Eason and the bye week

Kirby Smart mentioned during this week’s SEC coaches’ teleconference that his freshman quarterback’s got a lengthy to-do list in the two weeks before the Cocktail Party, but also went on to offer some praise.

He also snapped a streak of five-straight games with an interception against the Commodores. That could be a product of Eason’s growth when it comes to knowing what he is looking at pre and post snap, which can be quite difficult for a young quarterback in the SEC.

“He’s really gotten better where he’s more proficient at telling you what the coverage was after the play because these teams don’t just line up and make it easy for you,” Smart said. “They make it as complicated as they can. Most of them do a good job of confusing young quarterbacks.

That’s good, because Eason will need to summon every bit of proficiency he’s got when he faces Florida’s pass defense.

The Gators are the SEC’s top passing defense, allowing just 132.8 yards per game. The unit has allowed only four touchdowns compared to an SEC-leading 10 interceptions on the season.


0.4?  Double yikes.



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36 responses to “Eason and the bye week

  1. stoopnagle

    Maybe Florida’s secondary isn’t as good when everyone is in the box?


  2. Good thing we have big physical receivers that can to get the ball. Triple yikes.


  3. DavetheDawg

    We might have to commit to the punt.


  4. DawgPhan

    why do I feel like our game plan will be to throw the ball at Wilson 30-40 times during the game?


  5. With all these yikes I will hide for a while until after the FU… game in Yikima, Washington. LOL.


  6. DawgPhan

    Eason has been pretty good this year and I definitely dont think that he ranks at the top of the list of issues.



    We got’em right where we want’em.


  8. Mayor

    You know Senator you reminded me of something. The Kid threw for over 300 yards and had no interception, the D played pretty well (held an SEC team to 17 points including only 1 offensive TD) and we STILL lost to Vanderbilt. How is that possible? It takes some real coaching skill to pull that off.


  9. AusDawg85

    Somebody show this coaching staff the game highlights from 2013. Chubb can take over a game like Gurley, and that little pass over the middle on PA to the RB has yet to be called this season. Nor has the QB “no look” PA pass that Green and Murray perfected so well.


    • Russ

      I suspect we’ll see a lot of Chubb. My fear is that it’s the same ol’ “12 guys in the box and Chubb between the tackles” that we’ve tried so often this year. If we ran the UT game plan at them, we’d have a chance. Not sure that’s part of “the process”, though.


      • tonyqbr

        I’d heard the ole “if we rank like we did in the (NC/TN/SC) game, we’d be fine…

        Well, here’s the thing Russ, those 3 teams are ranked 106(NC), 107 (TN), 110 (SC) in rush defense yards per game.

        Yards per rush? TN (117), SC (111), NC (84)

        In other words, they all suck at run defense.

        See, UF is ranked #18 in yards per rush, and yards per game.

        See the difference?


        • MLB2

          Stop shitting on our hopes! That’s Dump and Killary’s jobs.


          • tonyqbr

            We’re not going to beat UF with the UT gameplan, their run defenses are polar opposites.

            head over to dawg illustrated is you want sunshine pumping.

            We better have a plan for dealing with DB’s Tabor & Wilson, as they are #1 & #2 in the conf in int’s.
            I would not test them too often.

            I would not run at DL Zuniga and would put a double team on LB Davis or run away from him when you need a first down.


        • So. IL Dawg

          I know the Gators have a solid to very good D; but let’s see the offensive juggernauts they’ve shut down this year: UMass, UK, North Texas, Mizzou, and UT. Probably UT is the only team that has even a decent offense and they surrendered 28 points to them. So, let’s not put the Gator D on a pedestal. they’ll be good and hard for the Dawgs to score on; but I wouldn’t put them up with Bama’s D.


  10. WarD Eagle

    I’ve only seen parts of 1 UGA game this year and I thought Eason looked good.

    It’s an unanswerable question, but is it possible (probable) the offense would have performed better with one of the other QBs in?


    • tonyqbr

      It’s a small sample size, but the 1st game both Qb’s Eason & Lambert played, and overall, Eason had better numbers.

      Kirby has pulled the trigger and never looked back. Eason is his guy.

      From a qbr standpoint, Lambert is a little better due to his accuracy and low turnovers:

      Lambert’s Qbr:
      2015 67

      Eason’s qbr so far:
      2016 56


    • tonyqbr

      If you want to compare them head to head:

      Eason ranks 9th in the SEC in qbr:

      Lambert finished slightly better in QBR in 2015 at 7th in the SEC:

      Now their win % as a starter is much different:

      Lambert (11-2) .846
      Eason (3-3) .500

      So it can be argued the team would have won a few more game in 2016 with Lambert
      but Lambert’s gone in 2017, so looking ahead, I think Smart feels you have to go with
      Eason and get him ready for 2017.

      Eason is the best long term decision.


      • Russ2

        Wouldn’t have won anymore with Lambert at QB , but for sure would have lost to NC and Missouri.


        • tonyqbr

          The math says:

          7 games x .846 UGA win % = 6 wins

          So, we’d have won +2 more games with Eason (TN & Vandy).

          So we would be 6-1 and finish 10-2 (12 games x .846).

          Or conservatively, we win 20% more games with Lambert due to his +20% qbr.

          What statistic are you using to think we’d have lost more games with a guy with a .846 win % as a starter at UGA?


  11. Macallanlover

    Have no idea about the angst everyone has about Florida, we are a bad team now because of poor special teams play, offensive scheme, incredible personnel use, and bad sideline errors. Guess what? FU isn’t any/much better at anything but a stouter defense. Game should be tough and close, just like both of ours were against Vandy. Turnovers, dumb calls, or making/missing a FG late is all I expect. Two mules fighting over a turnip, that is about all either of us have toi look forward to…except they get another beat down or two after our game in JAX. Hard times, but fearing them males no sense to me.


    • So. IL Dawg

      The Gators have a receiver and return man that scares me. Otherwise, I agree. They aren’t that good and haven’t beaten anyone yet. The Gator D gave up 38 to UT and the Dawgs held UT to 34. That seems about even to me. It’s that their D has totally dominated a few much lesser teams; so it looks good in the stats column.


      • Macallanlover

        You may be right about the return game edge but I don’t see their passing game being a huge threat, hope we get Baker back. 23 of the points against Mizzou came off of 2 pick 6s, a kickoff return, and a safety. We have to step our game up in a few areas but nothing we aren’t capable of. I will be disappointed if it doesn’t go the last 2-3 minutes. Unfortunately, I could say this about every game left except Auburn and ULM. Just don’t see why so many are giving up, this is a winnable game If the point spread comes out to be double digits, I will definitely ride the Dawgs to the winner circle. While possible to make enough mistakes to cause that to happen, there is not that much difference in the 2 teams to me. They were less impressive against Vandy than we were. UGA fans should support the team and stop with the negativity, we have some issues but so does FU.


    • 92 grad

      See, you’re forgetting the “2nd year bump” that HC’s get on their way to the natty in year 3 because if it doesn’t happen before year 5 it won’t for another decade. So, Florida is the team to beat the next couple years.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Wasn’t long since we had the #1 passing D.


  13. tonyqbr

    Looking at the 3 common opponents between UF & UGA is interesting.

    Against Vandy. Mizzou and TN:
    UF scored 81
    GA scored 75
    UF +2 per game

    UF gave up 58 points
    GA gave up 78 points
    UF +7 per game

    So, UF wins by +9 points.