Musical palate cleanser, old guys play the blues edition

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Rolling Stones are set to release their first studio album in over a decade.  Entitled Blue & Lonesome, it’s a set of covers of ’50s and ’60s Chicago blues standards.  Here’s the set:

Little Walter Just Your Fool (2:25) – 1960
Howlin’ Wolf Commit A Crime (4:11) – 1966
Little Walter Blue And Lonesome (2:56) – 1959
Magic Sam All Your Love (2:56) – 1967
Little Walter I Got To Go (2:44) – 1955
Little Johnny Taylor Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Part 1) (3:18) – 1971
Eddie Taylor Ride ‘Em On Down (2:53) – 1955
Little Walter Hate To See You Go (2:19) – 1955
Lightnin’ Slim Hoodoo Blues (4:00) – 1958
Jimmy Reed Little Rain (3:16) – 1957
Howlin’ Wolf Just Like I Treat You (2:57) – 1961
Otis Rush I Can’t Quit You Baby (3:40) – 1956

That is some pretty kickass music.  Ron Wood claims the band did little rehearsing before recording the album, but simply picked out the tunes and started playing.  That sounds weirdly appropriate.

The album is out on December 2nd.  In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s the opener.

Not bad for a bunch of 70-year old geezers.


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18 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, old guys play the blues edition


    I have heard about this..thanks for the link…Vinyl release in the works?


  2. paul

    I’ve heard that Keith Richards has always wanted the band to go in a more bluesy direction. Supposedly the Stones originally became friends and got together as a result of their shared love of the blues. Not a huge fan so I don’t know if that’s actually true. Perhaps you know better than I.


  3. Russ

    Thanks for the link. I might check this out when it’s released.

    I heard Elton John interviewed on SiriusXM earlier this year and he said the Stones should make a blues album. I wonder if he knew about it, or if there was any connection at all.


  4. HVL Dawg

    There now. Don’t you feel better about Georgia football now?


  5. StoneDog

    Yes, will be available on 4 sides of vinyl, $40. In the meantime check out Gov’t Mule’s album- Stoned Side of the Mule. Double LP recorded 10-31-09 @ the Tower Theatre w Jackie Greene. Excellent job covering the Stones.



    Any of y’all ever bought vinyl off of Amazon? O they protect is fairly well during shipping? I have always had my doubts…

    Might have to hit Community BBQ and the Wuxtry this weekend.


    • greg63

      I’ve ordered a good bit of vinyl from Amazon. Just make sure to click the box for each album ordered to have them box it. Otherwise it says it arrives being able to tell what is inside. I’ve had all of mine boxed (no charge) and have had no issue. If you’re in Atlanta check out Wax N’ Facts in L5P. Very reasonable prices and a great knowledgeable guy who runs it.


  7. Red Cup

    Thanks for this Senator. I find it helpful since I have the mediocre UGA football American politics blues. This may become my favorite Rolling Stones song.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    I can’t quit you baby.
    This should be interesting.

    My boys have al ready cover ed it. 😉


  9. Lrgk9

    I b on dat fo sho !


  10. AthensHomerDawg


  11. To think, I saw these guys, well with some personnel changes, in Statesboro back in early 65. A long time ago and I still thank my lucky stars, my parents let me drive to the show.


      • Senator: You think your blog can get feisty. Heck, there were fights at high school over the English invasion–all those queers with long hair, and the big time supporters of the English invasion. Could get very interesting. I have a daughter and grand sons who are big fans. The daughter really had no choice, as that is what she heard all the time. Even took her to a show in Seattle when she was 5.