It’s not fair. Got it.

I’m honestly sorry to hear that Alvin Kamara is lost for the season.  He’s one of those players I enjoy watching, even if I don’t dig his uniform colors.

And I’d like to feel sorry for the UT coaching staff, because they’re watching a promising season go down the tubes because of a rash of injuries.  I say I’d like to, but then I see this…

… and think, what, dude, were you sick and missed the 2013 Georgia game?  Go find somebody else’s shoulder to cry on.  And while you’re at it, fix the shitty turf in your stadium.


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  1. Rebar

    Amen to that Senator!


  2. Billy Mumphrey

    Karma, Kamara, er….


  3. Tommy

    And maybe pump the breaks on using opponents’ injuries on your shitty turf as an indictment of said opponent’s S&C program when recruiting. Go f@ck yourself, Booch.

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  4. markclegg

    Here’s the thing – if we had taken care of business and beaten Vandy, we’d be very much in the SEC East race. My money is now on the Vols losing at least 1 of their remaining four SEC games


  5. Will Trane

    It is what it is.
    Dawgs are what they are.
    Vols are what they are.
    Commodores are what they are.
    So on with the rest of the league.
    Face nobody in the East comes close to most of the teams in the West.
    Understanding and feelings for other teams. Nope. They are opponents.
    I want to see the B-M get their injured asses to work for a changes. They have money, facilities, players, and coaches. So what is going on in Athens?
    The culture of losing. The culture of doing the same old thing year in and year out.
    They are not turning a battleship. The era of battleships are somewhat over. They are sitting in dry dock. So there you have it. Send them to Norfolk for awhile and look at the fleet.


  6. AusDawg85

    Kamara is a Bootch.


  7. MGW

    Hopefully the media will give them about as much of a pass on their injuries as we got in 2008.


  8. Saves Butch’s job after they miss out on Atlanta?


    • 92 grad

      Haha, some of this was going around in 2013 as well. “Can’t blame bobo when we lose all our skill players”.


    • Russ

      I still want to see them go to Atlanta and get another beat down from Bama. Of course, for that to happen, we’ll need to beat the Gators. I’m fine with that.


  9. Russ

    Hate it for the kid. He’s a stud, for sure. Hope he gets better and gets paid.

    But yeah, screw Tennessee and that cow pasture they play on.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Love your last thought


  11. BigD

    A law school professor of mine always said ” if you want to see the bearded lady go to the fair. There is no ‘fair’ in life.”


  12. Tell it to the Dodgers. They put 28 players on the DL this year and still won the west.


  13. S

    Regarding your original comment, Senator:


  14. Mayor

    Not to wish ill on any player but UT is getting what it deserves as an institution for the shoddy field it maintains. So many Georgia players–some of the best in Georgia history–have been injured on that field it boggles the mind. I think the video of Chubb’s injury is so demonstrative of the turf conditions causing his injury that he has a case against UT that is winnable. Also, think of all the knee injuries you could get into evidence to show constructive, if not actual, knowledge by the UT AD of the danger.


  15. The SEC should force them to change out that cow pasture for Field Turf. In addition to our guys, didn’t Marcus Lattimore’s original injury happen on that craptastic green stuff they call grass?


  16. I’ve been saying this for 41 of my 58 years, GO DAWGS and F### ut!