“How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?”

Maybe the reason Greg McGarity didn’t call Tom Herman last fall was because he didn’t like all that kissing stuff.


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106 responses to ““How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?”

  1. AusDawg85

    Well, pastor smooch kiss will never coach here.

  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Given my rather stoic roots, that isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But hey, its clearly working for him, so good on him. By the way, I just read the other day that he’s a member of Mensa with something like a 160 IQ, so yea, he probably wouldn’t fit in too well over at Butts-Mehre.

    • Not sure if you meant this to be sarcastic, but I think you’re probably on to something there. Not just with BM, but with the fanbase too. He’s a very strange, progressive guy…he’s awesome and I would have loved him, but I do question if some of the old guard would have liked the cut of his jib.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        I wasn’t being sarcastic at all actually (perhaps just a bit humorous). Yep, he’s from California if I recall, and some of their ways just don’t play well in the deep south. Heck, even up here in the Mid-Atlantic where I reside, its a big difference culturally from what I was accustomed to growing up in outer burbs of Atlanta — some good, some bad, IMO.

        As much as some now are outwardly opining for Herman and wishing we would have gone after him instead of Smart, I just don’t think he would have been a good fit here and would have lasted 2-3 years tops. More importantly, IMO Smart will continue to receive tremendous support behind the scenes from the AD and general powers that be as a ‘native son,’ if you will. I just don’t see someone like Herman receiving that same level of support; so that alone is a huge component that hasn’t really been considered.

        • Honestly, Kirby’s recruiting connections in GA probably was reason enough alone. They should have interviewed Herman, but hiring someone with no ties to the GA high school coaches would have worried me.

          • 3rdandGrantham

            Exactly. If I had a choice today to hire either Smart or Herman to take over the program right away, I still would have went with Smart with no hesitation.

            I’ve said/predicted this before and will say it again — yes, we are going through some growing pains as a program, and yes, Smart has a TON to learn being HC of a major program. But, we are going to be a big-time power sooner than later…I’m pretty much sure of that.

            • I hope so. Saturday worries me. But ultimately, if nothing else, I believe Kirby will have a loaded roster in a few years. If he washes out, the next guy will inherit a boatload of talent. (I hope).

              • 3rdandGrantham

                My main worry is Jim Chaney. I’m not much of a fan of his play calling this year. And, as I mentioned the other day, the dude is just way too fat, which concerns me for myriad reasons.

                • Satowndawg

                  your obsession over his weight is ridiculous…you should be worried that his play calling is handcuffed by the head man

                  • 3rdandGrantham

                    No its not. And I don’t think two very brief mentions about this comes anywhere close to being an ‘obsession.’

                  • Sh3rl0ck

                    I don’t feel like digging up the research to provide links, but people who do not take care of themselves physically do not take care of themselves mentally. Being that overweight is a crutch.

                    I am ambivalent about his play-calling. I see a lot of good, but I don’t see how they execute in practice. People are complaining about the 4th and 1 call with toss sweep to iMac. That was the second time he has called that play. The first time went for 15+ if I recall correctly. Kublanow missed his block on Cunningham, and Chubb didn’t read back inside to block Cunningham either. Had either one of those two things happened, as they were supposed to, that play goes for 20+.

                • Valid. I love Enos as a playcaller and maybe that’s Kirby’s endgame. But rolling through OCs is a bad idea IMO.

                • Are you racist also? They judge people by their outward appearance also. ( No, I am not overweight.)

                  • 3rdandGrantham

                    Do you even know the definition of the word ‘racist?’ And please don’t tell me its ‘hating someone of another race.’

                    Everybody judges others by their outward appearance, so please save me the bs.

                    • As a matter of fact I do: “Someone who believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Replace the word “race” with “body weight”. Don’t give me anymore of your bs.

                    • 3rdandGrantham

                      Just to be sure I’m clear, you’re going to equate inherent, racist behavior, which involves believing in the superiority of one race over another with judging someone on their mere physical appearance. Ok, gotcha.

                      Are you honestly telling me you never engage in physical judgments of others under any circumstances? I’m intrigued.

                    • I judge people’s looks on their physical appearance, not their job skills. As I am typing this, I am working with a nurse and a scrub tech, who are each at least 150 lbs. overweight. They are highly skilled professionals and do a great job. Yesterday I was working with a 120 lbs blonde nurse who looked like she could be a cheerleader for UGA. Her skills were ok, but no where near the level of her obese colleague. So again, I’m wondering what the hell you mean, when you bring up Chaney’s weight.

                • SouthernYank

                  What’s always bugged me about him is you see him from the shoulders up and you think he’s average build or on the thin side. And then you see him and, WTF?!?!?!

          • Satowndawg

            he recruited Georgia for Ohio State and pulled at least one five star out of the state

            • How many 5 star GA kids did Kirby pull to Alabama?

              I’m not saying Herman couldn’t recruit GA well (he probably would have). But I KNOW Kirby can.

              • Satowndawg

                just pointing out that the myth that he had no ties to Georgia is false…no doubt Kirby can recruit, but so can Ed Ogeron, and Ron Zook and Lane Kiffin….

                • I’m with you. I basically just thought it was time for a change. I would’ve been happy with either Herman or Kirby. But if the only way it was going to happen was if it was Kirby, then that’s what had to happen.

                • CPark58

                  It’s worth noting that we lost to Zook and Kiffin and beat a Orgeron coached 4-8 Ole Miss team 14-9 in our last SEC championship season.

                  Not sure what that means other than A) we shouldn’t laugh too hard at those guys or B) Kiffin and Zook had Head coach or associate head coach experience so if we are going to laugh at them then we should back off the “should’ve hired a head coach” meme and C) Kiffin bolted a top tier SEC program lighting a dumpster fire so don’t think just because a guy might have HC experience doesnt mean he will be best suited or have any loyalty to the program.

                  • Russ

                    I hope LSU keeps Orgeron around as HC just for the interviews. He’s the best thing going since Joe Kines’ Independence Bowl interview.

                • Ray Goff back in the day could recruit … By the way, I’m not saying Kirby is Ray.

          • Silver Creek Dawg

            I was under the impression Herman was the primary recruiter in GA under Urbs. If true, I’d say that he clearly had relationships with the GA high school coaches.

            I do believe he was not the right fit here. In fact, if he had been hired, I think Eason would have gone elsewhere as he stated he wanted to play in a pro style offense.

            • RandallPinkFloyd

              I’m glad 3rd&Grantham and Gatriguy have posted some reasonable comments. I was believing to think this fan base has lost it’s mind. As bad as Saturday was, I just can’t get over the overreaction of this fan base. There is certainly plenty to be concerned about and this team is wildly inconsistent, but I’m giving Kirby the benefit of the doubt. If things that we’ve seen the first half of this year are still showing their ugly face the last half of next year, I’ll be losing my mind. But for now, shouldn’t we just back away from the ledge and hope that Kirby knows what he is doing? Call it blind faith, but it’s not like we’d fire the guy until after year 3, anyways. Have some patience, folks.

        • Mayor

          Yeah, he probably would have won a couple of natties and moved on like Corch did. Shitty outcome for Georgia so we should be glad we haven’t hired him.

  3. DawgPhan

    Can you imagine the comments if we went from a coach that “loved them up” to a coach that is kissing his players.

    people might lose their minds.

  4. hassan

    UGA likes to kiss too.

    In fact, just recently, we have kissed our AP ranking and conference title hopes goodbye. Next in line is Bowl eligibility and a winning season.

  5. 86BONE

    How far down the Oconee is that lacrosse stick…just wondering

  6. Man, if you didn’t know who our next coach was going to be the day Kirby finished stringing Richt along back in 2009-10, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    • That whole situation was strange.

      The rumor is Kirby had two conditions and they weren’t met, so he walked. Who knows? Maybe we was just using it to parlay a raise.

      To be fair, if that was the case, the it wasn’t just Kirby. Chavis and Foster also used UGA to get a raise that year.

      • Kirby’s decision in 2009-10 and the way it played out always rubbed me the wrong way. He may have a degree that says the University of Georgia on it, but he was sort of dead to me as a DGD at that time. Yes, I understand it’s business …

        • Jeff Sanchez

          Same here. I’m surprised more people don’t bring this up.

          Not mad at him for turning it down, but it should have been done quickly or even cut off from the jump if there was no interest. He led us along a few weeks and then we got a public, embarrassing deline from an alum.

  7. That’s a little much for me. Guess I’m from an older generation. Having said that, I try not to judge others and like folks who do things a little different. So good luck to Herman. I wish we had his offense mind in Athens.

  8. 86BONE

    On to the question….UT is about to “kiss” Charlie Strong goodbye and scratch a check out to Herman for $8mil/year to make Texas relevant again!


    To everyone who has given up on Kirby..shame on you. Don’t bother coming back.

    • Gaskilldawg

      I haven’t “given up” on Smart. I do not think he is doing a very good job to date, but that is different than “giving up” on him. I am hoping all you folks who are positive that he will deliver championship after championship after championship are correct.

      It would be a huge disaster for the Athletic Board to “give up” on Smart at this time. I would prefer we fire McGarity NOW, for a lot of reasons, and do give Smart three years to improve or look for other work.

      • It would be a huge disaster for the Athletic Board to “give up” on Smart at this time.

        Fire a ten-game winner and then fire his successor a year later? Not gonna happen.

        UGA would never get another quality coach in the door without an obscene buyout in his contract. B-M may be timid, but it’s not suicidal.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Literally no one said he’s going to “deliver championship after championship after championship.” You’re just moving the goalposts so you can criticize Kirby and his supporters if/when he misses. The argument was this: We’ve apparently seen Richt’s ceiling, and it doesn’t include a championship; so if we’d like a championship at some point in the near future, we should roll the dice on someone new; and ideally, he’d be someone who can recruit the Southeast at least as good as Richt, if not better, and knows good and well what a championship program looks like.

        • DawgPhan

          “…and knows good and well what a championship program looks like.”

          I think this is the rub. We got the guy that knows that a championship program looks like. He might not have any clue on how you build a championship program. We get to find out. One processed lost to vandy at a time.

      • PTC DAWG

        3 years is a fair time line. Will take 2 to fix the mess we call an OL.

    • Turd Ferguson

      In order to “give up” on Kirby, they would’ve had to have given him a chance in the first place. But their hearts are in South Beach now.

    • Nice self-righteous shot there, PTC.

    • Satowndawg

      give me a freakin break…no one has “given up” on him, but expecting unending loyalty to a coach who trashed UGA on the recruiting trails for years, reneged on an agreement with Richt and then created policies that can only be described as fan-unfriendly is a little unrealistic, especially after this his year’s start, although I do think better times are ahead

  10. DawgPhan

    man i can see where that could have been fun.

    With no Big 12 expansion he is gone from Houston this off season.

    I am guessing he goes to texas because they have the most money. No one can out spend them. But if Texas does something stupid like keep Strong, the LSU probably gets him.

    LSU could get right in a hurry. I would sort of love for him to get to LSU with da coach O. That sounds like the most fun in football.

  11. W Cobb Dawg

    I have it from reliable sources that McG actually did conduct an interview with Herman at an undisclosed hotel in Houston. And kissing WAS on the agenda.

  12. 86BONE

    For three days now all I have read from X football coaches and great athletes is a bunch of idle fodder…

    These things are for certain:
    1) Hand off the ball to Chubb and Georgia wins the football game
    2) Chaney couldn’t motivate a monkey with diarrhea to have a bowel movement!

  13. MGW

    Meh. Given his history, I’d have been pretty worried Herman would have been gone within 3 years if he had any success here. Dude’s never had anything to do with the southeast in his life. I’m good with Kirby.

    • DawgPhan

      Who cares if he leaves in 3 years. Smart would have likely been available in 3 years as well.

      he was either going nowhere or he was going to a program that is less than UGA. Either way, he was available to UGA in 3 years.


  14. Borodawg

    This is how you motivate………

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is some funny stuff right there.

  15. sUGArdaddy

    Here is the truth. Save for 3 coaches in college football right now (Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh), there are no sure bets. I said 4 years ago that I loved Richt but if we knew we could get Harbaugh we should fire Richt immediately. What he did at Stanford was staggering, and it’s clear now that it’s not as easy to win there as we thought.

    Every hire is a crap shoot, but, we probably made the best hire possible. I’d have been very leery of Herman. Virtually no ties to the deep south, we would have lost Eason (and probably Fromm and Lawrence). We’d have to completely overhaul our offense, which could have taken years. Like, literally, we’d have Mecole Hardman starting at QB right now, or Lambert trying to run a spread. Ugh! And, he was a life time assistant with 1-year as a HC. I’m sure he learned some clock and people management in that season, but he wasn’t THAT much more experienced as Kirby.

    I’d have had similar concerns with Fuente. I’m not convinced either was a good fit with our alumni or in recruiting the Deep South. It’s a different animal down here. Recruiting is brutal in these parts, and you better win your fair share of battles or it doesn’t matter how genius you are.

    The conjecture the last few days has been kind of maddening. We’re 7 games in. We’re a little of a roller coaster now, but it takes time. There were no surefire ‘gets’ out there. Herman and Fuente would have probably actually taken longer to build a program because the offense would have changed so much and I’m not sure they can recruit at the level Kirby can. Kirby will grow in game management.

    I’m also of the belief that we’ve got to give Cheney a few seasons. I don’t like the idea of 4 OCs in 4 seasons. If Nick or Sony come back, that’s a different OC every year for their entire career. Let’s get better at what we’re running. And who in the world do we get? There are so few that run pro style anymore that the shelves are pretty bare when you go shopping for an OC.

    • Can we hope CSU runs off one Mike Bobo? I imagine Kirby would fire Chaney immediately and bring CMB back.

    • Every hire is a crap shoot, but, we probably made the best hire possible.

      “Probably” is a yawning gap.

      Here’s the thing: I wish I could find the post (it’s from several years ago), but someone did a statistical study on what background made for the most successful coaches at a new job. There was a clear result showing that prior college head coaching experience was the most beneficial experience.

      I don’t know if Herman was the right guy for Georgia. What I do know is that it was shortsighted on McGarity’s part not to thoroughly vet the likely talent pool outside of Kirby Smart.

      For you to assume that Smart was the best candidate for the job in the absence of any substantive research as to what the options were is mere wishful thinking at this point.

      • Rocketdawg

        This is what I have been saying all along. I haven’t “given up” on Kirby by any means mainly because he is the coach of my team and I want him/them to be successful. What pisses me off is the face that we look worse than we did last year which is saying a lot.

        Like the good Senator has said many times it isn’t that we wanted Richt to stay as much as we didn’t trust the asshats at BM not to screw up the hire. By not interviewing coaches that have HC experience (and ultimately hiring someone with experience) there is a 30/70 chance we get another new coach in 3-5 years. Hell if they were so dead set on an alum who was a stellar recruiter then why not hire Bobo? He at least had one year of HC experience and IMO is every bit the recruiter/motivator that Kirby is proported to be.

        Kirby needs to beat UF ,Auburn and tech.

      • dawgtired

        “What I do know is that it was shortsighted on McGarity’s part not to thoroughly vet the likely talent pool outside of Kirby Smart.”

        This was the frustrating thing for me. I’m not against Kirby. I think he will make a fine head coach someday. It will take a few years of experience.

        I don’t see UGA as a school for training head coaches. We were lucky with the gamble on CMR. He took the program a notch higher than Donnan. Training coordinators for head coaching jobs is for mid-majors or ACC schools…or Vandy/Kentucky. Kirby should have long ago stepped out from under Saban, gotten his feet wet and proved himself before UGA was a consideration. It’s water under the bridge now though. We just have to hang on until Kirby grows. I just hope it’s sooner than later.

      • Sides

        Come on, the hiring process is not the problem. Everyone here wanted Smart. He has been vetted over the past few years and fans, administration, and the media all agreed he was ready for a head coaching job and UGA was the perfect fit. There was no need for a lengthy interview process when everyone knew who you wanted. The only reason Richt is gone is because Kirby may have taken a head coaching job at SC.

        The only thing keeping you away from an SEC championship last year was the QB. Richt went out and recruited the best QB in the nation (from Wa state!). The problem is UGA didn’t upgrade anything on their coaching staff. Kirby is not a head coaching upgrade (maybe he will be someday) and whoever is coaching the D is not better than Pruitt. The O, D, and special teams all look like they have taken a step backwards. And don’t blame the talent, there is plenty of it.

        • You were on here 10 days ago telling us SC wasn’t interested in Kirby.

        • Sides, this is rational and objective. I would differ with in one area. Sam Pittman is a major upgrade over Rob Sale. The question with him now is can he work with talent he has while he recruits the talent he wants. Retaining Rocker was important. Chaney is a college version of Schottenheimer in my opinion (not good enough at his job to ever be seriously considered as a head coaching candidate). Tucker this far appears to be a downgrade from Pruitt on the field, but Pruitt has his demons off the field.

      • Does the inverse also hold true for those of us that weren’t convinced Smart was the best candidate for the job precisely because of the absence of substantive research into other candidates?

        If nothing else, the reporting from Wolken yesterday seems to validate the concerns about Butts-Mehre cocking up the process that we stated numerous times during the will they / won’t they fire Richt drama. Or better stated – the concerns seem justified given the information we now have.

  16. Turd Ferguson

    This is the guy who lost to Navy, right? And then barely escaped Tulsa at home? I never understood the Herman hype, and I still don’t see it. Best of luck to him in Austin or Baton Rouge, but I’m glad he’s not in Athens.

    • Satowndawg

      yep, same guy who beat OU and FSU last year with 2nd tier Texas HS talent, but you’re right, nothing to see there…by the way, can you remind me what his offense with a 3rd string QB did against Kirby’s Defense in the National championship

    • I didn’t think a guy who was a first-year head coach at a mid-major was much more qualified than a career assistant.

      • DawgPhan

        So in your world

        Career assistant is more qualified for head coach than career assistant with a year of head coaching experience. Or just that the 2 things are equal.

        But regardless 1 year of experience means a great deal. Most people are far better at their job in the 2nd year than they are in the first year.

        You also get a lot of people that wash out in that first year. Again, college fans always amaze me with how quickly they dismiss experience and effort.

        • I agree the 1 year experience is a big deal. Herman was never #1 on my list, but I understand those who thought he was a good choice. I wanted us to shoot as highly as possible rather than the hot young head coach or the career assistant. If we had to settle for Herman, Smart, Fuentes, etc., fine but if you have a “top 10” job, go after the best available.

    • This is the guy who lost to Navy, right? And then barely escaped Tulsa at home? I never understood the Herman hype, and I still don’t see it.

      Smart’s lost to Vandy and barely escaped Nicholls. It’s not like he’s outperforming Herman, despite a rather sizeable disparity in resources.

  17. I love the song “Macho Macho Man”, LOL.

  18. so what I infer from this information is that McGarity is homophobic and didn’t interview Herman because he is homophobic and in today’s culture that is unacceptable ……McGarity is anti-LBGT he has to go ….organize the protests NOW. I don’t care which rail we chose to run him out of town on , just run him out of town.

  19. HVL Dawg

    Donald Trump does the same thing.

  20. Charles

    Herman’s a pretty strange bro, that’s for sure.

  21. TN Dawg

    “How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?” Herman said in an interview. “There’s two things: love and fear. And to me, love wins every time.”

    Something tells me Saban chooses fear with some degree of success.

    • What can Saban do to make a college-aged young man fear him? Nothing other than take away his scholarship or sit him on the bench. Cam Robinson would beat the ever loving hell out of Nick if he went over the line.

      Respect? Absolutely … Fear? No way …

  22. Red Cup

    You know if you are a big time head coach you can do anything you want. You can walk up to your players and just kiss them and grab their peneth.
    Wonder if he has a handy supply of tic tacs too?

  23. TN Dawg

    My attorney (also my brother) chimes in to note that these same actions, if directed towards female athletes, would have social justice feminists in a tizzy.

    “You scored a basket!! Now run over and give her a big hug! That’s it…right there…use both arms…oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Now come over and let me give you a kiss!”

  24. I really don’t follow the “lose him to USCe logic,” especially when coupled with not really interviewing other folks.

    I mean, who cares if he went to Carolina and even won a couple of championships? Do you really think he would not have come back to Georgia in a couple of years?

    There’s a lot to like about Smart and I think he’ll be a good coach, but you also hired a defensive guy in an offensive world.

  25. For sure. And I think Smart will if y’all leave him alone and let him recruit for a few years.🙂

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