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It’s not fair. Got it.

I’m honestly sorry to hear that Alvin Kamara is lost for the season.  He’s one of those players I enjoy watching, even if I don’t dig his uniform colors.

And I’d like to feel sorry for the UT coaching staff, because they’re watching a promising season go down the tubes because of a rash of injuries.  I say I’d like to, but then I see this…

… and think, what, dude, were you sick and missed the 2013 Georgia game?  Go find somebody else’s shoulder to cry on.  And while you’re at it, fix the shitty turf in your stadium.



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Foiling Jimmy Williamson

Eh, who am I kidding?  If there any place in the world someone can be charged with a drug-related violation in the absence of any drugs, it’s Athens, Georgia.


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We suck.

This is the tune you sing after you lose to Vanderbilt.

The last five games this season are looking like ever so much fun.


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“Those are three guys that athletically, are better athletes than their current spot on the depth chart.”

Kirby be Tripp’n, y’all.

Georgia will use the bye week to experiment with three position changes, head coach Kirby Smart announced on Tuesday.

Tae Crowder, a redshirt freshman tailback who has not played yet this season, will try inside linebacker.

“We’ve got some depth issues there,” Smart said.

Sophomore Michael Barnett, a defensive lineman who has yet to play this season, will try offensive line. Barnett will begin at tackle, and Smart indicated it was more about seeing if Barnett’s long-term future could be there.

Junior Shakenneth Williams, who has yet to catch a pass at receiver this season, will move to defensive back, at least temporarily.

Hey, if you can’t use the bye week before the Florida game to experiment, then when can you?  Just ask the last head coach before Kirby about that.


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Lay down your burden, Paul Johnson.

I don’t know if having zero fucks to give (h/t Charlie Pierce) makes the genius a better coach, but it sure makes for entertaining interviews.  I wonder if he’s ever thought about spicing up his radio show.  Somebody might actually listen.


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“How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?”

Maybe the reason Greg McGarity didn’t call Tom Herman last fall was because he didn’t like all that kissing stuff.


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