“Don’t make something easy hard.”

Too bad Art Briles couldn’t take that attitude beyond his offensive system.  For Baylor, anyway.


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8 responses to ““Don’t make something easy hard.”

  1. Locklear Mike

    I wish Georgia would run something different that the pro style. I would to see us run this type of offense.


    • Jp

      Good call Mike the teams that beat bama run spread O Ohio st , Oklahoma Florida , A&M , Utah , OleMiss . Now Bama has gone to it and they run for 420 at slop. I saw this at Gsu in the 80s and said if someone puts this in big boy ball there gonna win it all . Herman hung 45 on Bama with his 3rd string qb. He has beaten Fsu, Oklahoma Louisville with a team he inherited . The Best team the dogs had is when DJ played Qb just look at the score in the dome. Bama will roll because it’s easier to run for 2 yards than pass for it and the d must stay honest. Think we would have been any good on the zone read with Gurly and nick marshal . They were on the same team


  2. I don’t see that happening in the near future, but I know CKS has said he’s open to a dual threat QB if he can get the right one in. So, there’s always a maybe.


  3. I just hope his insistence on pro-style at least this season doesn’t do him in and reduce him like to dinosaurs.


  4. Blah, blah, blah. So where does he end up? Texas, LSU, Oregon?