“…when Kirby gets it going.”

Over at Dawg Post, Dean Legge is serving the Kool-Aid straight up, but this is by far my favorite quote from his post:

“Man I’m pissed,” one said. “What the f&^% was that? How do you lose to Vanderbilt? That should never happen. It just should’t. What was that play call on the final drive? Running that same play after Vandy called timeout is just insane. Just frustrating. Kirby has got to get better at clock management. Its cost them a game now. It nearly cost them the Tennessee game. The stuff before the half… I didn’t get that. Now, this is what happens with first-time coaches. They have to work things out, too. He’s just doing it at Georgia. Lots of folks do it at much smaller places. That doesn’t mean its any better. It still sucks.”

“I know that Kirby is going to build it – I really do believe that because I know what he’s about from over the last two decades. I know he’s going to get it. He has major drive. He has an edge,” another said. “But I’m not going back to games until he does. When he builds it I will be there. I don’t have time for that stuff right now. I’ve got kids. We are busy.”

Basically, call him when you’re ready, Dawgs.  You can feel the momentum!



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40 responses to ““…when Kirby gets it going.”

  1. Whatever.

    Beat Florida.


    • Beating Florida would cure a lot of ills. But I’m not optimistic.


      • DawgPhan

        2 good weeks of practice and a good game in jacksonville would go a really long way.

        Follow that up with a great week of practice and a business trip to Kentucky and bringing home that W would be a trend.

        Then all of a sudden you are looking at putting things right against WarPlainsmenTigerEagles and suddenly things are cooking. The process is working.

        A quick tune up and then crushing the bugs. End the season with a victory steak and a eye towards a trip to Florida.


      • Will (The Other One)

        Yep. Vandy stacked the box, dared us to pass, and even though we were successful passing, we seemed to do it begrudgingly. Florida’s secondary is a lot better.


        • Yeah, I don’t see how we beat Florida unless they turn the ball over a lot. However, we owe them a wtf beating a la 2014. Maybe this will be the year we cash it in.

          Who knows. Kirby getting off on the winning side vs UF would do wonders.


        • Mayor

          If you can’t run you can’t win. You have to be able to punch it across to score and also get 1 yard for a first down when necessary. This team can’t do that. That is how you have 420 yards total O and score only 16 points.


  2. Rick

    I like this one: “But this is about football – plain and simple. This is about football before anything else. I’m not sure how much that was the case in the past. Football was a major part of it, but right now it is 100% of the thing with Kirby being there. You can tell, too.”

    Criminy, how does a journalist record that, write it down, transcribe it to the internet and press ‘publish’? Thank jeebus McGarity found us a guy who makes football 100% of the thing. Too long did we suffer a coach for whom football was only a major part of it.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Bluto has written about this before.
    “You gotta run the ball to win the SEC . He’ll learn.”

    A while back he ranked coaches. Interesting read.


  4. There are definitely some interesting quotes in there.


  5. Ben

    I’m with that guy. I’m not burning a Saturday to watch the crap this team is putting out there. I’ll check the score, I’ll watch some of the UF game, and if we win, great.

    I’m not investing in a bad product, though, hoping to see big returns. I’ll just review the portfolio later on and reassess then.

    Until then, y’all enjoy pulling your hair out. It’s not worth it for me right now.


    • Brandon

      Thats fine. Just don’t refer to yourself as a fan, then. There is a word for this attitude and it is called a “front-runner”


  6. Mike

    This sounds familiar. Oh yea, it sounds like the Muschamp years at Florida.


    • Could be. We’ll see. I don’t think you can know for sure for a few years.


      • Derek Smart

        You got that koolaid stored by the gallons dontcha.


        • Not particularly. I just think it’s unfair to judge Kirby until the 2013 abortion is purged from the program.

          Is that unreasonable?


          • Sliceshs

            2013 class has nothing to do with the abominable special teams, unimaginative offensive coaching and clock mismanagement of 2016.


          • Chi-town Dawg

            As critical as I’ve been about the coaching staff the past 24 hours, I agree with gatri and others that we still need to give Kirby at least 2 seasons to prove himself one way or the other. If things aren’t on the upswing by the end of next year, then we screwed the ppl he big time with this hire. Now some of his assistant coaches should be given a lot less time (looking at you Shane Beamer) to justify their salaries.


            • Chi-town Dawg

              *screwed the pooch big time….damn autocorrect. And even though I think we’ll have a pretty good sense of where things are going by the end of next year, I can’t see making any HC changes before the end of 2018. If that’s necessary, it will be McGarity’s successor doing the hiring and firing.


              • No doubt. I do believe that non matter what, Kirby is going to increase the general talent level and roster management. If there is a new coach in 2018, he’ll have a good roster to work with.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Do ya ever think how things change but yet continue to remain the same. Stafford/Moreno….no SECC
    Now everything turns to sludge. He’s awful at clock management. The kick off against Vandy lost a game we should have won. Running outside with Isaiah McKenzie on fourth-and-1 didn’t work Saturday.

    I’m just fooling around guys. 😉
    “Now everything turns to sludge. He’s awful at clock management. The squib kick against Tech lost a game all but won. Running outside with Sony Michel on fourth-and-1 didn’t work Saturday.”

    Are we not entertained? And this is why DIF took a redshirt at GTP this year. I’m sure if it. Either that or he’s on an oriental cruise that stopped in Okinawa and he didn’t get back on the boat.
    ” Never get off the boat. You’re god damn right”


  8. The analysis here at GTP is better than any of that drivel served up at Dawg Post.


  9. IndyDawg

    Dean’s pulling our Legge


  10. Bright Idea

    Gosh if we bail on Kirby now what about the next guy? 6 games? 3? 1?


  11. Bulldog Joe

    “Kirby” is not going to win anything until he becomes Coach Smart and stops being first-name buddies with the players.

    The “Kirby” shit worked at Alabama because Coach Saban was there to enforce things.

    Three lazy noon game performances provide enough evidence that it doesn’t work here.


    • Russ

      Agreed. Being a task master and being on a first name basis is the ultimate mixed message. The players need a head coach they respect (and maybe fear a little). Let one of the eleventeen “quality control staff” be buddy to the players.


    • Jared S.

      It’s almost impossible to judge what kind of coach he is inside practices and meeting rooms. However, I will say that it struck me as very odd when I read some of his tweets to recruits and potential recruits last year. Not only first-name basis, but like he was trying to use the lingo of young high school kids when talking to them.

      I liken it to the mistake that so many parents make when they try to be a friend to their kids first instead of trying to be an authority first. If you’re a friend first then the whole thing falls apart as they age. If you establish authority first then it provides the context for a truly healthy parent-child relationship and you stand a good chance of being good friends when they reach adulthood (which for some kids is teens….others is 50s lol).

      My two cents.


    • Turd Ferguson

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve read on this blog in a long time. We’re losing football games because he allows players and their families to call him “Kirby.” It’s definitely not because our offensive line is small, weak, and incapable of blocking even mediocre defensive linemen. And it’s definitely not because our WRs average about 5’10” and 170lbs, and can’t get any separation from opposing DBs. And it’s definitely not because our special teams is a fucking joke. And it’s definitely not because Jim Chaney is an overrated hack at OC. And it’s definitely not because we’ve got an 18-year-old QB learning on-the-job in the SEC.

      Nope, it’s the “Kirby” thing.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    So, in other words, exactly what every rational fan has been saying for almost a year now: It’s going to be worse before it gets better; but we’ve already seen Richt’s ceiling, and can only hope that Kirby’s is higher. But we’re not going to find that out in a single season, so buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride, you whiney little brats.

    God, this really is the worst fanbase in college football.


  13. Mr. T

    Whenever I need to find the pulse of the Instant Gratification Kmow Nothings, I can count on the Senator to draw them out.