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“… and that’s why you lose to Vanderbilt.”

Presented without further comment.


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“…when Kirby gets it going.”

Over at Dawg Post, Dean Legge is serving the Kool-Aid straight up, but this is by far my favorite quote from his post:

“Man I’m pissed,” one said. “What the f&^% was that? How do you lose to Vanderbilt? That should never happen. It just should’t. What was that play call on the final drive? Running that same play after Vandy called timeout is just insane. Just frustrating. Kirby has got to get better at clock management. Its cost them a game now. It nearly cost them the Tennessee game. The stuff before the half… I didn’t get that. Now, this is what happens with first-time coaches. They have to work things out, too. He’s just doing it at Georgia. Lots of folks do it at much smaller places. That doesn’t mean its any better. It still sucks.”

“I know that Kirby is going to build it – I really do believe that because I know what he’s about from over the last two decades. I know he’s going to get it. He has major drive. He has an edge,” another said. “But I’m not going back to games until he does. When he builds it I will be there. I don’t have time for that stuff right now. I’ve got kids. We are busy.”

Basically, call him when you’re ready, Dawgs.  You can feel the momentum!


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The birds and the bees

I swear, Greg Sankey must get up every day thanking Gawd for the Big 12’s existence.


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When the going gets tough, the Urnge start whining.

Alabama whupped Tennessee 49-10.  Know why?

Geez, dude.  Show a little dignity.


UPDATE:  Evidently it was said in jest.  So Shoop needs to work on his comedy skills instead of controlling his fee-fees.


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“That all starts with me.”

What’s that definition of insanity again?

Three of the previous four Georgia coaches also had their first head coaching job with the Bulldogs.

Richt had on the job training with clock management in his first season. Just like Smart who called not getting a timeout before the half at South Carolina a “debacle.”

Richt went 8-4 in 2001 after the Bulldogs went 8-4 in 2000 in Jim Donnan’s final season.

Ray Goff was 6-6 in 1989 after Georgia was 9-3 in Vince Dooley’s final season.

Dooley went 7-3-1 in his first season in 1964 after taking over a program coming off a 4-5-1 season.

Unless Georgia runs the table the rest of the season, the Bulldogs overall record will decline in Smart’s first season…

The Georgia Way’s gonna Georgia Way, y’all.  It’s what we do.


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Musical palate cleanser, old guys play the blues edition

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Rolling Stones are set to release their first studio album in over a decade.  Entitled Blue & Lonesome, it’s a set of covers of ’50s and ’60s Chicago blues standards.  Here’s the set:

Little Walter Just Your Fool (2:25) – 1960
Howlin’ Wolf Commit A Crime (4:11) – 1966
Little Walter Blue And Lonesome (2:56) – 1959
Magic Sam All Your Love (2:56) – 1967
Little Walter I Got To Go (2:44) – 1955
Little Johnny Taylor Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Part 1) (3:18) – 1971
Eddie Taylor Ride ‘Em On Down (2:53) – 1955
Little Walter Hate To See You Go (2:19) – 1955
Lightnin’ Slim Hoodoo Blues (4:00) – 1958
Jimmy Reed Little Rain (3:16) – 1957
Howlin’ Wolf Just Like I Treat You (2:57) – 1961
Otis Rush I Can’t Quit You Baby (3:40) – 1956

That is some pretty kickass music.  Ron Wood claims the band did little rehearsing before recording the album, but simply picked out the tunes and started playing.  That sounds weirdly appropriate.

The album is out on December 2nd.  In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s the opener.

Not bad for a bunch of 70-year old geezers.


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Adventures in amateurism: if only the players would behave more like fans

Really, this is a perfect reaction to Nigel Hayes.  If you’re someone who thinks every college player is just like them, that is.

“For, me, personally, I think it’s totally bandwagonning,” Escamilla said of Hayes. “I think if he really thought this through, I think he would’ve done it (earlier). Everybody knows it’s been going on for, what, two, three years now?

“I think, personally, I feel it’s going to take away the focus of the team. I just think he should be worried about the season, and everything else tied to the season. If something happened to his family, I could kind of relate. But they should focus on the season at hand.”

Yes, yes, everyone knows these kids can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.  And obviously, other Wisconsin players will lose their focus because their star player has an opinion that fans don’t share.

Why can’t these players just shut up and do their damned job?


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