One little quirk about Vandy’s defense

Check out the passing game log.  The worst performance of the season by far came against Georgia Tech, despite the Jackets only completing eight passes.  Tech averaged better than thirteen yards per attempt, which means they did a good job of taking advantage of Vanderbilt defending the triple option by going downfield.

Maybe Georgia can do a little exploiting of its own today if the ‘Dores sell out against the run.



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4 responses to “One little quirk about Vandy’s defense

  1. Vandy is going to try to do what they did in Nashville last year. Make someone other than Nick Chubb and Sony Michel beat us. It would be a good day to see IMac get loose with a punt return. Also, it would be a very good day for The Kid to get his legs under him early and play well.


    • J-Dawg

      This would be a great opportunity to turn Blazevich, Nautta, & the other tight ends loose, plus use the size advantage on defense and keep hitting them in the mouth. We need to dominate in this game.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, that worked well and we have been offensively constipated in similar ways. Good news is Vandy remains inept offensively so we don’t have to succeed greatly, just not get loose with the ball or screw it up on STs. Like last week, could be painful to watch us struggle, but perhaps we see some improvement in critical areas to help us have faith about JAX.


      • Olddawg 55

        Well, it’s been over for about four hours and try as I may, I can’t find any thing other than Eason’s overall production to even smile about. The apologists for Smart will say it’s his first year as a head coach, it’s the “system” they’ve not learned, he was left with no “talent”. Well folks, if you can’t scheme a gameplan against Vandy then who?? Cheany, if it was his plan alone, blew it time and time again, Pittman’s line was pathetic, and Beamer’s special team sans Blakenship, was terrible. When does someone say it: we have a coaching crisis. Anyone up for Florida?