We suck.

This is the tune you sing after you lose to Vanderbilt.

The last five games this season are looking like ever so much fun.


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  1. Kirby be makin lemonade


    Seeing as how we were on self imposed probation from around 2007 going forward under the last staff, I find it refreshing.

    • Rick

      Agreed, those seasons were awful. Really looking forward to the decade or of Goffs and Donnans headed our way. Winning games is overrated.

      • I’m sure you are. That’ll be a decade for you to say “told you so”.

      • ATL Dawg

        If you’re looking forward to the Donnan-like years that you think are coming, I don’t know why you’d find these past 7 or 8 years awful. They were very Donnan-like.

        • Mayor

          Really? how many 10 win seasons did Jim Donnan have? Just sayin’.

          • Rick

            To be fair, he played with one less cupcake, so you have to look at winning percentage, specifically in conference. Here Richt was still far better than Donnan.

            Aside from that, Donnan got canned for being terrible against all 4 big rivals. One of the more astounding achievements of the Richt era is that, in 15 seasons, he never finished worse than 2-2. An unsightly 5-10 record against Florida, but dominance of the other three.

            I don’t think that streak will survive 2016.

            • ATL Dawg

              Removing the year 1 rebuild coming off the Goff years, Donnan was 22-10 in conference for a .688 win percentage.

              Richt was 37-19 the last 7 years for a .661 win percentage. And he was 43-21 the last 8 years for a .672 win percentage.

              Good call chief.

              • Rick

                Yes, if you cherry pick the worst range for X and best range for Y, Y will appear better. Thank for demonstrating how statistics works.

                • ATL Dawg

                  “If you’re looking forward to the Donnan-like years that you think are coming, I don’t know why you’d find these past 7 or 8 years awful. They were very Donnan-like.”

                  Is there something about that that you don’t understand? Maybe reading comprehension isn’t your thing?

                  If you’re upset about excluding Donnan’s year 1 rebuild, then include it. His conference win pct is still .625.

                  • Rick

                    I wasn’t replying to you, was I? I said that conference winning percentage was a fair way to compare coaches in general, I didn’t advocate cherry picking specific ranges to convince yourself of the opinion that you want to have. Why 7? Why not 5? Why not 10? The answer is that any range except for the one you hand picked makes Richt look like the second or third best coach in the conference, which is of course what he was.

                    And now, because our school acted on the specious reasoning you just demonstrated, we may well have the worst coach in the conference. Cheers for that.

                    • ATL Dawg

                      This whole comment thread started with PTC talking about going forward from 2007. I get that you’re not happy that the facts don’t back up the point you were attempting to make but sheesh, give it up man.

                      I also get that you’re part of the Richt cult. You’re a very devoted cult and you won’t go quietly into the night. I understand that. And part of me is somewhat sympathetic towards your cause. But you’ll get over it one day. I promise.

                • Sh3rl0ck

                  So you consider the entire second half of his tenure to be a statistically anomaly as opposed to being indicative of what his future may have entailed? You may be interested in fucking off to the following sites:


                  • Rick

                    I consider the last third of his tenure to be identical to the entirety of his tenure: 75% winning percentage, win the east 40% of the time, a top 5 finish, two top 10 finishes, and one season knocking on the door of the playoffs and balling out at season’s end.

                    No regression, same ol’ Richt. Not among the absolute elite, but the best coach we ever had. So I’m going to fuck off to right where I am now, resigned to the doom fans like you have cursed us with, and hopeful for the next AD to have the ounce of competence required to know that he should ignore fans like you.

                    • Sh3rl0ck

                      I will remind you that during that time, Richt was .714 in the SEC when Tennessee and Florida were both in the shitter. Donnan did what he did when Tennessee and Florida both won MNCs under Fulmer and Spurrier. They were at their modern day primes. Not to say that Donnan was fantastic, but things need to be kept in perspective. Richt managed to gack away the East twice to Missouri. Smart may end up being terrible, but a large part of the reason this team sucks is Richt’s roster management during the last third of his tenure. If you were really a bigger fan of UGA than of Richt, you would be hoping that Smart was successful instead of looking forward to the firing of him and the guy that fired Richt.

                      Also, If you go back and read my post history, you will find that I wasn’t a part of the fire Richt crowd. I was quite apathetic about him until the Florida game. That shit show may have caused him to wake up, but it was proof that he had been asleep at the wheel.

                    • Rick

                      Where did I say I hope he fails? I am resigned to our probable fate. The chances Smart would be a failure were around 80% the minute he was hired, went up significantly when he brought on Chaney and Tucker, and are well over 90% given the evidence of the season so far. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. There is a chance Kirby turns it around and surpasses Richt, it’s just a very, very small chance unworthy of emotional effort.

                      I want Georgia to be a good football team. That only happens if we recognize where the problem lies, which entails recognizing what McGarity discarded when he canned Richt. The second McGarity’s head rolls, Mark Richt is irrelevant to UGA football and it’s successes or failures. Until then, you can tell me fuck off to canes sites, and I can tell you to go fuck yourself. I don’t personally see any point in having to do all that, but it’s up to you.

                    • Mayor

                      Well the problem actually lies at B-M. Kirby Smart is only the most recent symptom of an ongoing problem that has existed at UGA for years, specifically the “close enough for government work” mentality that isn’t committed to winning championships but only wants to maximize profits. We blame CMR but he was actually a happy accident–he won a lot more games than the Athletic Department’s actions should have warranted. Remember, CMR was only one play away from a likely national championship in 2012. Of course he choked on that play call but that is another story……

    • dawgtired

      That comment by Kirby is not just about recruiting…it’s butt coverage. He’s making the ‘lemonade’, as wewoof suggest, by throwing the lemons under the bus. In essence, he is saying we suck due to the lack of talented players and he needs the new recruits to believe that to encourage them (since they ARE talented) to come play at UGA early.

      Disclaimer: My comment in no way supports the idea I dislike Kirby and want CMR back. I’m just calling it they way I see it.

  3. MLB2

    You need a vacation, Bluto.
    PTC, with every comment you make, I am more and more convinced that CMR slept with your wife. You never miss an opportunity to crap on the guy.

  4. 69Dawg

    Hey PTC Dawg go back a couple of entries and go crazy over my Checking the box entry.

  5. Dawg19

    Hey! At least we’ll be wearing the black jerseys this year, right?


    Is this mic on…?

  6. tonyqbr

    We are among the top 3 nationally in recruiting, behind only Ohio St and Bama, no sucking there, only excellence

    This ranking mechanism below ranks not only the star ranking, but how well you plug the right holes.

    Also ranks Kirby No 1 in the nation for first year coaches.

    UGA has not had a top 3 recruiting class in forever.


    But nevermind, carry on about our suckage. LOL.

    • In the immortal words of Steve Spurrier, “Why is it that during recruiting season they sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?”

      A narrow win against Nicholls, a 45-point deficit against an SEC team and a loss to Vandy doesn’t constitute suckage in your world because Georgia’s kicking ass in recruiting rankings with a class that isn’t signed yet. Ho-kay. Why even bother to watch the games, then? Just pleasure yourself with the 247 Composite…

      • tonyqbr

        Seems to me a lot of fans are judging Kirby’s first year before it’s over, so I see no reason why we can’t judge his recruiting skills before the season is over.

        What if he wins out the last 5 and wins the bowl game, isn’t that 10 wins? Could happen.

        Should trounce La Laf. win No 5.
        Is favored vs KY & GT. Wins No 6 & No 7.
        UF lost to to TN by 10 and barely beat Vandy, doesn’t have a good win really.
        Auburn has 3 of their 4 wins vs Miss St, ULM, and ArSt, barely beat LSU, lost to Clemson and A & M. Wins No 8 & No 9.
        Bowl game. Win No 10.

        I don’t think it will happen, but it could happen, no one knows.

        • Rick

          He didn’t say anything in judgement of Kirby. He said we suck. That is true. Doesn’t mean Kirby can’t turn it around.

          That said, 10 wins ain’t happening. Georgia would have to become a much better team over night. Bill Connelly’s profile has us at a nice round 0% chance of finishing 9-3, and just as likely to finish 4-8 as 8-4. There is now officially a very reasonable chance that we won’t be bowl eligible for the first time in decades. Who could have imagined such a thing with a healthy Nick Chubb in the backfield?


          • tonyqbr

            No argument from me there Rick, I got us finishing at 5-7 with only 1 more win vs La Laffy, losing the other 4 in mostly close games.

            I’m a realist.

            Just saying, hypothetically, there are 6 more games, could win all 6 and finish with 10 wins or lose the next 5, too early to know
            and draw conclusions.

            I would do these 7 things and take my chances:
            1- Kick all KO’s and punts out of bounds
            2- No PR allowed to catch anything behind the 20 yardline, no one even allowed behind the 20.
            3- More throws to Payne and Michel, as they are the 2 best receivers from a catch %(80 & 90).
            4- Gameplan to take out their best offensive & defensive player (#7 & #41 in last game).
            5- Short quick passes for Eason.
            6- go with the hothand at RB at the expense of blocking. I don’t care of it’s Chubb, Michel, Herrien or Holyfield.
            7- Go experimental for the run game, try it all.

            • Rick

              No bomb’s from Eason? Chaney is bad, and when you are bad you have to go high risk high reward. Efficiently scheming us down the field isn’t his forte. Our strengths are Nick Chubb, a cannon armed QB and fast receivers. Bomb’s aren’t complicated, and we have fast receivers and a cannon armed QB who isn’t ready for complexity, and they open the run game up more than the short quick stuff.

              • tonyqbr

                I’d let Eason take 1 long shot per quarter to keep em honest as long as he completes some, and doesn’t turn the ball over.

                But we know Eason can throw the long ball.

                Where he needs to get better is finding his Rb in the flat, hitting the tight end and 5 yard curl, hitting McKenzie on a quick slant,
                hitting a wide receiver screen, hitting a screen to Michel (please, somebody).

                Place that ball lower, in the chest or below the waist, take a little off when throwing short, learn how to look guys off.

                Accuracy. No turnovers.

                Baby steps.

        • Seems to me a lot of fans are judging Kirby’s first year before it’s over…

          Read the post. It’s not the fans saying it. It’s Kirby Smart.

          • tonyqbr

            Particularly at WR and OL where we are undersized. I can’t imagine a year where Kirby doesn’t have a similar pitch about lots of opportunities.

            You always have guys leaving to NFL or Graduating, and need 2 deep everywhere.

            But the cupboard was pretty bare at OLINE and WR from a size standpoint.

        • jollyrogerjay

          re Auburn….and they barely LOST to Clemson, because Gus was too busy screwin’ with the QB and offense in his “Mad Scientist” routine. And that A&M game was 6 points late in the 4th qtr until that fast RB got loose and went 85 yards for a td. That Aub team has improved every game, on both sides of the ball, and has the nation’s best FG/ Kick off guy. Improving while playing the weak sisters, well, that is what cupcakes ARE for. Can’t say that about the DAWGS right now..

          • tonyqbr

            I agree

            we will likely lose to Auburn, but I think it will be closer than people think,
            same for UF.

            Don’t think we beat KY at their house when their coach is hungry to save his job.

            GT, CPJ sees a chance to finally beat UGA in a down year, and he probably will.

            • Will (The Other One)

              “Lose to all 4 of the biggest rivals” plus nearly losing to Nicholls is about the worst first season for a UGA coach in decades though, recruiting classes or no. Donnan and Richt both managed 2-2 vs UT, UF, Auburn, and Tech and both 96 Auburn and 01 UT were very good teams.

          • AusDawg85

            Oh shut up and go win a National Championship or something. We’re busy here building “The Process 2.0” dammit and don’t have time for winning.

  7. Dawg19

    I think Dalton has the right attitude about it.

  8. Russ

    Because that approach worked so well for the fat Genius at Kansas. They rolled him out of town shortly thereafter.

  9. As I heard someone say, there but for one Hail Mary, and one arm tackle by the Vandy linebacker, everyone would be happy as hell.
    The overall talent level this year just isn’t there to over-power anyone (re: Nichols), but I still feel the future is bright if CKS isn’t buried by negativity before he can turn a corner.

    • The overall talent level this year just isn’t there to over-power anyone (re: Nichols)…

      Please stop with this.

      The idea that a Georgia team — any Georgia team — can’t put away a mediocre FCS squad comfortably is a joke.

      • ugadawgguy

        Absolutely. I cannot believe that anyone is still espousing the absurd notion that Georgia didn’t have the talent to beat Nicholls handily.

        This is a poorly coached team right now. It’s that simple.

        • Will (The Other One)

          The S&P game grade keeps going down for it weekly too. It’s now at a 0%, which a great deal lower than even Rutgers managed vs Michigan. Easily the worst “win” in Athens since UCF in ’99 (and even UCF was at least Div 1.)

    • tonyqbr

      I agree with the first part of what you wrote V.

      Hell, 2 plays away from 6-1 and a top 10 ranking (TN hail Mary & Vandy KO return).

      Not like we’ve been blown out in all 3 losses.

      • Not blown out by Vanderbilt. What a comfort.

      • Rick

        We are indeed very close to 6-1, which illustrates why you shouldn’t evaluate first or even second year coaches on Ws and Ls. They are just too noisy in the short term. If UGA was 6-1, it would still have the same poor efficiency on both sides of the ball, would still be buried on the S&P+ rankings, and would be the worst 6-1 team in recent memory.

        • AusDawg85

          But our livers would be healthier. Maybe. Ehhh…probably not.

        • Will (The Other One)

          It’d depend on the 6-1. Convert one FG into a TD vs Vandy, or be less of a dumpster fire on special teams vs Vandy, and you have a better performance vs them than UF did.
          Play the same vs Nichols and it’s going to be bad though. (And overall, that 118th ranking in special teams is holding the team down more than W-L.)

      • Greg

        We’re also about a half dozen plays away from being 1-6 or even 0-7. We’ve played a relatively weak schedule yet every single team we’ve played has been within one score of us deep in the 4th quarter. Bainbridge Bubba sure has a funny way of thanking DawgNation for packing the house at G-Day…these first 3 home games have been beyond brutal.

        • tonyqbr

          I think the point I was trying to make, and it works for whether we could have been 6-1, or 1-5, is 6 of the 7 games have been competitive and really close.

          To me, that shows we’re at least in almost every game.

          I don’t care if we go 1-4 from here out, I kind of thing we will.

          As long as we are improving, like we did this week in field goals, and Eason, and on defense, and not getting blown out.

          • Greg

            If you think we could be “improving” and finish out the season 1-4, then you must be on Kirby’s payroll. The talent left over was not THAT bad…not even close. Anything less than 8-4 is completely unacceptable with our schedule.

  10. tonyqbr

    Holy crap Kirby Smart already on the No 10 hotseat in his 1st year?


    • Dolly Llama

      Muschamp’s on his first year of a new gig, and he’s four spots ahead of him.

      • Greg

        Surprised Bobo hasn’t made the list yet. CSU went 10-3 2 years ago. They were 7-6 in Bobo’s first year and they are 3-4 this year with 3 of their remaining 5 games on the road. They lost their opener this season 44-7 to Colorado and lost by 3 TD’s at home to a Wyoming team that won 2 games last season. Their only wins this season have been over Northern Colorado, UT San Antonio and Utah State (all at home). Bobo’s head coaching days will be coming to an end soon.

  11. We need talent and a well put together roster. I don’t particularly care how kirby goes about getting there.

    • 81Dog

      Guys like you think they can turn UGA into Alabama, but with comments like this, apparently you are closer to turning us into Auburn. Congratulations.

      • Auburn has a NC, played for another and 2 SEC titles since our last SEC championship. Facts are a bitch.

        • Rick

          Brilliant point. Hopefully McGarity will be on the phone with Gene Chizik before the morrow.

        • Greg

          The facts are that UGA has been a superior program to Auburn for more than a decade and that’s supported by an 8-2 record over them over the past 10 years. Those two years you mention – we all know about those…when they brought in a QB that was kicked out of UF (erecting a statue of him later for his one year of highly paid service) and then brought in a QB a few years later that was kicked out of UGA. I want better results, but let’s not compare ourselves to the cesspool that is Auburn.

      • jollyrogerjay

        UGA ain’t gonna be Bama unless the Bulldog fan base forms a secretive “Big Dawg Club” (see R.E.C.), spends the big $$$ on anything and everything football related, including 5 star players, has a friend in the presidency of the NCAA, and enforcement division, and gives Kirby Smart unlimited, unchecked power over all of it. I just don’t see it happenin’.

        • AusDawg85

          ^^^THIS IS THE DAMN TRUTH!!!*** Read it again. Let it sink in. It wasn’t Richt. I won’t be Kirby…or Herman…or the favorite flavor of the month. Do the above (don’t forget a good local lawyer and friendly law enforcement in Athens) and insert any worthy HC into the job and we’ll finally be able to compete at a higher level in the SEC than CMR delivered.

          Kirby did not bring this to town with him from Alabama. Only way this ever happens is we go hire a huge, big name, highly experienced coach, probably from the NFL, who can demand and make all this happen.

        • ugadawgguy

          Correct on all counts.

          Although I would argue that there IS a UGA version of the R.E.C., but ours is smaller and doesn’t have a catchy name or nearly the political clout Bama’s has.

          Ours is two guys named Kahn and Leebern. They run this show.

          • Russ

            “Ours is two guys named Kahn and Leebern. They run this show.”

            Poorly, I might add.

            • I do believe one of the things Smart was mis led(maybe a better word choice?tainted?) by and anyone would be–was 9 years at Bama. No place is like it in football and the power given to the coach and team. It would be a rude shock to leave that and go anywhere. I do hope for football sake he adjusts.

  12. birddawg91

    Agree our talent level is such we should easily handle Nichols and Vandy, those performances are clearly on the coaches and are unacceptable any year. However, Kirby needs the fans support to build us to the level we will all be happy with and no one can deny that recruiting is the only way to get there. so sit back and tolerate the ride because thats all we can do for now.

  13. Junkyardawg41

    Further concerns with the message might include an expected exodus coupled with further player suspensions/dismissals. For all the talk about CKS saying come here and play, without better coaching up of the young guys, this could be as problematic as the 2013 class.

    • ugadawgguy


      I think we’re witnessing the beginning of a dark era in Georgia football. Right now, we’re where Tennessee was in 2009.

      • Rick

        All because we got tired of having in the national title picture every 4-5 years and absolutely balling out, sandwiched between 10 win seasons and dominance of 3 of the 4 rivals. Because 15 years proves you can’t win a national title, despite the best coaches in history frequently taking longer to get their first.

        Because Nick Saban created a level above 1A with one team in it, so now every other coach in the conference must be terrible, so fire ’em all.

  14. ApalachDawg

    After 5 whole games, a lot of folks on here are either doom and gloom or trolls…

  15. W Cobb Dawg

    Hello? Eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right? Is this thing on? Hellooo?

  16. ATL Dawg

    Am I the only one that thinks that a game between this year’s team and last year’s team would be pretty competitive? Some of you people need to get a grip.

    • This year’s team is better because of the qb position. Not sure they’d win the game though. The 2016 version is more capable but vastly more stubborn than the 2015 version. In short, I’d rather be playing the UF game with this squad because it at least has a chance to win.

  17. Time will tell. Patience grasshopper.

  18. S

    I scrolled down because I didn’t feel like reading all that, so someone’s probably already made this point. If so, in the words of SNL, I apple-o-gize.

    In 2006, we lost to Vanderbilt AND Kentucky, but finished the season strong with wins over Auburn and a very good Tech team. Maybe we can do that this year, minus the loss to Kentucky.

  19. stuckinred

    I call your attention to the Banana Herald

    “For Georgia fans, Smart’s first season as coach is so far, so good”

  20. tonyqbr

    Here’s the context of that comment:
    “The number one thing for me is we kicked field goals, made field goals,” Smart said during a news conference Tuesday at the UGA football complex. “We threw the ball well offensively, we’ve improved defensively based on the numbers we’ve put up. So there is improvement going on and the kids have got to see that. …

    “In recruiting, kids have been really positive on the phone. They understand there’s a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling. We’re selling that this program is headed in the right direction. (That doesn’t change) just because we got upset and beaten by Vanderbilt.”

    He wasn’t saying we suck.

    He was saying “we’re selling that this program is headed in right direction”.

    He pointed to improvement at field goals, the play of Eason, and the improvement of the defense.

    These are good points and Kirby is selling improvement, proof of good coaching, to recruits.

    I like it.

    • AusDawg85

      If kicking FG’s is Kirby’s #1 thing, I don’t even want to hear the rest of his list.

      “There’s improvement going on…” Yeah, ask Nick Chubb about that.

      P.S. For Gods sake put Sony in on kickoff returns.

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