“There’s a score every hundred yards.”

Give Kirby Smart credit for one thing:  if there was an area of performance worthy of individual players being called out publicly, it was special teams in the Vanderbilt game, but Smart didn’t go there.

“A lot of those things affected the outcome of that game. To say that it’s doom and gloom and everything’s bad over three or four situations that happened, that’s not what I’m going to do as a coach. I’m going to coach what we got to improve on and focus on that.”

Then again, maybe he felt like there simply wasn’t enough time to go through and list everyone’s names.



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11 responses to ““There’s a score every hundred yards.”

  1. Mad Mike

    Sadly, I feel like it was most likely the latter.


  2. Macallanlover

    While he is focusing: yesterday I mentioned the off personnel decisions (Hamm vs Blankenship at kicker, smurf group at WR on Hail Mary, best blocking back on bench during final offensive play Saturday, etc.) but I left out another strange one, do we need our starting QB at holder on FG and XPT attempts? May be more understandable before he was moved to starter and gives you a fake FG passer on the field, but a crush of bodies falling on his 6′ 6″ frame/legs seems awful risky to me….and didn’t he almost jamb a pinky on a snap Saturday? There has to be someone else who can place the ball out of 100 plus players. And we have/had two weeks to identify someone. Details, focus.


  3. I believe Brice prefers the “college life’ over the “football life”.


    • 69Dawg

      Well he maybe smarter than we think then. He’s gotten a free ride at UGA and it’s for sure his playing days are over at the end his time here.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    All he needs to mention is one (1) name, Shane Beamer. If Kirby wants to effect change by calling out names, I suggest naming Beamer as a source of frustration would have the greatest impact – by far.

    But I’m not a fan of calling people out in public like that. It’s johnson-esque behavior, and I strongly doubt it sews the seeds of positive change. And when an accuser has a finger pointed at someone else, there’s 4 other fingers pointing at the accuser.


  5. How about a few special team rules: no fair catches inside the 10: no kick catches with one foot out of bounds; catch the damn ball in the air; attempt to block from the front or not at all.