Win one for the Vernester.

Besides giving me a sad pang, this reminiscence of Uncle Verne’s

Lundquist points at two 2013 games in Auburn as most memorable during his career. The Kick Six, when Chris Davis returned a missed Adam Griffith field goal as time expired to give Auburn the win, tops them all.

“It’s No. 1 in college football,” Lundquist said, noting highlights of that clip would be shown to the lunch crowd on Monday. “I’ve been lucky to be at a lot of places where significant things broke out. That one, for any kind of football, is the greatest finish I’ve ever seen.”

What happened two weeks prior is second in line. Nick Marshall’s “Prayer at Jordan-Hare” was caught by Ricardo Louis for a 73-yard touchdown late in Auburn’s win over Georgia on a fourth-and-18.

“(That one is) right behind (Kick Six),” Lundquist said. “My favorite story behind that is we went off the air with (color analyst) Gary (Danielson) saying, ‘That’s the greatest finish we’ve seen in a college football game and we’ll never see anything like again.’ Well, two weeks later …”

Watch Verne’s call of the Prayer at Jordan-Hare

… also caused me to pause and reflect about something.  When’s the last time Verne Lundquist saw Georgia win a game?  (I think it’s the 2013 Cocktail Party.)

Geez, now I’m depressed.  How ’bout give him a good memory on the way out the door, Dawgs?

By the way, this is classic:

Next season, Brad Nessler will join Danielson in the booth, replacing Lundquist as he watches from home.

“I’m going to have back surgery,” Lundquist said. “Isn’t that a great substitute? I’ve got to have back surgery in September. It’s six months rehab. I’ll be sitting in my living room in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, watching Brad and Gary and saying, ‘Why’d you say that?'”


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23 responses to “Win one for the Vernester.

  1. D.N. Nation

    It’s the Vandy game from last season, which was on CBS for some reason.

    • Boy, that obviously registered with me.🙂

      • D.N. Nation

        McKenzie had a nice punt return for a TD. That’s about it.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          Auburn last year was a UGA win on CBS, too.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            But it was noon…duh. my bad.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              In the curiosity got the better of me department…assuming Verne called the 3:30 CBS game from 2000 to present and the SECCG…UGA has gone 28-25 with Uncle Verne in the booth….which probably is just another stat that shows how a coach that has a .749 winning pct gets fired.

              • This is what I love about the Internet. Thanks for that, Fletch.

              • Will (The Other One)

                Not sure if you have the stats handy still, but that was a declining win percentage too, wasn’t it? I remember Richt’s golden years being very solid on CBS (2002-2005 being the peak). Had a phenomenal record in opponents’ stadiums to start his career too (2003 LSU was the first true away loss…with the Cocktail party getting a painful asterisk.)

                • Russ

                  As much as people rag on Richt about Jacksonville, he had actually gotten it to 5-5 over a 10 game stretch before the two most recent face-plants. Not great, but not the paragon of ineptitude that most people like to paint. Certainly better than his two predecessors.

    • Macallanlover

      I believe that was part of a double header and Tim Brando was on the call. Verne & Gary had the late game as I recall. He can go out with a UGA victory in JAX, FU not that good either….they struggled with Vandy, had TN down but got blasted after that, and had 23 points on NOTDs against Mizzou.

      • JCDAWG83

        We struggled worse with Vandy, struggled with Nichols, had UT down but blew it, and needed a last minute play to beat Missouri. We are 1-2 against the three you cited, they are 2-1.

        I don’t disagree they aren’t that good, but I think we are much worse.

        • Macallanlover

          If you think that reflects much difference, you read football differently than I. They were at home with Mizzou, we were on the road. We dominated Vandy more than they did. Don’t think I have high hopes about this team, I don’t, but they aren’t anyone to be afraid of, or impressed with.

  2. markclegg

    How did Penn Wagers’ crew miss that blatant hold on Ray Drew?

    • Otto

      Penn Wagers……

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Or Carl Lawson earholing Murray on the last play. Which, with a targeting call would have gievn us one more shot from AUuburns 15 or so

      ALSO it was the game where Wagers and Richt were getting into it, Richt walked away, I think said “That’s Crap! (golly gee!)” , Wagers WALKED BACK to him and then threw a flag


  3. WarD Eagle

    Most memorable moment of any AU/UGA game in my lifetime.

    I’m partial to the outcome, too.

  4. 81Dog

    Verne failed to note that he’d be recuperating in Steamboat Springs with a steady supply of strippers, high caliber weapons and blow. I guess he has an image to keep up, at least for a few more weeks. Come January 1, 2017, it’s pure rampageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Man, I don’t think I’d want to be laid up with a bad back in Steamboat Springs. I mean, it’s great and all, but I’d be jonesin’ to get on the slopes.

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