screw up the hire and lo…it has come to pass. Let’s just hope we can get rid of the guy fast enough instead of Goffing that up for 6 years, too.

  32. Aladawg

    That’s a reach. Maybe Eau de toilet!

    But ” Vandy is a really good team” to paraphrase Coach KS.

  33. Debby Balcer

    I heard a fan yell miss me now from behind me. I guess channeling Mark Richt. Last year this same man was calling him names. We have done better in neutral and Road games so hopefully Florida won’t be as painful.

  34. I hate losing and losing to Vandy is always inexcusable, but didn’t we know this was going to a process? Did we really think CKS could come and take the half-baked disaster of recruiting efforts the last three years and work magic, while at the same time ripping out the gangrene culture of mediocrity left by the last crew and building a winning culture, while at the same time learning how to be a head coach? 2019 is the year … write it down. I’d rather lose now while CKS takes time to instil his winning perspective and teach this team to do things the right way. The wins will come. When CKS is done with all this, UGA will be the powerhouse we are meant to be. And Vandy will tremble.

    • Russ

      I hope you’re not driving a motor vehicle.

    • Aladawg

      Yep it’s all Mark Richt’s fault. Nichols State, Vandy, UT, but the UNC, Mizzou Ending and So. Car. were great coaching. Give him time and he will beat Vanderbilt.

      Facetiously y’all.

      • The web cranks up every now and then about the as of yet unwritten story that was last year’s dumpster fire of a coaching staff. If Richt can make that degree of disastrous personnel decision in his 15th year, it is a) utterly unrealistic to think CKS would get it right the first go round and b) completely likely that he’ll get better. He’s been around greatness and knows what it looks like and feels like and it will take some time for that to leak into the Georgia Way. Personally I don’t think it’s all on the coaching staff, I think it’s residual culture they are working to eradicate. But, if we get three times Vandy’s yardage in 2019 and still lose to them, I’ll admit I was wrong about something.

  35. Macallanlover

    I am willing to give Kirby a chance to learn on the job, primarily because we now have no choice since McIdiot and the influential boosters botched the call and decided to take a huge, unnecessary risk, when other options were available, but I am not willing to wait on the Chaney disaster. We could take the Wake, Vandy, or BC offensive coordinator for Chaney and I am not sure it would be a downgrade at this point. Kirby should not hitch his wagon to this offensive staff.

    • dawgman3000

      Totally agree Mac. The Cheney experience is not working, and I do not think better talent solves poor play calling.

    • I agree. And part of learning on the job is deciding when to cut bait. The verdict is out on how Kirby will handle this. All the result of McIdiot making the decision that he did. My fingers are crossed that he got lucky, but really what choice do I have?

    • Chaney’s fat ass can’t even get the play calls in on time. And apparently Ridley screwed his daughter bc he makes a play and heads right back to the bench for more of the Chigbu experience.

  36. Time for an existential post, Senator

  37. FivePointsDawg

    Three points away from being winless at home. That’s piss poor when two of the three teams are Nicholls and Vandy. I don’t care who the coach is.

    This team has zero identity. Zero discipline. Zero improvement. Zero consistency. Zero urgency. Yes we have a talent deficiency, but a lot of this is coaching.

    Yes I was on the fire Richt wagon. He wasn’t the answer and still isn’t. The way things have started it doesn’t seem Kirby has all his ducks in a row. Today was a prime example of bad coaching and mismanagement.

    Just take the beginning of the game for example. Allow a kick return to the two. Paired with another offsides on the kickoff. Followed by an illegal substitution penalty. All within 15 seconds. Think about that, the last two plays inside Sanford was almost back to back touchdowns. A hail Mary and an almost kickoff return. That’s mismanagement. It also shows up with the play calling. Why do we even line up in the I formation? Especially when we had three successful plays out of the gun then go to the I!?! I’m not even going to get into clock management, that’s a complete and total mess.

    2-2 last four games vs Vandy. Like Bill Parcells said, ” you are what your record says you are.” We are Vandy with more talent.


  38. TN Dawg

    “Give him time” is a fair statement for a coach taking over a 4-8 team.

    A 10-3 team, well….

  39. Russ

    I’m no Bama fan, but I hate Tennessee. I can’t stand listening to those hillbillies sing “Floppy Cock” 937 times a game. I hope Bama beats them to a greasy pulp.

  40. tonyqbr

    I sadly predicted correctly:
    1- Chubb & Michel would struggle–Check
    2- Special teams would have a major disaster- check
    3- low scoring affair- check
    4- we would not score more than 20 on Vandy- check
    5- Vandy’s D would be better than expected – check

    That said, it was nice to see Chaney make the 3 changes I suggested for Eason:
    1- short quick passes to get Eason in rhythm
    2- focus on accuracy
    3- limit interceptions by placing the passes lower

    It worked as Eason completed 67%, no turnovers, and raised his yard per pass attempt from 1.7 last game to 8.6.

    Eason completed a clutch 4th and 13 late in the game.

    Eason improved a lot against a very good pass defense.


    1- Can’t believe Chaney had nothing effective to stacking the box to stop the run.

    Chaney also showed them his play before the Vandy timeout, and stayed with same play and formation after the timeout.

    Chaney cost us the game

    2- the opening 95 yard special teams return. You almost always lose when you give up a cheap one on special teams.

    That said, glad to see the team airing it out, that will attract top WR and OL recruits.

    • Noonan

      3 – Fielding a kickoff on the 3 yard line and stepping out of bounds.

      • tonyqbr

        We got schooled pretty much on special teams.

        They directionally punted well, we had no answer like 2 guys back in a split.

        McKenenzie fielded one on the run, and ran backwards. Should have let it ride.

        Opening kick off return.

        And yes, the fielding on the 3 by 81 was a bad decision too.

        On a positive note, hands off to field goal coach Butler, our field goal kicker looked like a new man.

  41. Here is some humor: next time we’re 4th and 1 let’s run it with the smallest dude on the team while our best RB is used as a FB. It’s funny because no D1 OC would think that’s anywhere close to the best play choice for a game deciding 4th and 1.

    • tonyqbr

      I like the play call, in the hands of your best playmaker,
      but Chaney should have ditched the play after Vandy’s timeout when they saw McKenzie in the backfield and gone to something else.

      Say like, spread them out, and throw to a TE or FB.

      Qb bootleg run pass option would have been golden.

      • Russ

        Yeah, because Chubb has done so well as a lead blocker all year. Right?

        Again, the only person that can stop Chubb is Chaney, as he’s shown all year.

        • tonyqbr

          Until today, I thought something was wrong with Chubb, but seeing every RB struggle, yep, it’s Chaney.

        • Chubb had 40 yards on 17 carries today. It seems like Vandy did a pretty good job stopping him.

          • The Truth

            I certainly still believe Nick Chubb is as high-character a player as you’d want on your team, but a few times this year you get the sense he’s on the field with the idea, “I worked my ass off to get back for this?” He’s done too well in some situations to seem to be a total non-factor in others. And the line is still mostly horrible with some rays of hope, but he and the line just can’t seem to get in sync. It’s the job of the coaching staff to get them in sync.

    • AusDawg85

      That play is called “Carlton Thomas”. Chaney found it in a bottom drawer and thought it looked good.

  42. I said we would win handily without special teams issues and turnovers. No turnovers but also none created. Special teams are a disaster (worse than they ever were with the previous guy). Chaney is a big fat failure. I officially nominate 3rd & Tucker for the Lexicon.

  43. sniffer

    If your not sufficiently nauseous,
    check out the game stats. You won’t believe who won..

  44. 92 grad

    I did not watch the game, just listened to the radio broadcast. Without seeing anything, it sure seemed to me that EVERYTHING would be normal and the team would be nearly lights out good if we had a top-10 offensive line. Seems that we would survive the special teams gaffes and the kicking game woes just fine and everything else would just “click” like it’s supposed to. Am I way wrong?

  45. "The" ChilliDawg

    Hey, Ray Golf is on the line… wants to know if he can get his old job back? Somebody let him know that Greg McGarity is busy talking to his search firm to see if he can get a refund. It does sound like Mark Richt might be laughing in the background, though.

  46. Normaltown Mike

    Eason missed two TDs today. The Decision to start Eason over GL is about the future,but it sure sux right now

    • Russ

      Over 300 yards passing today. Eason isn’t the one calling all those imaginative plays. He’s not the problem.

      I can remember 3 throws to Nauta. One should’ve been incomplete but we got the lucky carom. The second one was a big gain, and the third was a touchdown. Good thing we quit throwing to the TEs and went back to our between-the-tackles running game.

  47. The ghost of Kevin Ramsey

    Thanks, Don Leebern.

  48. Jp

    We could have had Herman . He scored 45 on Kirby with the 3rd string qb
    The sky kick vs U T is on Kirby.( he lost that game ) Throwing on 3rd and 1 with a minute to go is just Kirby Dumb . Jacob Eason is our best player but UGA needs to run the spread offense with a running qb. Look at Bama and Ohio st Clemson Louisville Ole Miss and the list goes on. When the best team in the land gives up 40 to Clemson and 40s for the last 2 years to Ole Miss and the switches to a dual threat qb that tells you all you need to know . UGA admin is a fucn joke

    • We could have had Herman.

      This is a popular assumption, but it is pure UGA fantasy. Even if Herman wanted to come to UGA, is someone from the Urban Meyer tree really significantly better than one from the Saban tree? Addazio and Mullen thank you for your confidence.

      • Jp

        Yes dip shit the guy that scores 45 on our head coach with his 3rd string qb is better you dumb shit

        • Jp

          Trey you never played past pop warner did you punk

            • Jp

              You got schooled Herman scored 45 with the 3rd string qb that is better dip shit. That needs to be ur ne handle at dip stit . Com

              • This is not as good of an argument as you think it is. What Ohio State did in 2014 to Alabama means nothing about today. Herman just lost to Navy. Houston does not control its own destiny in its division in the American Conference. But, don’t let me keep you from believing the outcome of one game two years ago when both were assistants proves beyond a shadow of a doubt which will be the better head coach five or ten years from now.

                • Jp

                  Houston had been a mediocre AAC team and he goes 18 -2 with wins over Louisville, Florida State , Oklahoma and oh Vanderbilt 34-0 . Using a converted wide receiver to play Qb . But keep showing your knowledge to us here . What team of those above can we beat. And don’t say Vandy . Who has better talent UGA or the Cougs

  49. Scorpio Jones, III

    In case nobody feels bad enough…Bama just returned a punt for a touchdown making 41-10. Against Tennessee…this was Butch’s big year, many, many seniors, beat Georgia, and then…

    Geez you guys, do you realize how far behind Bama we are? But we hired one of his assitants, so that means….something? amirite?

    Bama’s defense has now outscored UT’s offense 14-10.

    Lane has not looked up from his play chart, and won’t, he’s still got work to do.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Oops….49-10 They got another guy whose really big and really fast.

      • Uglydawg

        And I love seeing them pound the ‘billys….But did you catch the end of that run? He went over and got in some Tennessee fans faces… penalty called.
        If we get that consideration (yeah..sure) we win that game against TN.

    • Mayor

      If UT doesn’t connect on that hail mary UT is 4-3 and completely out of the running for any titles.

  50. Russ

    Well, at least Blankenship seems like he found his mojo. Maybe Butler’s help is finally sinking in. I wish Kirby had let him try the 54 yarder at the end of the half (and not just because it would have provided the winning margin). I think it would have been huge for his confidence if he could have made it.

    Eason seemed a little more settled, too. The passing plays seemed well planned for easing Eason into a groove, and I’d say it worked with over 300 yards passing. He still needs to work on his accuracy.

    Beyond that, I thought the field looked good. Kudos to the ground crew.

    • sniffer

      Beyond that, I thought the field looked good. Kudos to the ground crew.

      That is some seriously good gallows humor, my friend.

  51. sectionzalum

    Lord Scowl (Kirby) first met the team when McGarity’s “search firm” allowed the announcement of the new coach, and told the team – with thumb and forefinger held aloft demonstrating a very short distance – that the difference between UGA and Bama was “this close.” Suggesting, one would suppose, that the Scowl was gonna fix that.

    I await wisdom……

  52. Ray Goff

    Freshman QB makes it tough. Look at the last series on either first or second down. Chubb was so wide open in the flat he would have scored if Eason turned his head. Shit happens. Of course, Alabama is having no trouble with their true freshman QB. Maybe we should have hired Lane Kiffin.


    The Senator is correct. Whiskey is the answer…

  54. Russ

    Dang, I really wanted Bama to tack on that last TD to make it 56-10. Now my hope is that Tennessee wins out to go to Atlanta and get that ass waxed again.

    • The Truth

      Yeah, that might make a horrible season more palatable, to see UT get their asses handed to them by Bama twice. I’m starting to think that Bama-Ohio St. champ game is going to be a classic (unless Wiscy does something to screw that up in the next 3 hrs).

  55. I’m convinced that my fears about Chaney were all true.

  56. and yes….alcohol may be the answer to finish this season out. I prefer bourbon.

  57. Mark Richt

    Miss me now?

  58. 3rdandGrantham

    Hey guys, well, you all know I’ve been a sunshine pumper for CKS since his hiring. Well, I have to admit that I’m now officially very worried about him as HC at UGA. Simply put, we are an utter disaster in so many facets of the game. Worse yet, we aren’t improving a lick, and in fact have gotten worse in some areas.

    I’m certainly not ready throw throw in the towel on Smart 1.0, but again I’m very nervous about what might lie ahead for UGA.

  59. Nate

    Please change the quote of the day…CKS preaching about undisciplined players is really starting to grate my nerves. If he doesn’t take a step back and look at the coaching this season we are in for a rough few years.

  60. Unprepared

    I think Kirby learned more from the year he coached under Richt than he learned under Saban based on what I have seen so far.

  61. Bulldog Joe

    A noon start means another lazy, half-assed effort.

    Again, it’s ground dog day.

  62. Things are never as good as they seem after a win, or as bad as they seem after a loss.

    This definitely seems to be a “lost season”, but how much did we really expect from a 1st year HC in a new job?

    He may be the wrong hire, his staff may be wrong, or both. Who knows. We give him a fair amount of time and see what happens. If he can’t deliver, we make a new choice. Kinda simple, no? Way too early to be freaking out. Not too early to be bummed though.

  63. Joe

    Anybody else remember Saban’s first year at Bama?

    I’ve followed this blog for a very long time but seldom comment. I just sit back and enjoy everyone else’s comments.

    I have to say, this is about what I expected out of this team. I have no doubt it will get better, but everyone else’s thoughts that this should be a 10-2 in Kirby’s first year almost had me convinced…..almost.

    • Little Nicky inherited a dumpster fire from Mike Shula, and that’s an insult to dumpster fires. Nick also had a national championship under his belt when he showed up in T-town.

    • Bob

      A lot of us are constantly reminded about what Nick inherited. I will tell you what he inherited. He inherited programs at LSU and Bama that had losing seasons when he took over. Those programs won 28 games in their previous 4 years. Alabama had been on probation. Kirby inherited a team that won 40 games the previous 4 seasons. I realize the cupboard was bare when he arrived and it will take a couple of years to recruit to the level of Vandy and Mizzou and Nicholls. Some of us are tired of the excuses that started after the hiring. This schedule is about the same as last years. Ugly wins beat ugly losses.

      Now having said all that, we do not need a damn divided fan base half way into the first year. Mark Richt lost today to a team we whupped a few weeks back We need to put that behind us. I didn’t like how the firing was handled and how the hiring was conducted, but Kirby is our coach and now is not the time to abandon ship like crazy.

  64. First I agree with all of the criticism of Coach Kirby.
    Second: The Dawgs are more talented than their record indicates.
    They should be winning some games not heading for the basement.
    As mentioned before: Coaching Is the key & that is what Is missing.

  65. W Cobb Dawg

    One helluva embarassing loss. Somebody’s head would be rolling if I were HC.
    – Somebody explain why we continue to play Reggie Davis. The guy rarely produces and has a history of mistakes and drops.
    – Can you demote an assistant during the season and promote one of the quality control staff? If so, I’d consider demoting Beamer. How could we possibly get any worse on STs?
    – Perhaps have Coley take over play calling and put Chaney in the booth?

    I’d sure as heck make it clear to the O staff and Beamer that their jobs are on the line.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Not to bang on the kid, but I had the same fuzzy recollection about Reggie. Can somebody remind me of his previous “greatest hits”?

      I think of him as another Jonathan Rump. Looks great but never clutch.

  66. Dawgtwo

    Nobody expected us to win it all, but nobody saw it getting this bad, either. We are right there with Kentucky and Vandy as dregs of the SEC.

  67. 69Dawg

    Lets just admit that some of us were right about Kirby. He is not a very good coach when he’s not coaching Alabama. Alabama is not missing Kirby at all. Pruitt has the defense scoring more than their opponents. We are looking at a walk through the desert like UT. Hope it won’t be a wasted 3-4 year journey but we won’t know until it’s too late.

    • Normaltown Mike


      September 6, 2016 at 1:31 PM
      Areas of concern. 1) Wide receivers lack of separation. 2) Left Tackle when speed rushed. 3) Not setting the edge on defense even though we were holding back to make sure the NC QB didn’t hurt us when he scrambled. 4) TE’s having to be used as blockers rather than receivers (same as last year).

      If we play any pocket passers I think we will be ok on the rush. I give Eason a pass on not seeing the check down receiver because he is a freshman but Lambert is a 5th year QB. I think as long as we play both QB’s the other team is going to load the box when Lambert is in and when he passes the Oline has to block too many at the LOS. With Eason, especially now that the opposing DC’s see his ability to sling it, you won’t see any more single high safeties. If they do it Eason will destroy them. We need to work on the short passing game to the RB’s and TE’s and just let the WR’s fly.

      New thought on our record this year 10-2 regular season loses to Ole Miss and either UT or UF but not both.

  68. Will Trane

    Smart should make these changes.
    Come Monday I release Beamer.
    Special teams have been an issue at UGA for decades.
    Notre Dame let a defensive coach go.
    Bring him back.
    The joy stick.
    The guy makes too many poor decisions on fielding balls.
    And he is just too damn little to play.
    Herrin should have been the back.
    Next guy to go is the runnings back coach.
    We have the worst blocking running backs in the conference.
    Get rid of Del McGee.
    Get Thomas Brown back.
    Put 8 back to field punts and kickoffs.
    Tell 7 if he misses another tackle he sits for a quarter.
    Clean up your sideline. There is just way too damn much bullshit on it re players and coaches.
    Nest tell your OC to get his damn plays on schedule, loss 50 pounds during the remaining game, and for the entire offense to stop playing like a bunch of pussys.
    Do not start Eason in Jax. Little the high school player sit for a quarter, win or lose.
    Remind him there is a QB coming in who can run and throw.
    He is not in Washington but the SEC. Get his technique moving.
    He looks for big plays only.
    Several times he had Chubb or under receiver open and he never went to him.
    He acts like throwing a pass to a back who is not downfield is a damn crime.
    Most of all it would help him most if the special teams could figure out field position.
    That means firing Beamer and parking 16

  69. Bill Brasky

    Hard to understand why McGarity jumped into bed with K.Smart so quickly (like a bitch in heat) without even trying for, say, Justin Fuente or Tom Herman. Starting to feel like we’re the Chargers who just drafted Ryan Leaf. God help us all.

  70. Concrete Feet

    What the hell makes you think we’ll have a bowl to go to?

  71. alcohol works. I’m drunk, and at this point I don’t care anymore.

  72. Gene Simmons

    I hope I am wrong, but this feels like RAY GOFF 2.0

  73. Hardcoredawg 93

    2018 is the season I am looking for us to be a solid football team.

    Eason will be a Junior and Fromm waiting in the wings
    We should have more depth all over the field
    All players that long for the old Georgia Way will have moved on- one way or another
    Kirby will be more experienced and settled in (clock management, etc.)

    If we are not a better football team in 2018 than we were in 2015, that’s when I will be concerned about Kirby.

    Until then, I’m going to try and stay optimistic.

  74. Bigshot

    No reason to get ready for a weather change. They already know what Athens is like.

  75. fmdjr

    Smart talks of turning around a battleship. Seems to me like he’s trying to turn around a submarine. With no periscope.

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