“Georgia’s makeover looks more like a decline.”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Jeff Schultz is enjoying himself.

Nothing says thoughtful analysis like drawing ultimate conclusions seven games into a career.


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55 responses to ““Georgia’s makeover looks more like a decline.”

  1. Greg

    Pretty sure the team has not improved in any area to date. A complete failure on the staff imo….no identity & no direction. I would not be surprised if he gets worse. Thank you Greg McGarity…..

    • Greg McGarity had nothing to do with an OL that can’t get a yard when it needs to, small WRs, no QB on the roster so we have to play an 18 year old, and 1 upperclassman on the 2 deep DL.

      Kirby might well turn out to be a bust (my confidence isn’t what it was), but this type of purge year was inevitable, regardless of who the coach is. Herman, Richt, Fuente, etc. would all have struggled this year.

      This is just a poorly constructed team that has some top end talent, but ultimately isn’t good enough to win when they make mistakes.

      • Sure, there are talent deficiencies that hopefully will be addressed with recruiting. The problem I see is that other than the defensive line and maybe the ILBs, no other unit looks particularly well coached or well schooled in the fundamentals.

        • I think the secondary once Baker was inserted has been fine too. OLB has been a major disappointment.

          We’re just not explosive or sound enough on offense to put anyone away.

          • If we were going to put Briscoe back in this week to replace Baker (who I assume was hurt), I would have rather taken my chances with Hardman to see what he could do. On the pass on Vandy’s TD drive in the 4th quarter to get them to midfield, Briscoe did his best Bryan Evans imitation and gave the guy a 5-yard cushion 15 yards downfield. Another guy ran by him and dropped what probably could have been a TD earlier in the game.

      • Chi-town Dawg

        The team has talent issues and no one honestly expected more than 8-9 wins. But no way they should lose to Vandy at home, struggle to beat a division II team and suffer a record setting, embarrassing defeat to Ole Miss. This team is regressing in most areas each week, not improving, so yeah I’m very concerned. Even with a weak schedule 7 wins is probably our best case scenario.

        • Totally agree. The growing pains are worse than I expected.

          • Chi-town Dawg

            My other concern now is recruiting. If Kirby has to start shooting coaches to buy himself time and/or recruits see the team’s crappy performance, when will they will start running for the exits to avoid a sinking ship. I fear we may’ve lost Trevor Lawrence already. Kirby can sell playing time and his vision for 2 years, but after that it becomes real tough if the on field results aren’t there.

            • Puffdawg

              Holy crap guys, step back from the ledge. 7 wins? Firing assistants? Yea, it’s ugly right now. But as a Bluto mentioned, we’re only 7 games in to Kirby Era. We beat what looks like a pretty good UNC team and we more or less beat a better than average Tennessee. Simma down now.

            • D.N. Nation

              I’m willing to be there’s absolutely no correlation between on-field struggles and recruits jumping ship, at least in the immediate. I mean, even that trash 2012 Auburn team ended up having a good recruiting year. You can just as easily say that recruits will see how easy it’ll be to get PT.

              • Chi-town Dawg

                Agree which is why I noted that he has 2 years of selling playing time and vision. Recruits won’t shy away right away, but they may feel differently if the same problems persist at this time next year.

        • rchris

          Vanderbilt has talent issues. We have a guy rated 90 or better coming out of high school to put at almost every position on the team. And I know recruiting rankings don’t mean sh!+, but why would our recruits all be overrated while everyone else’s is underrated? Coaching has to figure into this as well.

      • Greg

        yet this team won 10 a year ago & McGarity made a change……so yeah, I am holding McGarity accountable. Coaching matters…..we did not get better, nowhere!

        • 10 wins and didn’t finish in the top 25. Keep hanging your hat on the weakest 10 win season in college football history to make you feel superior.

          • Greg

            Okay….how about 40 wins in the last 4 years?? – “Coaching matters”, not excuse to be playing the way they are other than the staff that is leading them. No direction & no identity….hope to see a miracle.

          • DawgPhan

            Well right now I am hanging my hat on a really bad 4 wins….and looking at losing to all 4 rivals this season.

            So yeah, I might pine for the days of beating tech and auburn

            • Greg

              Hope I am wrong, but gonna need an overhaul. Hope to see another MNC in my lifetime. We were much closer with the previous staff imo.

              • PTC DAWG

                Time will tell, not half a season…step,back, take a breath.

              • Chi-town Dawg

                As much as I’m starting to have serious concerns about the current staff, there was no way the previous staff was going to win an MNF. They certainly weren’t without their share of major issues.

                • Greg

                  I liked our DC…and I liked our HC. Pretty sure our OC was gonna go regardless. Either with MR calling plays or another OC (proven)….I like our chances better than they are now. We have regressed…..

                  • Chi-town Dawg

                    I also liked our DC, but he wore out his welcome with BM and was gone at season’s end. The OC was a waste and also gone and I’d put the OL coach in the same category. I liked CMR as a person, but he had taken us as far as we were gonna go under his leadership, which is why I think a change of scenery was good for all parties.

              • Debby Balcer

                We do not need to turn into Tennessee in a search for a national championship. I love Richt but the last thing we need to do is start playing musical coaches. Let them have time to build a foundation.

            • And a UNC win. Of course, UNC hasn’t really beaten anyone.

      • 1smartdude

        Sure, after all Vandy has recruited so much better than we have……give me a break.

    • lakedawg

      What has happened to JC and Chili, really miss their perspective on this mess we have gotten into.

  2. Red Cup

    Well, we have not been prepared to play for 3 of the 7 games we have plated. How does the team that played UNC and Tenn play that way? Perhaps the players have not bought in. Don’t tell me that we have holes in OL. Certainly our OL recruits have been better than the Vandy DL recruits revert year for the last 5 years. Our only hope is that the OJT works for CKS. Thanks for the national search ADGM

    • Tronan

      “Certainly our OL recruits have been better than the Vandy DL recruits …”.

      I think we’ve all been operating under this assumption, but based on how they’ve played in college, it looks like we’ve been wrong.

  3. “Coach’s decision” – those 2 words speak volumes …

  4. Ben

    If you try to turn a country club into a power lifting gym, then a few bones are going to get broken.

    To me, his honeymoon is over (was ending quickly at Ole Miss). If there isn’t any improvement, we may drop our big three to close the year, and then he’s got a long offseason. At the first misstep next season, people will be ready to fire him, too.

    When we lay down to sleep at night, we’ll know that we’ve got a staff that is squandering an all-world RB who we thought could be a Heisman contender.

    • Mayor

      That’s the thing that bothers me the most–squandering Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, the best 1-2 tandem at RB in college football. Particularly after Chubb worked so diligently to get back to 100% healthy. I am sure he is thrilled by what is going on.

  5. 86BONE

    No Comment……

  6. Puffdawg

    I got the same feeling reading that yesterday, fwiw.

  7. what the fuck was Chaney thinking on that final Offensive play, you take your stud RB and make him a FB and send a kid that may weigh 160 soaking wet with pads to try and grind out a yard against a team that has not allowed anything in the run game….smh, that is the worst play call in the last 20 years at UGA

  8. dawgfan

    Smart is a hired gun and will make more money this year than a lot of UGA fans will make in years or even a lifetime. He should be held accountable for sloppy and undisciplined play, questionable game time decisions, and not being prepared, especially when it continues each week. Schultz and Bradley are both known for being excellent at going on the battlefield and stabbing the wounded. The best way to stop the criticism is for Smart to get UGA’s act together.

  9. The comparison has to with the approach to playing the games. That is the beginning and end of the comparison.

    Saban approaches football from a perspective of physically dominating the other team not tricking them. They show up and say this is who we are, deal with it. This requires superior talent. Against similar or even slightly lesser talent it doesn’t look very good. It also takes time to create the identity within the roster.

    At times (like against Missouri) they’ve gone away from “the process.” Against Nichols and Vandy they’ve been extremely stubborn in forcing the run.

    In short, while an imperfect comparison, the first year struggles at lsu and Alabama are informative.

    The unanswered question isn’t whether the first year looks the same (they do). but rather whether the second year looks similar.

  10. Bright Idea

    Kirby appears sold on the turning the battleship plan at the expense of this season’s record and perhaps next year too. We will have to live with it in the meantime and do the only thing that we can control, HOPE.

    • Gaskilldawg

      Sure wish McGarity told us Hartman Fund members in February that the plan was to sacrifice this year and next year. I thought when I stroked the check that we would actually be trying to win this year. We can control whether we send money.

  11. The ADGM and B-M honchos are the poster boys of this season.

  12. And what do you expect from Jeff Schultz. He and his gang at AJC are the antithesis of Georgia.

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