The fix is in.

Georgia’s special teams — so little time, so many things to correct.


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  1. I will only concede the UGA vs FU game if the Dawgs win, otherwise it’s rigged(fixed).


  2. Macallanlover

    While I will never understand the choice of Hamm over Blankenship, something personal must have happened to fog someone’s brain that badly, but I am curious about the punting decision. I don’t recall what Ramsey averaged last season but I think he was in the upper half od the SEC in distance. Averages can be distorted by the need for short kicks, but I feel we have lost ground with this change of punters. Not questioning whether if it is the right decision or not, but does anyone know the rationale for this change? You had an experienced punter, one that was a passing threat on a fgake, and he hasn’t been on the field even once to punt this year while his replacement seems to be, at best, a wash.

    And I have already said we need a new holder for place kicks….and we needed it a month and a half ago. We shouldn’t have needed a bye week to get there, but now that we are……


    • The other Doug

      It’s Beamer Ball!!!!!!

      Obviously you and I don’t understand Beamer Ball. I think the foundation is to confuse the opponent and lull them into a false sense of security.


  3. Kirby needs to get a kicker that can just blast it out of the end zone and an Aussie punter.


  4. Kirby’s been ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the punt return. That about cues it up perfectly for our annual goat rodeo in Jacksonville. If McKenzie doesn’t fumble a punt, then I might be open to the idea things could be different moving forward. But I’ll have to see it to believe it.


  5. Russ

    Blankenship was highly recruited out of HS for a reason. Butler’s work with him seems to be paying off, so no need to mess with him. He will have a great career here when all is said and done.

    As for the punting, no clue why we don’t use Ramsey. He was much better last year than Long is this year, plus you have the added advantage of a QB back there for fakes. Ramsey should also be the holder.

    Covering kicks shouldn’t be as hard as we make it. Instill a little lane/gap discipline would yield better results than we’re seeing now.

    Good thing we have Beamer as a ST coordinator. 😉


  6. Tronan

    The NFL has mulled over doing away with kickoffs. I initially thought it was a daft idea, but as a UGA fan, it sounds like a better and better every week.

    If you can’t measure up, just change the rules.


    • I’ve wondered how that would work. Would that eliminate onside kick attempts? Or would a team be allowed one onside kick attempt per game? And then, would they HAVE to do the onside kick, or have the option to kick it deep? I understand the safety issue, but there would be a lot more to it than having teams start on the 25 every time. For the college game, a compromise could be to go back to touchbacks coming out to the 20 and move kickoffs up to the 40. This would greatly reduce full-speed returns, which is the goal, while keeping all other aspects of the kicking game alive. Unless you have a ST coach that likes a “challenge”.


    • Mayor

      If we can just convince the NCAA to do that and also do away with punts UGA will be golden. 🙂


  7. Spike

    How bout we start with not jumping off sides first? You know, baby steps..