Observations from the 35, sad Homecoming edition

It was the ultimate stats are for losers game.

I’m almost tempted to stop there and call it a day, but honesty compels me to admit that there’s more to say about what I saw.  For starters, after the near brush with death in the Nicholls game, it’s amazing that this team can still step on the field not taking an opponent seriously enough.  And if they’re approaching teams like Vanderbilt that way seven games into the season, is there a team left on the schedule that can’t embarrass them?


Here, have some bullet points.

  • Look, I get it.  This isn’t a particularly good offensive line.  It’s poorly matched for what Smart, Chaney and Pittman want to do.  But would it kill anyone to try to scheme a little to help those poor kids out?  It’s not like what Vanderbilt did was a huge mystery.  Hell, if a dumbass blogger like me called it, you have to figure Georgia’s coaches knew it was coming, too.  And still, the predictability of the playcalling out of particular formations, especially in the first half, was maddening.
  • Forget about what went down on Georgia’s last play from scrimmage.  The real message sent on that play and the play before was that the staff had no faith in the offensive line to block well enough to pick up a yard on two plays.  That ought to build confidence.
  • By the way, pass blocking wasn’t bad at all.
  • Georgia went from almost having three running backs each gain a hundred yards on the ground against South Carolina to rushing for less than eighty yards total.  The mind boggles.
  • On the other hand, the passing game was resurrected.  Almost every receiver in the game caught a pass, except for Blazevich, who’s being wasted in the passing game, and Stanley, who at this point is pretty much a signal for a running play and little more.
  • Eason bounced back nicely from his worst game as a starter.  Yes, he missed some wide open receivers — most obviously a wide open Stanley who could have walked in on what turned out to be a sorely needed touchdown — but his mechanics were better.  He also made some heads up plays, particularly one when he picked up an errant snap and threw it out of bounds to avoid a sack.  It’s the kind of progress you hope to see from a true freshman.
  • Speaking of true freshmen, man, it’s fun to see how Nauta and Ridley are coming along.
  • As far as the defense goes, great game except for that, um, one little 75-yard game winning scoring drive.  Webb didn’t hurt them much on the ground, although that screen pass was certainly a killer.  But they were left in tough spots on several occasions due to special teams and managed not to make a complete debacle out of those.
  • Jonathan Ledbetter needs to stay out of trouble.  For a kid making his first appearance of the season, he made a real contribution.  Overall, you can see where Georgia is building a defensive front that has the potential to be formidable next season.  Tracy Rocker is doing a fine job this season developing Georgia’s greenest position.
  • Nice game, Lorenzo Carter.
  • I don’t give the inside linebackers the props they deserve in pass coverage.  Both had passes defended, and that’s something I’m not used to seeing… which is probably why I don’t mention it as I should.
  • Really was a quiet day from the secondary, mainly because they weren’t tested much.  But Shurmur completed well under 50% of his passing attempts, so somebody back there was doing his job.
  • Well, we’ve been dreading the day coming when Georgia’s special teams would cost the Dawgs a game and the check was presented Saturday.  Kickoff coverage on the very first play of the game was half-assed and they paid for it.  (Does anybody wonder how the game would have gone if Georgia hadn’t elected to defer?)  Punt returns were an adventure all day, as it looked like nobody had prepared for a rugby-style punter.  Throw in Reggie Davis’ brain fart and you saw Vanderbilt gifted enough points to make the difference, albeit barely.
  • Was Rodrigo Blankenship, of all people, the player of the game?  Let’s see:  3-3 on field goals, a couple of kickoffs in the end zone and a tackle.  That adds up to a better day than almost any one else had.  Even the long return wasn’t due to his kickoff, which had sufficient hang time but was poorly covered.  It would be nice if he’s turned out to be a piece of the puzzle that’s been solved, but let’s wait and see how he fares in Jacksonville before declaring victory.
  • It’s easy to blame the loss on special teams, but really, this game went the way it did because the staff was outcoached.  Some of it, like the way punt returns were managed (using the term loosely, to be sure), was due to poor preparation, but some of it, like the offensive game plan, can only be chalked up to pure stubbornness.  When the other team is practically begging you to throw the ball and your quarterback is making them pay for that, every run play out of a telegraphed formation is malpractice.  And in a game where there weren’t any turnovers, where your team manages to rack up close to 500 yards on a decent SEC defense, that’s pretty much how you blow it.
  • For those of you who think Kirby Smart came in as a fully hatched in game coach because of his lengthy service in Tuscaloosa, the last series of the first half has to be a bit troubling.  For the rest of us, even more than the final series, that was the time it was truly hard to get what the coaches were up to.  If you’re going to try to score with less than a minute on the clock, running Michel into a stacked front was about the last thing to call.  And it cost them, too, as there would have been considerably more time on the clock when they got inside the Vandy 40.  One more play might have meant another ten yards, which presumably would have made a decision to go for the field goal a lot easier.  Instead, Georgia wound up rushing into a Hail Mary play with a strange receiver set that ended predictably.

This season, from a preseason goals point, is toast.  Georgia isn’t winning the East.  If it can’t get a handle on taking every opponent seriously, you could argue that making a bowl looks like a challenge.  What’s left is figuring out who can play and developing those players.  It also wouldn’t hurt if Georgia came up with some more flexibility in its offensive game plan.

The concern I have right now is that with regard to the team’s mindset and offensive game plan, neither are gimmes.  The ride looks like it will continue to be a bumpy one.  Hang on.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    re: rushing disparity between the South Carolina game and the Vandy game, maybe Will Muschamp really IS a secret UGA agent.

  2. JasonC

    Regarding the last 2 bullet points, can we use that for a new lexicon addition: Too Smart for our own good

    • gastr1

      But the first two points are contradictory complaints. It’s almost as though they thought they’d spend the whole game trying to run the ball and then on the most important running play of the game, have nothing to go to that would work. That’s not total stubbornness–they tried something different in a crucial spot. Instead, it’s poor game planning, I’d say. No plan B.

      • Athens Townie

        I thought the same thing about Bullet 1 vs Bullet 2 as I read through the list.

        Not that there’s anything unnatural about having contradictory feelings about college football.

  3. John Denver is full of shit...

    I would like the to have the Special Teams job at the end of the year please.
    I have only played flag football in life, but I am sure I can prepare a group of players to run to ball and tackle player with ball as well as when and where it is okay to catch ball.
    Jiminy Crickets!

    If we somehow beat UF, this will be the most Georgia year ever.

  4. HR

    I don’t know how the Carolina people can listen to that rooster screaming that much. Dear god in heaven it’s horrible. And the rocky top thing is just as bad.
    Dawgs will be fine in a year or two. Lots of new faces that have to figure out how to work together. Kirbys working with kids that he didn’t recruit. He told us before the season that we were lacking in talent all around, but people don’t listen. Georgia Southern almost beat us last year. This is a rebuilding effort undertaken by Kirby and company which will take some time.
    I’m thankful we,don’t have to play Saban and company this year. They’d probably start their second string.
    Cheers to you all

    • The Truth

      Kirby is working with some kids he DID recruit, but they decided to go to UGA and have been operating the Georgia Way under the previous regime rather than baptized in The Process.

      That’s what irks me the most about the talent argument: we have players Bama wanted. It appears they were more inclined to want to take a more laid back rather than intense approach to playing college football.

      • gastr1

        They’re playing a game that can get them seriously injured. Seems as though you have to really believe in the staff and your teammates to truly give up your body when a. you’re playing for free; b. you may have a career later where you can actually get paid if you don’t get your ACL blow out or your neck broken making that tackle.

        It’s very easy for us to sit back and question the degree of effort for these players, but in all honestly it doesn’t make a lot of sense, in a risk/reward type of scenario, for them to give up their bodies (and possibly their futures) 100% of the time.

        So I guess what I’m saying is belief is earned… in this case, trust of the coaching staff. This staff and process are new. We’ve already heard rumors that there isn’t enough buy-in yet. If I were one of the players, given what I had on the line, I’d be a skeptic about “an intense approach to college football” until I had reason to believe otherwise.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      “Talent” doesn’t explain Saturday. Or Nichols. Or 45-0 at Ole Miss

      Not even close

    • Not So Smart

      Bullshit. You Kirbyphiles are complete fools. Keep playing your “but Paaaaawwwwwl angles trying to make sense of this debacle of a season. I haven’t seen a Dawg team look this poorly coached throughout an entire season since the mid-’90’s. And when, for the love of God is someone at BM going to introduce Saban wanna-be to the little fact that Chaney & Pittman were with Dooley at UT when it imploded. Good god. For those that say it will get better…..correct. When we’re 2 more coaches down the road. Congratulations. We are just flat lucky we’re not 0-7.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        All this hemming and hawing…playcalling or not, there just isn’t enough talent on the offensive side of the ball. This team has scored 30+ 3 times since the Alabama game last season. The team only missed 30+ twice in all of 2014. You took guys like Conley, Bennett, Theus, David Andrews, and a Sr. QB who had been in the system for 10 years off and replaced them with? There was no one behind those guys on the depth chart…in some cases literally. 3 of the top 4 receivers on this team are 5’8″, 5’10’ and 5’11″…and the scary part is the tallest of those three ISN’T a WR.

        I mean…the o-line has a D2 grad transfer starting at Left Tackle and a converted D-Lineman might be the best of the whole group.

        It’s the whole premise for why Richt got fired after winning 10 games…for all of his successes, everyone could see the check for the areas he couldn’t seem to fix was coming due pretty soon.

        And no…that’s not an excuse for losing to Vandy or making better play-calling….but at the same time, it’s not like we haven’t seen this play before in 2006., 2009 and 2010. The difference is that Richt didn’t use any of those years to bring in the highest rated signing class in the history of the program…I’m as mad as anyone…but still trying to take the long view here.

        • To be clear, it’s not that I was banking on an SECCG game appearance this season. I was expecting the team to look more competitive than it has.

          As far as your talent observation goes, sure… except you’re not mentioning as good a group of running backs as anywhere in the country and about the same at tight end. A lot of that talent is being wasted trying to run an offense that doesn’t suit the personnel and is predictable as hell. Not mention boring.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            I’m not saying I didn’t expect better…but I think the issue is that going back to last year, there have been probably 10 or so games where it could have gone either way…at some point that catches up to you.

            And can’t argue with boring. Just awful boring.

            But I still think some of that is rooted in the personnel. The RBs are great…unless the other team dares us to throw and we can’t open holes. It’s actually hard to figure out what offense they should run…we’ve got RB’s but no guys that can consistently run block and a strong arm QB but no WRs who can stretch the field.

      • Mayor

        Chaney and Pittman were with SOD at UT? I didn’t realize that. I have been saying that CKS is SOD all over again. I didn’t know how close to the truth I was. God help us…….

    • Olddawg 55

      Did you even note the recruiting classes Georgia has had for the last five years? The talent is there! The play-calling, the scheming, the communications…the coaching…is lacking. Cheany appears to makeup his plan and resolves that it will work if he keeps to it…no innovation, no improvisation, just pound away! Is anyone in the press box? Do they have communication with Smart, Cheany? Does the staff meet and plan? Are they developing the talent? Only 5-6 OL are capable of playing in the SEC?? The OL that plays at tightend takes the place of whom? We have the best four TEs you can find..how are they used? Does Eason need glasses? Seriously, can he see the field? Is anyone working with him, developing him?? There are answers to these questions but where? Jacksonville will not be a fun visit!!

  5. “But would it kill anyone to try to scheme a little to help those poor kids out?” Brotha ain’t that the truth. I should of trusted that nagging irritation growing after watching the South Carolina game. I thought we had turned a corner with the UT game plan, then we went straight back to ‘the imposing our will’ gameplan with no option B if that strategy didn’t pan out.

    So it comes down to the question I was struggling with earlier in the year. Can our coaches scheme to overcome our shortcomings until we get enough talent to bludgeon teams like Vandy and win despite predictable play calling? Verdict is still out on that one.

    • Russ

      They obviously CAN scheme to avoid our weaknesses because they have, against Tennessee and South Carolina. The question is WILL they or will their stubbornness win out again.

      They did a good job of managing Eason to get him into the flow of the game, but even there, they quit throwing to Nauta and Ridley, even though it was working. “Balance” I guess.

    • paul

      I’m not so sure the verdict is out. The answer is – they surely do not want to. When you look at this game and the Nichols game it’s clear that our OC believes that hey, if we try it just ONE MORE TIME, it just might work. I know we are thin on the offensive line but so far I am extremely unimpressed by our game plans, play calling and in game adjustments.

  6. Bright Idea

    Why spend the whole game protecting Eason from a mistake and then hope he wins it for us on third downs or at the end of the game? As much as anything the rugby punting won that game for Vandy. We were clueless. Where’s Logan Gray when you need him?

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s not that hard to figure out. Even my buddies grandson pointed this out…..

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Rationalizations for running it up the middle long after our coaches knew they were selling out against the run:

    — First Quarter: We’re wearing them down for later
    — Second Quarter: It’s Vanderbilt, they’ll wear down
    — Third Quarter: We got two holes on 20 attempts. They’re wearing down.
    — Fourth Quarter: Hell I don’t know.

    How did Vince’s teams do that time and time again?

    • Russ

      Vince had some great lines, but even Vince used the toss sweep with pulling linemen liberally. Why we don’t us a question for the off-season, I guess.

  9. Definitely didn’t get the receiver set on the Hail Mary at the end of the half. Two of the 3 receivers in the area were the two shortest receivers you’ve got. How you didn’t have Nauta or Blazevich in the mix there is beyond me.

    • Minnesota Dawg

      Helps to explain how we defended the Hail Mary against UT. Our defense gets to “practice” the Hail Mary against our offense–going up against the shortest players on the team for jump balls.

      As our Hail Mary ball arrives, one receiver has feet planted on the ground, one is in a crouch, and the other is falling down. So absurd that it borders on comedy.

    • Olddawg 55

      +1000….or Warner!!??

  10. Russ

    After Beamer watched the 2nd or 3rd rugby punt sail by our return guy, why didn’t he put a second return man back there?

    And after two weeks of using our linemen to their best advantage, we revert to pounding it into a brick wall again. Kirby thinks he’s going to get our 295 lb linemen to block like 350 lb road graders by sheer will. Ain’t happening.

    Funny thing about it, I fully expect them to come out against Florida and give them all they can handle.

    • John Denver is full of shit...

      I bet Brendan Douglas would be an excellent choice to return rugby punts. But what do I know?

      • D.N. Nation

        Douglas is a fumble waiting to happen. Then again, so’s everyone else we trot out there.

        • Russ

          Yeah, “ball security” and “Isaiah Mackenzie” don’t exactly go together, either. But the upside for the Joystick is certainly much higher.

          At least Douglas (or heck, anyone) could stop the ball from rolling another 20 yards.

        • Olddawg 55

          How about Hardeman..or Godwin? Where are Holyfield and Crowder??

      • John Denver is full of shit...

        I got no idea, but he is big and fast enough to gain 10yds and break tackles if he can field a wobbly punt. McKenzie on the other hand has to be terrified at the unblocked defenders barreling down on his 170lb frame.

    • D.N. Nation

      “why didn’t he put a second return man back there?”

      He did; at one point we had both iMac and Godwin out there.

    • dawgfan

      The best way to stop the rugby punter is with a good rush. The coaches were as perplexed as the players on how to deal with it. Also, to put it in baseball terms, it is much more to field a fast moving line drive than a pop up so McKenzie probably deserves some slack. I bet the Vandy coaches are still laughing today at UGA’s ineptitude on special teams. And why is Ramsey not punting unless it is a pooch situation? I bet Marshall hasn’t kicked the ball more than 40 yards in the air 5 times all season. There are probably 10 high school punters in Georgia that can out kick him now.

  11. We have a coaching staff especially on offense that can’t (or, worse, won’t) make adjustments to the game plan in the name of creating an identity. When it became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to use the run to set up the pass, we still didn’t throw on early downs. The clock and timeout management is absolutely maddening (and I thought that about the previous guy as well).

    I’m assuming Kirby woke up this morning knowing the honeymoon is over.

    • Otto

      Vandy has better coached linebackers than SCar. and they shut down the run game. Again it would be interesting to see how much Eason spent throw out of shotgun vs under center. He knows how to throw out of shotgun but is still learning under center.

      The Pirate basically said balance is doing enough of one thing to keep the other working. Against Vandy in my opinion UGA needed to spend more time in shotgun and pistol formations throwing to open up the run..

      • Instead, we went back to putting tight ends all over the field and telegraphing our running game … it was frustrating to watch.

        • Otto

          Agreed and I didn’t intend to reply to you, just post my on $0.02 up. Clock management is maddening even if I did find the time out battle setting up the Hail Mary at the end of the half amusing. 2nd half adjustment have been mixed. The game reminded of Nicholls coahces were stubborn in sticking to the ground game. Mizzou they went to the air to win the game. The entire season is a mixed bag and very little would surprise me in the remaining schedule.

      • Mr. Tu

        I was listening to Stinchcomb on the radio this morning. He said that Vandy, like Nichols used 3 down linemen-nose on the center and two tackles in the B gaps-and like Nichols our Guards/Center could not get off the double team block and make there way to the second level. In essence, the d-line was successfully blocking our OL-freeing up their inside LBs to fill the gaps and make tackles. Seems like we should have figured that out by the 4th quarter…

  12. PTC DAWG

    Lull the Gators to sleep. That has been the plan.

  13. Yea, the run game is important but the 2016 team will live, or die, by the pass. But, by all means, Chaney….let’s continue with this run on 1st, run on 2nd, pass on 3rd down garbage.

    I really hope Chubb goes pro because this offense, it’s play caller and the blocking scheme are really wasting Chubb’s abilities. Just go watch the replay of the Missou, UT and Vandy games and note how Chubb was rarely on the field and used even less on the final drives.

    The UT game was the only point this season that I’ve felt like this staff knows how to make adjustments or take what a team is giving you. Then comes the Vandy game and Chaney chooses to do the same run, run pass garbage the entire game. Then, much like the Mizzou game, we get to the final possession and have success passing yet Chaney thinks using the smallest guy on the team to run on 4th and 1 while Chubb lead blocks is a good idea.

    I hope to God Smart gets some HC training in the off-season or It’s gonna be a long however long he’s around. He needs a sideline HC guru. Little less time in the defensive huddle…

    We’re bad and there has been no sign of improvement. The talent/his players bullshit excuse is just that. We just lost to Vandy talent.

    • Russ

      This season has cost Chubb some serious money. I guess he could come back next year with the hope of re-establishing himself as a premiere back, but I’m not optimistic. Plus, he’d have to play in Knoxville again next year.

      • Napoleon BonerFart

        I think NFL scouts are smart enough to evaluate Chubb fairly and understand that his coaches haven’t utilized him properly this year. He’ll go pro and he’ll be fine. And good for him.

        • Russ

          He’ll make more money than I’ll ever see, so from that standpoint, he’ll be fine. And he certainly deserves it, I’m happy for him.

          But I’ll bet he went from a 1st rounder to a mid 2nd or maybe even 3rd rounder (with the injury figured in as well). That’s going to cost several million.

      • artful codger

        I’m not sure we have a single player who is a sure bet to jump early.

  14. I don’t see another win for us except maybe UL Lafayette. Maybe. After watching the Vanderbilt game, Kentucky is drooling. Florida, Auburn, and Tech are just laughing.

    • Mayor

      UK beat Vandy. So did Tech. FU and Allbarn…no chance. U La La is our only real hope and I’m not sure about that game either. A long offseason awaits us.

  15. HVL Dawg

    Did anyone else see Chaney chewing Eason’s ass every time Eason came off the field? Meanwhile, between plays Eason is frantically asking for the play to be signaled in.

    I fully expect to see Skinny give his coach the “you’re number 1” sign before the season is over.

  16. Will Trane

    Play calling brain trust
    Getting ahead in the play call scheduling
    Understanding what the hash marks mean on a field.
    Knowing your roster and the players strength re certain formation and sets.
    Never mind those
    Let’s run our smallest player into the boundary on the shortest side, our right hash marks so that Vandy can use the boundary, less space as extra defenders.
    Better yet let’s do like UT and throw a hail mary into the end zone. Yeah, good idea brain trust. use the smallest players you have and only use three, all to one side of that 53 wide end zone.
    Hey brain trust offense.
    Take some damn lessons in geometry for awhile. There is a reason you had that in the eighth or ninth grade in school!!!!
    I am sorry you have been educated by the liberal Democratic elites in their common core.

  17. Will Trane

    Or if you are on the kickoff coverage team you all park your asses to the left hash mark.
    never mind that when you were in high school, especially Georgia high school every coach you had preached lane assignments on kickoffs and punts, as well as finding the ball.

  18. Will Trane

    I was so down after the Vandy game I had to watch the Bama vs UT game.
    Well, I knew damn well Bama was going to kick their butts.
    Plus it is fun watching a team like Bama with their coaching staff execute plays to such a high level.
    Their players are disciplined, mature, mobile, hostile, and agile.
    Same with their coaches.
    Sheer damn football perfection.

    • Russ

      I hope we beat Florida so Tennessee can go to Atlanta and get pummelled again.

    • Got Cowdog

      Watching Booch and the gang get curb stomped was fun, wasn’t it?

    • tonyqbr

      Bama is not disciplined Will.

      They rank 12th in penalties, close to UGA.

      They have lost 10 turnovers this year, same as UGA.

      Coaching hasn’t been great.

      But having 5 star players, 2 deep on the depth chart is the difference.

      And Scott Cochran, on mental toughness, and s & c.

      • D.N. Nation

        The penalty thing is always misunderstood. Being penalized a lot isn’t necessarily a bad thing; IIRC, those dominant USC teams always got flagged a lot while teams like Duke were relatively clean.

        The type of penalties is the question. If you’re always getting nailed for, oh, false starting like some certain team we all know and love, then that’s never good.

        • Same for all of those Florida teams – a ton of penalties mainly due to trying to make a play

        • tonyqbr

          Bama has lost 13 fumbles, poor discipline, among the worst in the nation, UGA lost 5.

          Bama has made 1 more field goal than, shocker, UGA. (82nd & 106th in field goal %)

          Bama is 47th in penalties, UGA is 35th.

          Bama has given up 7 40+ yard plays, UGA has given up 5.

          Average coaching, poor discipline and attention to details by Bama.

          Bama’s RB’s typically flop in the NFL, shows it’s all about recruiting a big ole line.

          That’s what’s different. Recruiting.

        • Russ

          What about illegal substitutions coming out of a time out? How do those make a team look?

  19. Despite the 2 near miracle throws of Eason against Mizz and UT, the coaches do not trust the best player they had that day against Vandy. Just boneheaded decision by the coaches.

    • tonyqbr

      Good point Eric. Add to that Eason’s clutch 4th and 13 conversion on the last drive vs Vandy.

      Looks unflappable in pressure situations, good idea to put it in his hands.

  20. tonyqbr

    I’d like to add on.

    1- Reggie Davis should have tried to poke the ball out of the end zone on his tackle on the 95 yard return.
    2- Eason handled the bad snap over his head well, running it down, and fielding it, then throwing past the marker to stay in field goal range
    and 3 points later, showed he made a big play.
    3- Got to have a plan to block #41 on the 4th and 1 play. Had to be the last thing said by the coaches “block #41!!!”. Force someone else to beat you.
    4- Take out the opening 95 KO return or Reggie’s gaff stepping out on the 3, and we win the game.
    5- In a game like this, Smart has to be more aggressive to generate points: flea flicker, reverse, screen passes, fake punt, onsides KO, trick play, Wild Dog formation, Hell, try something!
    6- Put 2 guys back on punt return–say Sony and Isaiah.
    7- Have the rb’s start cutting back and reversing field if teams keep overpursuing.
    8- If we have plan to stop #7 on offense, and #41 on defense, we easily win. Got to start gameplanning for playmakers better.

  21. tonyqbr

    Ramsey needs to be the punter, and we should try a fake punt pass with him once per game.

    • Russ

      I’ve said this all season long. Ramsey can kick, and having that option to throw at a minimum makes the other team plan against it.

  22. How tall is Eason? Could he sneak one yard on two tries?

    I would very much prefer to have a staff which actually does “do what gives us the best chance to win” instead of turning battleships into icebergs named Vandy.

    I’m an idiot, granted, but put Eason is the gun, spread the field as much as possible, use screens and outs as run plays. Simplify things.

    Do more to get ball into the hands of #27. Figure it out. For the $millions, it can’t be that tough.

  23. Against Vandy the UGA athletes played at a high enough level to win, but the coaches played(coached and planned) at a low enough level to make it difficult to win.

  24. For the sake of the Dawgs I just hope Kirby can hold on his commits and get his target athletes with his “my way or no way” approach. Yeah, that approach is really no way to win.

    • D.N. Nation

      We get it. You think recruits are going to jump ship over this, despite zero evidence in the affirmative and much to the contrary.

      • Russ

        So, what is the tipping point? 5 losses? More? Or is recruiting totally divorced from the current team’s record?

        • Mayor

          In a perverse sort of way recruits may be MORE inclined to come to Athens if the Dawgs have a bad record because they will think they will start immediately. That is how kids think now.

  25. DamnGoodDawg

    I really miss Deandre Baker.

  26. tonyqbr

    Vanderbilt’s undersized defenders fell to the ground vs bigger blockers to create a pile/obstacle/traffic jam for the rb’s on outside runs.

    Have to find an answer to that, because it worked several times to bust up runs, so we’ll see it again.

  27. Dawgtwo

    Our worst sin is wasting our top-notch running backs. That would have seemed unthinkable going into the season. It’s still unfathomable.

  28. But, but, but.....the process

    Where’s all the “Kirby is the reincarnation of Saban & brings the PROCESS” folk at? Probably out buying Alabama gear. Saban pooped. The Kirbyphiles picked up the turd believing it would turn into the Ribeye he cooked earlier.

  29. 69Dawg

    I told my wife this game, like a lot of last years game and others this year, was like watching sprinters running the 100 in a swamp. We just seem to bog down with a little help from the other team. We do something to loosen them up but then we revert to the bog. It’s maddening to watch. The only thing I have to be glad about this year is that I am not going to go to a single game. Went from 6 season tickets, to four, to none but went to one game via Stubhub to this year Zero. This team is playing as ugly as last years team but for some reason last years team could win. Kirby is still acting like an assistant coach on the sideline. While all about him are loosing their minds Kirby seems to be joining in. He has got to change his disposition at least enough to get the rest of them to do their jobs. We went from Mr. Calm to a Freaked out Assistant. I need the off week as much as the team, watching this team is getting to be brutal.

  30. This season may go further down the toilet, but at least it is not the same toilet in the same shithouse Richt had us in. There is that.

  31. Dawgfan Will

    Thank you for mentioning the last series before halftime. It was completely mystifying. Why the hell do you call a run on 1st down when you have less than a minute to go and less than a full set of timeouts? 40 SECONDS were lost bacuse of that boneheaded decision.

  32. 2 weeks to get ready for the Gators. looks like an impossibility to me.
    My 3 must wins remains in order: The Gators;The Vols; & Aubarn.
    Another disappointing season for me.? Anyway Go Dawgs,

  33. Raleighwood Dawg

    I didn’t really want Richt to be fired, but I got on board with Kirby soon after he was hired. I didn’t want and don’t want UGA to emulate Bama (or Saban). I think B-M panicked and hired what they thought was the best of both worlds … a UGA alum and a Sabanite.

    Like it or not, we now have the “Stubborn Scowl” (CKS). Stubbornly gonna run the “impose our will” scheme even though we don’t have the personnel to succeed. I understand that there are a number of issues that Kirby has to address. I don’t expect perfection from him. I do expect that he’d be flexible enough to give this team and the fans the best chance to win as many games as possible while still implementing his process.

    I’m not sure how much Kirby has to do with the offense, so I’ll just rant on Chaney since he’s listed as the OC. But, with that said, if Kirby isn’t involved in the offensive play calling, he certainly is approving of what Chaney is doing, right? The game plans have been far from creative and the successful in-game adjustments have been few and far between. How about playing to the strengths that this team has and/or what our opponents are giving us? Please don’t continue to burn the remainder of this season just to prove a point.

  34. acfritze

    What really killed me was that, twice, Vanderbilt timeouts led to our coaches changing what we were planning on doing with the ball. One of those times, like you mentioned, was at the end of the first half. We show field goal, they call a timeout, and we go for the Hail Mary. The other time – and I my memory is hazy from the airplane bottles I had begun to roll through – it appeared as if we were going for it on fourth down, only to come out and punt after a VU timeout.
    Could our coaches not make their own decisions without being influenced by a Derek Mason timeout? And if our guys really needed a time out to decide the best course of action, then why did we not recognize that in the first place?
    Kirby has shown some truly poor game management skills this year. Here’s to hoping that he is learning from the mistakes made so far.

  35. AusDawg85

    So our DC of an HC is failing with the OC and ST. Probably a country music song in there somewhere.

  36. Sure there are problems, but remember this is first year for Smart and staff. As stated previously, look for players leaving and coaching changes during the off season. Coaches as a group are really stubborn, so hope some lessons are learned during this year. Also, look for Eason to improve(he is good already), some big time receivers and new line. Sorry, but next year is going to be some bad times also. third year should be major improvement. Not a Smart fan, agnostic about it all. Makes watching games a lot easier. Took 60 plus years to get there.

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